Game NameAkinator VIP
Game Version7.1.0
Root Needed?NO
Android Version4.4 and up
Mod TypeShared Free

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Akinator VIP

Akinator is a popular mobile entertainment game where you will think of a celebrity, movie, object and answer a few questions that the genie asks you and he will tell you what you were thinking about or who you were thinking about. It sounds like complete magic I know.

At first, many people did not believe in this game until they tried it about themselves, it not only includes celebrities but also other famous people around the world, all you have to do is just think of that person and the genie will find out who it is.

There are multiple game modes, the most common one is the celebrity guess, then it also has an object guess or idea, where you can think of a famous object or an invention, or fictional work, Animals and it will find out what it is.

As well as movies, all you have to do is just answer a few questions and it will tell you the answer. Sometimes it only asks you as few as 5 questions to get it right. Let’s speak of the difference between the free version of the app and VIP.

There are more themes that will be added to the game since the genie is getting very strong day by day, his knowledge is getting broader and is up for more challenges.

Akinator Vip versus Free Version

There are some features which are limited in the free version, many answers will be kept hidden and will only be revealed after you watch an AD or purchase the premium version which is VIP, you can either buy the VIP version from the PlayStore or upgrade from the free version VIA and In-App purchase.

Upon doing that, all Ads will be removed from the game and you will no longer need to view ads to unlock premium Answers.

What is Aki Awards?

Aki Awards are given to players in the game who help the genie remember old forgotten characters. Since the genie tends not to forget older characters which have not been played for a long time, playing them again helps genie remember them and store them again to his memory, doing so gives you a chance to win Aki Award in the game.

Compete with other players

You can also compete with other players around the world to see who the highest score and are ranked accordingly on the leaderboard. Becoming the best player in the game is not so easy, but if you do you can earn yourself a ton of respect and get the Last Super Awards board or have your name written on the Hall of Fame.

How Does Akinator Actually Work?

akinator VIP

Now we all know there isn’t really a genie who magically guesses your answer right? I mean if there was we would think about something else, something more that could benefit us.

However, I am sure many of you are curious to know how this game actually works and how is the genie able to guess what you are thinking about. Now I will put the steps in a simple manner so everyone can understand how it works.

Let’s say you thought about “TOM” from tom and jerry.

Genie will ask you: Is your character Real? and you will reply “NO”

What happens here is that the game will eliminate all the “REAL” characters and will be left with fiction characters only.

Now the Genie will ask you: Is your character Male? Since we know TOM is male in the cartoon, we will answer “YES”

So now the game will eliminate all the female fictional characters.

And that is how the game goes on, by eliminating what is not possible to be the answer. Create such games take A LOT of time and have a complex algorithm behind it to guess successfully, and once it does it stores the information into their database.

The more people search for TOM the easier it will get for the genie to answer it. So the genie basically learns from you.


Currently, Akinator VIP is available in 15 languages, so everyone can enjoy the game in their own language. The game continuously gets new updates that improve the game and adds new features.

There are 2 new themes that are added from the recent update. It also has a child safety filter which you can turn on to avoid any uncensored questions or pictures AND if you like making videos of gameplay then there is a good news for you because the game now includes an inbuilt video recorder to record your gameplay and upload it or share with wherever you want with  a single click.

It is a lot of fun to play, with a piece of good Arabic background music that you can get to listen to in the game.

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