Hero Among Us mod apk

Hero Among Us MOD APK 1.0.0 (God Mode, Unlimited Skill Points)

Download Hero Among Us APK MOD Hero Among Us is new strategy gameplay, it has a similar characteristic to the game called Plague where you have to infect the whole world but in this one, you will create your own superhero and manage it, you will send your hero to the country to help save it or destroy it totally depends on you, you will have heroes to fight with other villains of the country, you ... »

Survival at Gunpoint mod apk

Survival at Gunpoint MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Download Survival at Gunpoint APK MOD Survival at Gunpoint is a new action strategy game where you will play as a lone survivor who is on the journey to save other survivors from the zombie-infested cities. Do you have what it takes to rescue all survivors with only a gun? You will have to find out in the game, along with that you will keep the survivors in your base that you build,  they will hel... »

THE LORD mod apk

THE LORD MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Download THE LORD APK MOD THE LORD is a new RPG strategy game where you will gather your resources and train your army where you set your camp and build your base. The game has over 200 levels on the Adventure mode to complete, not only that it also allows you to battle in real-time in PVP battles. The game is large with tons of things to do, there are alliances, arena, leagues, and many other gam... »

Clash of Lords: Guild Castle mod apk

Clash of Lords MOD APK (Unlimited Jewels)

Download Clash of Lords: Guild Castle APK MOD Clash of Lords: Guild Castle is a real-time strategy game similar to many in its genres like Clash of Clans, Boom Beach, and others. You will build your base and fight players around the world in real-time. You will build your base and create your army of different classes of troops, the game lets you battle in PVE where you can fight in campaigns to c... »

Summoners Legends mod apk

Summoners Legends MOD APK (ONE HIT)

Download Summoners Legends APK MOD Join millions of players in this strategic gameplay with over 200 heroes to unlock and own. Take part in various battles both in PVP and PVE and join Guilds in the game to take part in Guild wars to earn tons of rewards. The game has many different heroes each one of them comes with unique abilities, you can create your team of heroes and use your strategy to win... »