Download Battle Forces – FPS, online game

 OS: 4.4 and up
 Version: 0.9.8
 Downloads: 10,000+
 Updated: 8/03/2020
 Size: 223M
 Type: By Vipmods
 Mod Feature: Unlimited Ammo, No Reload, No Recoil, High Accuracy

Place the OBB folder inside Android / OBB on your device

Maybe in the next update, I will add more mods. so make sure to ask for an update.

Download APK MOD + OBB Download From PlayStore

Battle Forces is a new FPS online shooting game where you will get teamed up with other players and your goal will be to eliminate the enemies, each battle will last few minutes and the team with the most kills will win. Upon winning you will earn rewards such as coins and cash which you can use to buy new weapons, upgrade your character and get cool weapon skins. You can have medkits and grenades in the battle which you can use, the game has no radar so it will be hard to know where your enemies are coming from, so always keep your eyes open. The game is still new, the graphics are amazing and the gameplay is also good. Since it is a real-time online game it is also addicting. You also don’t die easily like other FPS so it’s fun.

Please share the post with your friends, it motivates us to make more free mods for you.
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    make a unsigned version please! is impossible to login…

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    Ah ok. Thanks for explanation bro.

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    Yes I know bro, but still recoil. Better accuracy is better aiming? Target nearer?

    • Reply

      yes bro, recoil is not there. if you play original game you will be able to tell the difference bro. In original the player will completely go upwards while shooting, his arm will not be steady. here i know it shakes but its much better

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    Bro what’s the difference bw. No recoil and high accuracy? Without recoil it’s already High accuracy, or is it something else?

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      no recoil means no shake when shooting bro, and better accuracy when aiming at enemies

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    Mod this one

  8. Reply

    Need an update

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    Please bypass APK of yesterday’s tanker game…….:)

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      uploaded bro 🙂

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    Wow nice

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