Harry Potter: Puzzles & Spells apk mod

Harry Potter: Puzzles & Spells MOD APK 32.1.702 (Always Win)

Download Harry Potter: Puzzles and Spells  APK MOD A new puzzle game for all the Harry Potter fans by Zynga. You will begin your journey and play as the Harry Potter in the game who received a letter from Hogwarts that he got an admission to it, you will travel to Diagon alley where you will meet Rubeus Hagrid (by the way his heigh was a whopping 8 feet 6 inches in the game movie) and your adventu... »

Puzzle Quest 3

Puzzle Quest 3 MOD APK (ONE HIT)

Download Puzzle Quest 3 APK MOD Set forth on an epic quest to save the world of Etheria in Puzzle Quest 3, an all-new installment to the globally renowned puzzle-RPG franchise. Combining the best of match-3 and RPG gameplay, Puzzle Quest 3 features fully realized 3D graphics unlike any other puzzle game of its kind! Complete hundreds of quests in an epic fantasy story, explore a variety of dungeon... »

War Z & Puzzles

War Z & Puzzles MOD APK (ONE HIT)

Download War Z & Puzzles APK MOD War Z & Puzzles is an original RPG game combining Roguelike and match-3 puzzle. As a commander, you need to build a shelter where the necessary supplies can be produced. You also have the responsibility for forming a body of survivors who would rally together to prevent the shelter from being attacked by zombies and other competitors. In the game, you have ... »

The Matching Dead

The Matching Dead MOD APK (Unlimited Cash)

Download The Matching Dead APK MOD To anyone who survived the zombie apocalypse: If you are reading this, well, congratulations! You haven’t been turned into a zombie. 3 months ago, a zombie virus infected 90% of the population of this city. Only a few lucky people like you and me managed to survive. Now, you need to build a shelter, recruit survivors and collect weapons to fight off the zom... »

Passion Puzzle mod apk

Passion Puzzle MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Download Passion Puzzle APK MOD A fun new match-3 puzzle game where you will play countless levels completing objectives and given goals to progress in the story. The story begins when you reach the coastal city where you meet many ladies who are waiting to serve you. The game has tons of things to do and characters to meet and interact with. The graphics and gameplay are fun, there are many thing... »

Eroblast: Waifu Dating Sim

Eroblast: Waifu Dating Sim MOD APK (Unlimited Gems)

Download Eroblast: Waifu Dating Sim APK MOD Eroblast: Dating Sim is a dating sim set in a dating app. Browse photos, swipe right, find your match and romance attractive, adult characters with their own love lives and full-fledged story. Exchange passionate messages and flirty selfies, or the other way around. What more would you want from the game once you have unlimited gems and unlimited coins t... »