Chaos Battle League MOD APK 2.3.7 (No Card CD)


Game Name Chaos Battle League
Game Version 2.3.7
Developer Rogue Games, Inc.
Root Needed? No
Android Version 4.1 and up
Mod Type Free

Download APK MOD + OBB

Mod Features

Chaos Battle League MOD – A card battle strategy game where you will play with thousands of players around the world in real-time, have good energy management with a good strategy to win games, upgrade and get new cards and create the best deck possible to defeat your enemies. Your goal is to take down the main enemy tower before the enemy does. There are also many tournaments to play in with events as well which are limited time. Do you have what it takes to be the champion of the Battle League? Find out in the game.



  1. Reply

    Very nice thx. Let’s hope no ban like in omega wars some hours ago :-(….. I was careful…. I’m always careful.

    • Reply

      i think the mod is useless since its shared, let me see if i can something so that you get more benefit

    • Reply

      ok i added no cooldown for the cards, normally when you spawn a card, you will have to wair few seconds until the next card shows up here you wont have to wait so you can deploy cards much faster, i think the mod is not shared with enemy now.

  2. Reply

    OK great ! So this game is a passive online….. That’s why mod is shared, right? It’s not a real time….., but very nice game

    • Reply

      no no, this game is 100% online PVP

      • Reply

        Huh? And why mod is shared with opponent???

        • Reply

          just enjoy the mod lol, you can still win very easy since there is no cooldown for cards

  3. Reply

    Lol…. Yes no problems, but if it’s a real time online game it’s impossible that the mod is shared…. Lol

    • Reply

      actually in online game the mod can be shared 90% of the time loll, speaking from my experience

      • Reply

        Yes sure, but in real time online games there is another guy on the other side of the world who is deciding which cards to deploy so weird he has (share) same mod(this happens normally in passive online games) , lol…. Anyway…. I’m reinstalling the game to see if it works again, otherwise pity bcs I liked the game 🙂

        • Reply

          i get it lol its very weird how it must be showing for the other person. I think when you get banned in this game, you will get notfied about it

          • Lol it Works again, very weird. But I had to restart from scratch. Happy it wasn’t a ban. But in other games it was a ban for sure lol……. Luckily not this time. Hope it won’t happen again this loading issue…… Ciao bro

  4. Reply

    Now loading 0%…. I give it up with this kind of royal games…. Bans or other issues. From one minute to the other game does not work anymore. Weird!!!

  5. Reply

    Again 0% loading after couple of games I did. After one hour and I re entered the game, game does not load anymore., 0%… Ok I give up, pity

  6. Reply

    This mod is stolen from and infected with virus by vipmods. Stay away.

  7. Reply

    Update pls 2.3.8

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