Manor Matters

Manor Matters IOS DEB (Unlimited Stars) MOD

Download Manor Matters IOS DEB (Unlimited Stars) HACK This is an IOS DEB hack you will have to install the DEB file to get the hack, then you can activate it from the mod menu. Manor Matters is a thriller investigation game from the popular developers who made farmscapes, township, and many other popular games. The game has many puzzle levels, mysteries that you will have to solve, and a good stor... »

Disney Princess Majestic Quest

Disney Princess Majestic Quest IOS DEB (Unlimited Moves)

Download Disney Princess Majestic Quest IOS DEB HACK A deb hack for the popular Gameloft game, you will play puzzle levels and complete given tasks in the game to proceed in the story, with the modded one you will be able to freeze your moves to enable you to easily finish any level that you want. OS: Requires iOS 9.0 or later. Package Name: id1445542220 Developer: Gameloft Updated On: Recently Ve... »

Harry Potter mod

This mod has always win ability. Once you run out of move while playing any stage it will automatically give you a win. If you are a new player then first install bypass apk and finish the first few levels then install mod apk over bypass apk and continue the game. mod for harry potter puzzle and spells. Version: 33.1.710   It’s time to experience the magic and wonder of Harry Potter like nev... »