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The ancient Cthulhu is resurrected! All the devil kings with their crews are set out! 🌊The flood ravages the world! Who will defeat the devil and turn the tide? 🏴‍☠️Sure will be Captain Jack and his sailors! Lead the fleet and set off now!

•🐱‍👤Recruit troops×⚓reconstruct the Ark ~ It is not only the beautiful world that is submerged by the flood, but also Captain Jack’s beloved boat. Don’t be discouraged, it’s time to make a comeback! Sail in the boundless ocean, collect materials, build an ark, and reproduce and surpass the glory of the past step by step! Don’t forget to rescue old crew members and recruit new partners! Expand ships and cultivate crews, our goal is stars and sea!

•🧭Explore Treasure Hunt×🌎Impress the World ~ As one old saying goes, A handy tool makes a handyman. How can a powerful enemy be defeated without a weapon in hand? Drifting and exploring in the wide ocean, we are accompanied by not only vicious monsters but also magnificent scenery and treasures! Venture in volcanoes, rainforests, and deserts to collect holy swords, divine bows, and treasures! The magnificent hero team is waiting for you to explore.

•🏆Compete on the stage×👑Dominate the ocean~ Do you bore dull and ugly monsters as your opponent? Apart from exploring and drifting, you can fight with other players! Choose your proud crews and compete fiercely with other players in the arena! Defeat your opponents, improve your rankings, and win generous rewards from the battle season! Win without arrogance, defeat without depression. Become the strongest captain of the ocean!

OS: 4.4 and up
Package Name:
Developer: Yunbu Game Studio
Updated On: Recently
Version: Latest
Downloads: 100,000+
Size: 157M
Type: MOD
Mod Feature: The game modified to have unlimited diamonds to spend.
How to install zip, .apks files?

IF NOT APK then Rename the downloaded to anything but at the end write “.apk” to make it an apk.

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