Bombastic Brothers – Top Squad MOD APK 1.3.253 (MEGA MOD)

Game Name Bombastic Brothers – Top Squad
Game Version 1.3.253
Developer B.V.
Root Needed? NO
Android Version 6.0 and up
Mod Type FREE

I have included BYPASS APK, use it somewhere  were you want to play legit or get stuck. Bypass is original game and can be installed over MOD APK and vice versa.


Mod Features

Bombastic Brothers – Top Squad APK MOD is an excellent 2D shooting game with enhanced graphics and gameplay where you save the world from the alien invasion. Get your hands on your weapon and start shooting all the alien creatures that come in your way, fight powerful bosses and earn great rewards. Proceed with the story missions and complete them all, fight in multiplayer PVP arena mode and more. The game is action-packed with tons of fun since you have many weapons and power-ups to use in the battles. All weapons in the game are upgradable, same with power-ups. The game will give you a feeling of playing the classic arcade shooting game.


  1. Really nice game

    • Thanks 😀

      • Merci pour cet excellent jeu … mode arène plus de récompense pour les 3 premiers sa serait cool

      • Nouvelle mise à jour 1.3.253 svp

  2. Thanks for update bro. Game is awesome!

  3. Guys, games from vipmods are absolutely worth to pay, believe me. I’m absolutely happy and satisfied!!! 👏👏👍👍

    • Thanks for the good feedback, please check patreon i sent you the link to bombastic it should work

  4. Bro still version 1.2.194

  5. Now it’s ok 🙂 thx

    • Act 2, level 5: opponent invincible with a blue shield. Would need bypass to pass it..:-) … Thx

  6. You are welcome….. Let’s restart from scratch, but game is worth :-))

  7. It works now, thanks

    • dont worry next time you wont lose your progress, promise

  8. No problem bro…. I played about one hour…… 🙂 next time I’ll wait 24h or at least wait your OK for uninstalling, hahahaha…… My fault.

    GUYS this game is so worth to pay. Listen to me, listen to a professional player!

  9. Act 2, level 5: opponent invincible with a blue shield. Would need bypass to pass it..:-) … Thx

    • Added bypass apk 🙂

      • On next update god mode or much more health needed. Quite hard also with mod 🙂 (good that avatar doesn’t die after he falls, that’s very good, nevertheless more health needed), thx bro

        • I tried health but then everyone else became god mode, did you find any mod online which had god mode or one hit?

          • Try this bro…. Maybe you can work on it :

            100xdmg and dumb enemy. Unfortunately if you fall in a hole you die….. With your mod it was very good. Instant resurrection lol

          • maybe i will try adding damage but dumb enemy will spoil the fun and i think the damage will be shared as well with enemy thats why they made dumb enemy so they can never attack you, i wonder how hard it gets, do you make use of the special abilities in the game because i have made them unlimited with no skill CD

  10. Ok thanks

  11. Help me please, I can’t unlock the link… 🙁

    • there was an issue with timer, i have fixed. now it should work

  12. Thank’s but After the timer and clic on “download mod apk” i’ve got an error page 404..

  13. Also with special abilities….. It become very hard. The mod with damage and dump enemy isn’t bad, but the problem is you play 1/2 minutes and then you make only one mistake and fall in a hole … You have to restart the whole level!!! I hate it, hahahaha
    Game is very worth, but I don’t wanna smash my phone at the wall, so damage and dump not bad with additional no death if fall in a hole, lol….. I know less fun, but anyway fun.

    • next update i will add damage and dumb enemy if i can ;p

  14. You can, bcs you are a monster! 🥳🥳🥳 🙂

  15. Why is there a mod option and a apk bypass option?

    • bypass is original game incase you get stuck somewhere where the mod doesn’t work. Usually used for bypassing tutorials

  16. Não Inatala.

  17. thank you!
    where is bypass mod apk…?
    i need

    • it should be inside the zip folder, did you see it?

      • i need bypassing tutorials

        • for facebook login you have to uninstall facebook app first. Also what is the problem with tutorial? I have finished the tutorial without any problem with the mod.

  18. i was not see it. i did download only mod apk file.

    • oh sorryyyy, there is no bypass apk and you do not need it in this mod. Just install the .apks file with the SAI installer, follow the guide to install it all links are provided

      • and i need login facebook id.

        gamedata have to save…

  19. how to save gamedata server..later update

  20. Bom dia
    Nova atualização 1.3.2
    Mod por favor

    • He agregado el nuevo mod, con más características. Disfruta 🙂

      • What’s new bro?

        • nothing bro just same old, since i made it free before and removed no cooldown, and fire rate in this one i added them back haha

  21. Ok 👍

  22. Obrigado amigo.
    ficou muito bom

  23. Bom dia amigo
    Nova atualização 1.3.15

  24. muito obrigado, funcionando bem
    se conseguir modo deus fica perfeito

  25. Tudo certo mano. Obrigado
    Preciso de mod para Hawk v24.0
    e Space Justice v8.1
    Se conseguir fico moito agradecido.

    • o tradutor fez alguma confusão
      eu ficar muito agradecido

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