Download  ملكة الموضة: لعبة قصص و تمثيل APK MOD

ابدأ بنفسك في أن تصبح أكبر نجم سينمائي في العالم ، حيث تحتوي اللعبة على الكثير من المغامرات الرائعة لتلتقي بأشخاص جدد وتتفاعل معهم. ستبدأ رحلتك من الصفر وأنت تسير في طريقك إلى النجومية. قم بشراء الأشياء ، والمنازل ، والسيارات عندما تبدأ في كسب المزيد من المال. خصص شخصيتك ، اذهب للتسوق ، وأكثر من ذلك بكثير. قم بتنزيل نسخة وزارة الدفاع باللغة العربية مجانًا.

This is the Arabic version of the game – Hollywood Story: Fashion Star MOD APK 

 OS: 6.0 and up
 Version: 0.8.5
 Package Name: co.tamatem.fashionqueen
 Developer: Tamatem Inc.
 Downloads: 500,000+
 Updated: recently
 Size: 78M
 Type: By Vipmods
 Mod Feature: Unlimited Diamonds

ملاحظة: عند تشغيل الأحجار المتجمدة ، لن تنخفض أو تزيد الأحجار الكريمة ، لذا قم بتشغيلها فقط عندما تريد شراء بعض الأشياء ، ثم قم بإيقاف تشغيلها مرة أخرى ، وإلا لن تزيد الأحجار الكريمة عند ربحه.

You must always turn on the MOD only when you want to spend diamonds, and turn it off otherwise your diamonds will not increase when you earn them.

Download APK MOD

Download From PlayStore

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A programmer, gamer, and love researching new technology and games, reverse engineering applications. In my spare time, I usually play basketball or watch movies.


  1. Reply update 0.9

  2. Reply

    update 0.9 please🥺

  3. Reply

    عل ممكن التعديل للنسخة الحديدة ٩

  4. Reply

    ملكه الموضه مهكره اني اريد انزل لعبه

  5. Reply

    Hi ADMIN, please update the game to v0.9 with unlimited gems..
    Thank you ^_^

  6. Reply

    Update 0.9 , new update .

  7. Reply

    Hello Sir, What’s going, hope u well!
    The game developers have made new Anti-cheat system, So the game cannot be modded in the deep data and goes to crashes or stuck at 23%
    I think this is gaming id ban, so can you make Anti-ban version bro?
    Anyway, thanks for ur hard working and keep going!

  8. Reply

    Hello Admin!
    How’re u today?
    How about the mod you tell me before?
    Remove the menu mod and make the following Features:-
    1. Unlimited Money
    2. Unlimited Diamond
    3. Unlimited Star Point
    4. Unlimited Fan Gifts Points
    5. Unlimited Fashion Arena Tickets/Cards

  9. Reply

    Hello bro 🙂
    I have an tool convert apks & XAPK to apk
    If u need this i’ll contact with u..

  10. Reply

    Hello Admin, How’re u today?
    hope you in well 🙂
    I saw the game (apks) and install with split installer..
    so, apkpure website has made the game (.apk)
    you can check this and modding from this apk source without SAI again 🙂ملكة-الموضة-لعبة-قصص-و-تمثيل/co.tamatem.fashionqueen
    So, i hope to ask you something..
    what’s the benefits from menu mod?
    i think the mod like Diamonds increase when spend is good idea as we can get from it money too 🙂 !
    Can you reply at this comment please?

    • Reply

      diamond increase when spend will ban you easily, this basically freeze all the diamonds, so you can turn it on whenever you want to buy something and buy as much as you want, then turn it back off.

      • Reply

        Buddy 🙂
        Tamatem, inc has no any protection!
        The English version from Nanobit company also has no any game protection!
        English version many websites modding it without any problems for many years!
        trust me, lol the values of the game can changing with gamegurdian without any ban for 2 months 🙂
        Make this in the next update please!
        It’s hell Arabic company with no any knowledge about those things xD
        check also the apk from apkpure
        have a good day 🙂

        • Reply

          next update i will improve it 🙂

          • Reply

            Waiting for u buddy 🙂
            if u can increase the stars too and fashion arena diamonds(it’s so important at the game) u’ll be the best modder but u still, haha 💖
            I tell you all this cuz no any website do this for English version and u’re the first website do the Arabic..
            so it must be different at all things and remember i do all this with gameguardian and it success without any protection or ban problem ^^
            But is that mean the game on the next update will be (.apk)?
            Sorry for the inconvenience 🙂
            Love u and wish u best of luck💖

  11. Reply

    Could I have v 0.7 please

  12. Reply

    Thanks for fast update ^^
    Keep going..

  13. Reply

    Hope you update it..
    Love you best modder!!!

  14. Reply

    Update v0.8 please ^_^

  15. Reply

    Could you update it please to ver 0.8??
    thanks ::))

  16. Reply

    Hi dude..
    Thanks for updating but the current version is 0.8 and you update it to 0.7 !
    the version 0.8 have important changes so can you update it as quickly as possible 🙂
    thanks ADMIN 🙂

  17. Reply

    Is this game still under updaing support from this site?
    i saw many comments need it to be updated?

  18. Reply

    Update please to ver 0.8!!

    • Reply

      sending me emails, spamming on other posts for updates will make me not update the game, when you first comment i get it, and i will update but writting over and over makes me not want to update

      • Reply

        Ops, sorry!
        but we wait for the update for a long time 🙁
        sorry again, i dont know about this 🙂
        accept my apologies ^^
        keep going and we wait for the update 🙂

  19. Reply

    انا م طالع عندي اي صورة لضغط بس دعايات

  20. Reply

    Hi man
    Update please!

  21. Reply

    نريييد تحديييث 0.7

  22. Reply

    Update please!!

  23. Reply

    Update please to ver 0.7 !
    Why do not you respond 🙁

  24. Reply

    Hi admin 🙂
    please update, I’m very sad 🙁

  25. Reply

    Dear Admin!
    Please update to new version 0.7 🙁

  26. Reply

    Hi bro 🙂
    The new update now available officially in all countries..
    for date 2020-06-16
    Please update it 🙂

  27. Reply

    The new update has released on playstore!
    Version 0.7 Jun 4, 2020
    Update please, thank u 🙂

  28. Reply

    Please update!! 🙁

  29. Reply

    The new update release!
    Please update it..

  30. Reply

    Hi VIP Team 🙂
    You need to buy the “Stars Club”, “نادي النجوم” package with real money to continue missions 🙁
    So, can you unlock it please!!

  31. Reply

    Hi sir 🙂
    Ty for this mod!
    I was asking about the 2 mods..
    When i install the non menu version and get huge Diamonds, then uninstall this version and install the menu version or install on it cuz the game is so lag after the non menu version and still when i install the menu version on it without remove it first!
    second question, there’re something called “Stars Club” and in Arabic called “نادي النجوم”
    it’s need real money to buy clothes and some futures..
    can you unlock it without in app purchases?
    The English version in other mods websites unlock this future!

    regards 🙂

    • Reply

      Can u reply please!
      Answer my question Admin 🙂

  32. Reply

    Dear admin..
    game works good but when i got alot of diamonds the sound of quests is rebeat and when my diamonds so high, it turn to ( – )
    Can u fix this by make the mod like increase when u spend only!

    • Reply

      if you want to temporary fix that, since you already have many diamonds, just install the mod menu version and never use the mod menu. Your goal is to have many diamonds which you will from this mod you used.

  33. Reply

    When i’m playing with the non menu mod i got alot of Diamonds but after few time, i got very lag and the sounds and game got stuck, then i got crash..
    Why is this problem?

  34. Reply

    Hi VIPMods
    This update, i’ll install it on the menu version or delete menu version and install this cuz i got crash when i lvl up in some lvl !
    can you check this!

  35. Reply

    Thanks verymuch for this update 🙂
    Best team ever ^^

    • Reply

      Thanks bro 🙂
      Keep going ^^
      Is there any update without split installer?
      i mean ready apk not apks without all this..

      • Reply

        the developers are pushing the split apk, for android 5.0 and higher so maybe i manually make the normal apk but its time conusming.

        • Reply

          Waiting for this bro 🙂
          oh, i remember with the last update of (non menu)
          the saved data is so lag !
          when i open original playstore version or the menu version with the saved data still slow and lag !
          What’s the problem of this ?

  36. Reply

    Hello VIP Mods 🙂
    Thanks for sharing this mod !
    I downloaded many games and applications from your site and it was working very properly!
    When I first loaded that game, the menu was showing up, but when I opened it it covered half of the game screen and I can’t close it in any way. Frankly, I was very disappointed 🙁
    When I saw some comments, I found that this error is not only from me, but many have faced the same problem 🙁
    Can you delete the Menu mod please and the make Diamonds 9999 or something like this cuz the game too hard with your Diamonds mod!

  37. Reply

    The menu appears and never shuts down & tried it on more than one device..
    Please delete the menu and make the Diamonds 99999!
    the new update release bro..

    • Reply

      click close

      • Reply

        No bro, The menu screen have no close or hide 🙂
        my friends got this bug also!
        Check this error please, i think there was many devices didn’t support this technic !
        Can u make another version without Menu mod with unlimited Diamonds 🙂
        thank you..

        • Reply

          I am not sure about that, since in my phone it shows normally, what is your device screen size? ok i will make without mod menu

          • Reply

            Yes please remove it with unlimited Diamonds m , i share your website to all my friends 🙂
            We’re waiting u the best mod site ever 🙂

  38. Reply

    Can I play this in English?

    • Reply

      yes link is given in the post for english version

  39. Reply

    If I download this,Can I play it in English?

  40. Reply

    Hello guys!
    Please remove the menu mod because it make the game crashed and Make the Diamonds 999999 or increase with any purchase..

    • Reply

      the game works fine, it doesnt crash on my end

      • Reply

        Can u make the Diamonds 999999 or increase with any purchase..

  41. Reply

    Ty man, can make the Diamonds 9999 on next update?

  42. Reply

  43. Reply

    Modsvip update a mod for a game Match town:makeover please.Thank you

  44. Reply

    Bro, Download link didn’t work

    • Reply

      download link is fixed now

  45. Reply

    Dear mod, download link doesnt work. 😔

    • Reply

      download link is fixed now

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