Adventure Of Defender MOD APK 1.2 (UNLIMITED COINS)


Game Name Adventure Of Defender
Game Version 1.2
Developer NakStudio
Root Needed? NO
Android Version 4.4 and up
Mod Type FREE

Sell any equipment to get it AND to login to facebook, make sure you uninstall the Facebook App and then try to login from the regular window the pops up. 

Download APK MOD

Mod Features

You have to travel to fight with the strongest monsters to prevent them from destroying the world. You can fight with them by improving your abilities. Stronger to save the world or wait for the world to be destroyed

Game features

————————- [Craft] ————————-
Craft item system. You can combine items of the same type to create better items. To fight a strong monster The higher the level of items, the better you are.
————————- [Skill] ————————-
In the game, you can choose the skill you want. The skills will vary depending on the weapon you use.
————————- [status] ————————-
The characters have many statuses. Players can make characters better in their own way.
————————- [Fighting] ————————-
Adventure to fight with many monsters or fight with other players to be one.
————————- [Pet] ————————-
To travel, you need to have a companion. In the game there is a pet system that will help you in battle.

Are you ready to adventure?


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