7 Angels MOD APK 2.1.41R (Unlimited Diamonds) (Seven Angels)


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Read All The Steps below to download the FILE

1. Click on the picture Below/Above and copy the URL link (wait for it to fully load wait like 10 to 15 seconds)

2. Paste it below in the text-box AND Click on "send" to receive the Download Link






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  1. Hey thanks for uploading this mod but the unlimited gems is not working can please look into it.

    • its working fine, did you read what you have to do to get them? you need to buy more space from photo gallery just buy even if you do not have gems, you will earn tons

      • Yea sorry about that. Thanks for helping out.

      • Hey man, i dowloaded it and try to buy more space from photo gallery but my mod does not working ( version 2.1.40 ) can you tell my why

      • And i use Bluestack on my Laptop

        • hey this mod seems like it has issues, i will fix it and upload with new features once i get some spare time

          • THX you and when it done can you tell me ?

          • sure 🙂

          • Can you tell me when you finish thé update ?

          • Before tonight ends, i have like 3 more games to mod then i will work on 7 angels

          • ok i change the mod to how it was before, please try new one and make sure you read what i wrote right above the “Download apk mod” button

          • I only have 15 rupee so it font work ;;~;;

          • What happens when you try to buy photo storage with ruby?

      • Vzzg

  2. Great work but it wont progress through episode 5, after minni, and episode 6, after the pool. Havent even met Industria yet. 😭

  3. it seem the app need an update to 2.1.38R if you can see

  4. I am stuck in the loading

  5. There is version 2. 1.39 then admin

    • updated 🙂 sorry for delay, wont happen again

  6. It tells me i have the wrong version can you guys pls update it?

    • updated the game, now enjoy free shopping

      • I tried downloadig it with the new version its updated now but when i buy something with gems it doesnt stack up it just takes off the amount of gems the item costs can you help me with that pls?

        • Nevermind i got it thnx for this man love this finally one that works btw cunt wars also is not right version

        • Hey sorry actually there was a bug with free shopping thats why i revert the mod to previous one

  7. Thank you

  8. Nevermind i got it thnx for this man love this finally one that works btw cunt wars also is not right version

    • maybe i need to update the game which i will today 🙂

  9. What is this???? If I download this my wife will kill me…., lol……. Hhmmm maybe I will try, hahaha

    • Lol bro this is not for you :D, these are for the teens 😂😂😂😂

  10. Could you also make a mod apk for pocket waifu??

    • Sure, but pocket waifu diamonds and other currency are not possible maybe other things. I will look into it

      • Thnx

        • No problem 🙂

          • And did the nutaku mods work??

          • Hey sorry there is a delay in their mods, since idk why many of their games crashes and lags. Idk if its my device or the game

  11. A oke i think its the game because samsung doesnt crash xD

  12. How do you get the URL link?

  13. Their is a new update

    • i will update in a while 🙂

  14. its not working

  15. Didn’t work

  16. Hello, thanks for your work
    But it’s still not working, i tried to buy space for m’y pictures and it used all my rubies
    Then i tried to buy gems in the store, Not working either 😡
    Hopes this helps

    • i never said to buy new space in the new game update, and many other complaining without reeading what to actually, which i have already stated right above the download link

  17. I suppose if you have less than the required diamonds you can’t play the card game first?

    • idk about that bro since i dont play this game however when i tested i was able to get more diamonds when playing the card game because i have a save game with many diamonds

      • In my game which has 2 diamonds left before the mod, I can’t play the card game even though the screen says -56321 diamonds required XD

        • very weird, i will have a look at it on the next update, these people have encrypted the game recently

        • it wooooorrkkk!!!!!!
          you must play in the CARD even to make it work, just hit TRY AGAIN in -56321 diamonds, even your diamond only have 2, beat the game without losing all heart, min 1 heart left then you can collect all gems and diamond too!!

  18. I installed it but it didn’t give me any extra gems?

  19. You have unlimited but it doesn’t show

  20. Actually, I installed the mod and all that, but, when I go to the store in-game, I can’t buy anything, cuold you tell my why this could be happening? Thanks

    • please read what i have written and what you have to do to get the diamonds

  21. it wooooorrkkk!!!!!!
    you must play in the CARD even to make it work, just hit TRY AGAIN in -56321 diamonds, even your diamond only have 2, beat the game without losing all heart, min 1 heart left then you can collect all gems and diamond too!!

    • thank you MODSVIP
      i’ve try other modding but nothing change nothing happen, so i got stuck in here without making different, then i make try in CARD event, last i saw there only one i see ton diamond instead of mins, i just play it until my diamond only 2 left more, so i play it again, it work!! i think maybe i can always play it, so when i lose 2 heart, i claimed rubies and the diamond its claimed too
      maybe because an update, the mod is change, not like modsvip say it above download button, just want explore and try, then we found where the mod it is

      • I think everywhere is having a different problem with this mod, idk if i should keep this mod or change to the previous one lol

        • so now you have change to previous mod?

    • sorry to make spam (too many same comments), i just happy and want to share to everyone who got stuck

      • You are most welcome and no worries 🙂

    • I got so many complaints that it wasn’t working for them so i changed the mod to how it was before. I have not added the mod you are talking, how did it work

      • i don’t know.. i just complete some texting message until the card even show itself..
        i don’t know how the mod change to these event, but it’s work 😉 maybe the mod you was adding have feet 😂 lol
        and maybe not everyone can use my tips like i was talking before, different phone or else maybe got different issue, it just my opinion

        • note: the card even show when you exit the episode, back to front page

  22. It says I need update V2.1.40R.

    • so what version you use?

  23. Dude dont work :c help pls

    • what dont work?

      • when I try to buy something like rubies or energy it says that I don’t have diamonds

        • you have to buy photo storage space with rubies

          • Yes, I have space but the problem is that I can’t buy energy

  24. Needs updates

  25. Can you please mod love nikki

  26. Hey man, why does it keep saying i need the new update?

    • ah nvm when i downloaded the old file again

    • i dont know man, this is the latest version. Tested and confirmed

      • nah dw i was just a retard and screwd up and also its working by be

        • haha great you got it to work lol

  27. Needs an update!

  28. Thank you. Can’t wait to try out this new game.
    Is it possible for you to mod Ikemen Sengoku:Otome Game and other Cybird games please?

    • Game works perfectly for me. Great work!

    • hey i am not able to hack games by cybird 🙁

      • That’s too bad. Thanks for replying.
        Can you mod more Nutaku games like this one?

  29. i got blank screen after the opening screen (the one with lilith on it)

    • maybe something wrong with the device because the mod is working just fine

      • not exactly white screen as in nothing shows up. It’s the white background of the game with the small logo patterns. So basically just game background and no buttons etc

        • can you install parallel space and play on it? i have never had this issue so not sure what it is

  30. hey when I tap the card game it just sends me to the diamond shop. If it makes a difference I don’t have a free play right now and i have 0 diamonds

    • it doesnt matter if you have diamonds or not, if you dont have a free play try to get one. I tested it when i had 2000 diamonds but thats just because i had my game saved.

      • okay I’ll wait for it. thanks!

        • Cool or if you want to just try then just create a random account and sign in with it to test that it really works lol

  31. Dude, can’t seem to find unlimited gems, did the Photo gallery thimg, but still nothing, and When I go to card game or wheel ,the game crashes

    • can you try with a new fresh account? From where did you install the previous version?

      • From another site, don’t remember the name, but the version got out dated

        • sometimes when nutaku bans you it will crash the game, same happens in honey crush game. So try with a new account to confirm since the mod works fine with no problems

  32. Tried with new account, and reinstalled the game from here, still the same result

    • not sure why, because the game is working just fine. maybe play in parallel space

  33. I Can’t Play Through Episode 6, Can You Tell Me Why ??…

    • Msame ptoblem here after the starting screen it just goes all white after showing the loading arrows

      • idk why people are having problems with this mod, but i know its few people because i made sure the mod works before posting. I tested on 3 different devices with different accounts. I will try again, because i am not having the issue its hard to fix unless literally everyone had the issue

        • Ok i think i found where the problem is? When i use a new account to play im able to get pass however if i were to use a previously played account i am unable to use this mod. The account im playing on with progress is able to play using the offical app but not the mod while a fresh account is. I hope this insight helps?

          • i dont think i can fix something specific like that, if possible what you can do is that with the fresh account you can play and get as many diamonds as you want and then just install the original game and continue? will that work?

  34. Hey dude, i already download the latest to 8 but i still didn’t get the diamonds and rubies, so how to fix this?

    • you need to play the card game with diamonds to get them.

  35. In my version 2.1.41 , the card game just cost 0, but wont get me any diamond(you win only ruby),am I doing it wrong,or they fix it?

  36. ok the card game doesnt work anymore pls check it out

    • I’m having issues with the card game. When I click on it, instead of showing a negative number for the gems it says it costs 4 gems and when I try to play, the entire game freezes up and i have to close the app. I’d you would look into this and fix this it would be very appreciated

    • I reinstalled the apk and it work now

  37. Now it freezes every time I click on the card game. If you would please look into this and fix it when you get the chance it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

  38. I tried using a vpn to see if that would help but that didnt work either

  39. I just deleted the apk from my files and tried to re-install it and it wont let me install it now😭

    • this game seems to not work for everyone, what does it say when you install?

      • Dude it’s said app not installed everytime i try to install it it’s just say app not installed

  40. Turns out I was just dumb and I didnt have enough storage..but what keeps happening when I click on the card game is that it freezes the entire game and wont unfreeze so I have to close the app every time I try to use the mod

  41. Dude when i go to install the game it’s said app not installed

    • do you have the app already installed? do you have enough space?

  42. Hey its me again. So my question this time is about the data. If i uninstall the game and reinstall it a few days later do i have to play from the beginning again?

    • from what i know, nutaku saves your game on their server as soon as you log in, so make sure you log in from the same account which you are using right now

      • Hi there, so i downloaded the apk file, but when i wanted to install it, the download said it was not downloaded and it said “The package appears to be corrupt.”. I’ve been trying it again for like 3 times and the results were the same. What should i do to fix this issue?

        • what device do you have and what android version are you running?

          • I’m using a redmi 4x and it is running on android 7.1.2. I know that it is an old phone and it’s not running on the newest android. So when i tried the mod, it worked at the first time. But there was something wrong so i made a new account to start from the beginning. When i wanted to download the apk back, it showed that it was a corrupted package. So what I’m really confused about is why did it work the first time but not the others? Like i said earlier, i retried it up to 3 times.

          • this is really a strange issue, because if it worked the first time it should work the second time as well. Does the original game work fine no matter how many times you install and uninstall?

  43. Yes it does. No errors, no crashes. It works just fine. It’s the mod apk that’s unavailable to be installed. I wanted to retry the uninstall of the applications and mods but instead of downloading the game first, I’ll try the mod first. Because everytime i download the mod after the game, it shows it is installed in the apk state. But when i try to download the apk, it clearly shows “not installed” and “unavailable”.

    • i really dont know why that is happening, for me the game install just fine. 🙁

  44. I do not know if that would work though

  45. It show’s not available and unavailable when i installed it. (I wrote “when i DOWNLOADED the apk”) it shows it’s unavailable when installing it.

  46. Well, it is quite sad it won’t work for now. I’ll try some different ways if i can. Thanks for the responses though! It is rare to see someone reply actively.

    • IT WORKED!! I tried to uninstall both and restarted the mod. It worked perfectly! Thank you so much for the support and the mod! Keep up the great work!

      • i am so glad you figured it out :), i am happy it is working properly now. 😀

  47. ahm what will i do if loading messages is to long to wait??

  48. Hey I’m kinda stuck in a loop in the 10th episode. I have to find 4 mirrow shards and i found them all. But now i cant do anything bc everything i do leads me back to the first task. I am also on the 7 Angels Discord but afraid to ask for help bc i have like 3.000.000 Diamons 😀

    • This is something out of my expertise because i have never played this game that far so i have no clue what you are talking about lol.

  49. Can’t install it ;-;

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