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A brand new strategy game where you will forge wars against players around the world. Play the ultimate Army stroke where you will build your army and developing your base at the same time, conquer the world by winning both PVE and PVP matches.

There are multiple things to do in the game, start off by building your base, and then work your way up from there.

You will be given a brief tutorial that will show you the basics of how to play the game and then you will be on your own. There are different classes of heroes you can train, you can also have abilities as well that you can use in battles, they will cost you battle energy.

There is also a VIP system in the game that gives you extra benefits as you reach the level with the points and those points can be earned by doing various tasks in the game.

There are many events, tournaments as well that you can complete and earn tons of rewards.

The game had many bug fixes in the latest update, and brought new events to the game.

 OS: 4.4 and up
 Version: 3.60.0
 Package Name: com.hts.ams.beta
 Developer: Volcano Force
 Downloads: 50,000+
 Updated: recently
 Size: 123M
 Type: By Vipmods
 Mod Feature: Unlimited Battle Energy (never decrease)

Your energy in the game will never decrease for using abilities in the battle.

TURN ON OPTION FROM MOD MENU. Click the little text on the screen that size mod by

If you share my MOD elsewhere then please give credits to my site.

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  1. Reply

    Really good mod. I havent played online pvp yet.. Dont wana break the protection. I really appreciate the modder. Many many thanks.
    . (dont put smile on your face too early) .remember! i only appreciate when the mod really works on pvp with no ban.

    • Reply

      there is no such thing as online with no ban, you will get banned sooner or later unless you really know how to play under the radar.

  2. Reply

    Hey! Can you pls mod the army men game with unlimited money and free in-app purchases.

  3. Reply

    Pirate Code – PVP Battles at Sea

    PlayStore link:

    Ineed free purchase or unlimted money + diamond + freez everyone

  4. Reply

    Update please

  5. Reply

    Oyun ücretli kredi kartı numarası istiyor

  6. Reply

    Hi please mod “pool strike online 8 ball pool billiards free game”?


    Mod: unlimited money
    Long lines

  7. Reply

    With next graduation maybe I will try again this game and’maybe’ I will understand it! Hahahaha🤣🤣🤣

  8. Reply

    Mariposa mod please 😭😭

  9. Reply

    Hola podrías modificar este juego por favor?
    Quisiera tener gemas y monedas. O que no disminuyan al comprar algo, por favor

  10. Reply

    New mod link plase because link not open

    • Reply

      hey link opens just fine, you have to download it from patreon

  11. Reply

    Nice mod, but you need 2 graduations to understand the game….lol

    • Reply

      lol i understand, too many things in the game haha

  12. Reply

    boss any news with the NBA LIVE MOBILE?

    • Reply

      the game has an encrypted the code, its very hard to hack 🙁

  13. Reply

    Bro, what’s the difference bw. The two options in the mod menu? 🤔😁 Unlimited/never decrease isn’t it the same?

    • Reply

      you can see the video, never decrease will not decrease your energy when you spend, and unlimited one just makes it unlimited, you can use even if 0

  14. Reply

    Thanks bro 😁🤗👏👏

  15. Reply

    Puedes actualizar el mod de it is love:Drogo?

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