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BustyBiz MOD APK is an idle simulation game where you will build your forgotten empire that your ancestors left to you. The main goal is to be able to know if you will be able to maintain and build the biggest empire tycoon in the world and become the richest person. Hire girls who will help you with your business, complete tons of challenging and exciting levels that will earn you tons of goods that you will use to purchase items to help you expand your business. The game is still in beta release and you can join their discord to get updates on when it will be released. There are many more features and exciting things to do as you level up in the game you will unlock more things. Ne levels added, developers have also added limited-time events to the game now. Improvements in both game and graphics.

The game supports online events now, there is a new event where you can get a chance to earn tons of rewards, so act fast.

 OS: 4.1 and up
 Version: Latest
 Package Name: com.threexentertainment.bustybiz
 Developer: Nutaku
 Downloads: NA
 Updated: Recently
 Size: 87M
 Type: Request
 Mod Feature: The game modified to never decrease your money when spent.

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  1. Update plssssss

  2. how to dawnload on steam version

  3. how to dawnload on steam this chat

  4. Update plesssssssssss

  5. Update please

  6. 1.4.254

  7. update to 1.4.254 plzzzz I beg u

  8. updatee

  9. I know it is not easy to make mods for games, but please update it, we beg you

  10. Please my friend. Update it.

  11. I cant play, game needs new version, and when i install then i cant play someone help pls

  12. I cant play, just tell me that i need to install new version and when i install then i dont have mod, someone help pls

  13. Update


  15. new update came out maybe it’s possiible mod that one?

  16. Update pls

  17. I dont think he’s going to update it, I’ve been seeing less nutaku mods from him lately


  19. You, update this please.

  20. Update plz!

  21. Update to 1.4.236 please


  23. please UPDATE!

  24. Update to the new version pls

  25. Could you update the app please

  26. dude thanks a lot
    can u pls update to v1.4.235
    thanks anyway

  27. Can you update the apk? Pls

  28. Plz update to version 1.4.230

  29. Please update

  30. Pls update

  31. Pleased Update

  32. Can you do this game moded?

  33. any chance of this being modded? The game has entered its soft launch.

  34. Please update

  35. Update please

  36. Plz update to version 1.4.149

  37. update pl0x

  38. the game is released today

  39. can some one update the mod

  40. Hey man, did you try mod this game or is it not possible? Thanks btw for your hardwork.

    • i tired but the game is currently in beta and only allows certain people, i will mod it once global release is out

      • you can just get in the discrod of the game and you can join the bate is simple

      • you can just get in the discrod of the game and you can join the bate is simple

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