Chapters: Interactive Stories mod apk

Download Chapters: Interactive Stories APK MOD

Chapters: Interactive Stories APK MOD is an addicting story game where you can play with different characters and journey through their stories.

The game consists of various chapters and episodes and each of them is unique with their own twists and plots. Play and make wise choices, the choices you make in the game will impact the storyline, giving you a different ending depending on the choices you made.

There are new stories added on a regular basis and gives you the option to read stories in different genres since it has plenty of it, It also gives you premium choices which cost diamonds, premium choices reveal very interesting stuff and lead to a more interactive story.

Don’t worry the premium choices will be free for you always. Complete all chapters in the game, and finish all episodes as well.

The new stories and weekly updates are here, the developers have added new stories and rolled out their update today with new chapters for many stories, the Halloween theme is also coming soon so stay tune for that.

 OS: 4.4 and up
 Version: 6.0.4
 Package Name: com.mars.avgchapters
 Developer: Crazy Maple Studio Dev
 Downloads: 5,000,000+
 Updated: Recently
 Size: 136M
 Type: By Vipmods

PLEASE READ: Turn on MOD from the mod menu, when you encounter premium choices just turn on the MOD from the menu and make the choice, that way you can know which one is a premium choice. Regarding tickets, they will be unlimited by default.

Make sure enable permissions manually if Android 6.0 and above, by going Settings > Apps > Game Name > Permissions | Display over other apps

If you are previously banned or ever banned, play on the parallel space app. Search for it on play store “parallel space”

Place the OBB folder inside Android / Obb on your device

Free and premium choices will look the same, so just make a choice that you find interesting. Tickets will be unlimited, you can read all books for free

Download APK MOD + OBB

Download From PlayStore

Please share the post with your friends, it motivates us to make more free mods for you.
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  1. Reply

    Please bring back the mod menu, Thanks 🙂

  2. Reply

    Thanks for the mod Vipmods! Please bring back the mod menu. It makes things much easier and your mod more unique! 🙂

  3. Reply

    The mod menu doesn’t appear.
    How can i fix it?

    • Reply

      there is no menu

      • Reply

        Can you please return the mod “turn on / off menu to premium choices and unlimited ticket” or can you show the diamonds needed for premium choices in the story in this game (but still free choices / unlimited diamonds)?

        for example : game “Love Sick: Interactive Stories” (

        Thank you

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    Latest update with mod please

  5. Reply

    Latest update with working mod please 🙂

  6. Reply

    Another great mod! Thank you again!!! =)

  7. Reply

    Can you please return the mod “turn on / off menu to premium choices and unlimited ticket”, thank you 🙂

  8. Reply

    Hi. Downloaded the game. It goes to the menu screen where you need to choose a genre, when I press the skip button the game freezes. It won’t load any further. If I close and reopen the game, it loads to 99% and stays stuck. Any advice?

  9. Reply

    ainda é possivel efetuar o vinculo com o facebook, pois estou tento o problema para fazer este vinculo com a nova atualização

  10. Reply

    App is not opening. Only opening till 72-73%

    • Reply

      there is no problem with the mod, this game always had such issues, even with original. So you have to figure it out yourself

  11. Reply

    Thank you so much 🙂

  12. Reply

    Hey can u please update and also we can’t see the phone conversations

    • Reply

      mod is up to date

  13. Reply

    Hey can u update please and I can’t see the conversation on the phone call, do something please

  14. Reply

    hi can u update?? thank u in advance it worked like magic 😀

    • Reply

      i dont have access to the latest version yet

  15. Reply

    please update this to 6.0.4
    Thank you

  16. Reply

    Hola, tengo una pregunta llevo dos semanas jugando este mod del juego , pero antes que te pregunte lo que quiero saber , te quería felicitar por tu gran trabajo,gracias por traer el mod de este juego, desde que descargue este juego me hize frecuente de tu pagina ya que he intentado en otros sitios este juego pero no dan lo que prometen en el juego por eso quería felicitarte, he descargado 5 juegos de tu sitio .Ahora te voy a pedir algo para que me ayudes ,hace dos semanas descargue este juego y hoy me sale que debo actualizarlo quiero daber como puedo actualizarlo sin perder las historias leídas en el juego..Ya que no deja que pongamos el face o otra red social… Como lo actualizo sin perder lo que he hecho… muchas gracias por tu trabajo es excelente

  17. Reply

    Please update chapters : interactive stories with new version 6.0.4

  18. Reply

    I prefer “turn on / off from the mod menu” because I can see better premium choices in the in-game story, so please return the mod turn on / off menu to premium choices and unlimited ticket “

  19. Reply

    Please update this 6.0.4

  20. Reply

    Hello the game needs update to 6.0.4 please do mod for this game it’s good game but it’s took so much time to complete the stories and thank you soooo much

  21. Reply

    Hi. The game won’t load. It goes to 99% but after that nothing happens. Any advice?

  22. Reply

    You need to do ad free that ads get stuck I have to close out the app

  23. Reply

    Hi! MOD is not workings. And there’s no menu for MOD to set it up. Game still wants diamonds. Could you please help with instruction about how to use MOD.

    • Reply

      maybe you send me a screenshot in my discord thevipmods#8211 then i can check because it works fine

  24. Reply

    Update please when you can and thank you.

  25. Reply

    Good morning, I wanted to ask if you could update the game to it’s current version of 1.8.0 whenever you get the chance

    • Reply

      Hi dijo hope you well, as you know mod isnt working hence u said u dont have the latest update its ok, everytime i wanna download chapters it throws mediafire at me, i downloaded it but says cant view this profile, i tried even paralle space but dont know squat about squat, is it possible if you may direct me how to do it please and thank you, quiet a fan of your work much appreciated

  26. Reply

    I know & see that you had written to somebody else that there isn’t an update yet, but why do some of us have an update for this? 🙁 This is all I do before going to bed is read until I fall asleep and I haven’t been able too for almost a month </3

    • Reply

      i am sorry, but i have been checking up for updates but the latest i can find is 1.7.8 , does the game tell you the latest version is 1.8.0 ?

  27. Reply

    Hi. Can you please mod the game moments choose your story.
    1. All chapter unlocked
    2.Unlimited dimonds or free premium choice

  28. Reply

    Hi. Love your work. Please mod the story, moments choose your story.

  29. Reply

    Hi. Thanks for the mod, love your work. Can you please mod the game moments choose your story? Please?

  30. Reply

    Please update to 1.8.0

  31. Reply

    Can you mod this game please
    maybe: Interactive Stories
    1. All chapter unlocked
    2.Unlimited dimonds or free premium choice
    3. All secret episode unlocked

    • Reply

      Hello, an update is required. Would you please be so kind as to process it? Thank you 🙂

      • Reply

        there is no any update for this game yet

        • Reply

          Hi, please update to 1.8.0

  32. Reply

    Hello there pls mod it again because it banned me and not working anymore

  33. Reply

    Pretty please update chapters ♥♥♥ Ty for all your hard work

  34. Reply

    Please Update ♥

  35. Reply

    Hello, first of all just wanna say that your works are amazing! I used most of the apps from here and it works perfectly.
    Just wondering if you could do a mod version of Secret : Game of Choices? With unlimited tickets and diamonds would be really great.

    Thank you so much!

  36. Reply

    I’ve been trying to use parallel space for this game (since I’ve been banned before) and I’ve already extracted the game and such but I’m a bit confused on how to continue.

    If you could help that’d be appreciated!

    • Reply

      just place obb folder inside android / obb folder in your internal memory, then install the apk normally. Now launch the game from parallel space. Thats it

  37. Reply

    How do u even install the mod

  38. Reply

    Hi! Thank you so much for modding Chapters!
    Btw, can you mod Choices for the unlimited keys and free premium choices?
    Here’s the link:
    Thank you so very much! (:

  39. Reply

    how exactly do you open the mod menu?

  40. Reply

    Thank you! I realized my mistake. I created a shortcut of this page mod on my desktop to update when needed but I used the page that is one link too far so all links were of an old version! 😆

    Mod request: Would you mind modding Radish with unlimited coins (or no waiting period), please?

    Thank you for everything!

  41. Reply

    Why i cant download new version..its said failed to dwonload do to corruption

  42. Reply

    Hi… thank you so much for modding this game, I’m so happy.But can you help me bcs I cannot log in to Facebook. If I don’tlog in my game to facebook, my data is all gone and I have to start read the book again 🙁 thank you and sorry for my bad english

    • Reply

      You Have To Uninstall The Original Facebook Application,Log In Through The Web Browser!!

  43. Reply

    I can’t see any picture here?

  44. Reply

    Hi, I’m having difficulty downloading the new version of this mod. I clear my cache, browser history and update both this page and the page containing the mod. However, i’m downloading and installing the old 1.6.6 version of the game even thought title dais 1.7.8. This is really bizarre and I wonder what I’m doing wrong..

    • Reply

      try incognito mode, or use a different browser or use a VPN one of these should work.

  45. Reply

    Can you make a mod for board kings please waiting for your reply

  46. Reply

    Hi, please update…

  47. Reply

    update please 🙏🏻

  48. Reply

    First of all I want to say thank you so much for modding this game, it means a lot and I’m very happy you’re literally the Best but why is tickets not working for me? It didn’t give me any free pass well it was for the first two books that I played but after that it cost a tickets per-chapter, why is that? Thank you by the way

    • Reply

      its okay if it takes away your tickets, afterwards even if you have 0 tickets you will still be able to play

  49. Reply
    Mod diz games premium version plzzzz

  50. Reply

    Updated pls :(((

  51. Reply

    Can anyone help me I don’t know how to so

  52. Reply

    If you having trouble with you’re game demands update, like mine, just download the latest version of a mod from this page. Delete the game, reinstall it and replace the obb files with one you’ve downloaded here.
    Thank you Vipmod and sorry for bothering for nothing)))

  53. Reply

    Hi I’m in love with the app and the mod is just perfect but I’ve just opened the app and asks me to update it but there’s no update available on PlayStore. I don’t have enough data to download all the apk + mod package. Any advice? I’d love to continue using the game. Great work with the mod by the way. Thank you

    • Reply

      you will have to wait until there is either an update or not, because i cant find any update as of now 🙁

  54. Reply

    Please update

    • Reply

      i cant find any update

  55. Reply

    I can’t thank you enough for modding this game! ^_^ You are absolutely the best!!!!
    If you could update it it would be awesome)

  56. Reply

    Please, please, please update)

  57. Reply

    Hello can you update chapter

  58. Reply

    Could you please update the mod? Thanks!! 💕

  59. Reply

    Hello. After opening the game for a while it will tell me to Update to the latest version. I already copypaste the obb file in Android/obb.

  60. Reply

    Can you update the app to the latest version? Thank you^^

  61. Reply

    Hello, is anyone could help with this mod? i tried to choose the premium choice (my diamonds total are 2), and it still demand a diamond payment. I use latest mod and already activated the Mod menu. Please help:(

    • Reply

      You need to go the mod menu, select premium choices and keep it on green until after you make the choice. You can keep it on through all a chapter but on the next premium choice it’ll look the same as a free one. So I just activate the premium choices in the menu every time I make a choice and off again after a choose

  62. Reply

    Its not loading any chapter for me

  63. Reply

    Can you mod this apk?

    Thank you💜

  64. Reply

    Can you mod this apk? Thank you so much if you can!!

  65. Reply

    thank you for making this mod apk

  66. Reply

    The download link says I need to upgrade to premium or higher to download it. “access to is limited due to high download traffic”

    • Reply

      ok fix the link 🙂

  67. Reply

    I cant download it

    • Reply

      ok fix the link 🙂

  68. Reply

    Please can you mod a game called the last viking

  69. Reply

    Please update to latest version

  70. Reply

    What do you mean by applying a parallel space?

  71. Reply

    Don’t work on my S8, it’s loading to 72% and then Stopps it and Show Out of nerwork?
    I do all steps and Use WLAN

    • Reply

      these issues are not with the mod but with the game itself, chapters have been known to have many connection issues. Just try later on try on parallel space app.

      • Reply

        Please can you mod a game called the last vikings

        • Reply

          this is not how you request a mod

  72. Reply

    Thank you so much it’s working

  73. Reply

    Hello I have a problem in the game continues to stop when it reaches 72% of the download at the beginning of the game and I have uninstalled it and reinstalled it several times and still stop please help and thank you for the wonderful effort you are making 💖💖

  74. Reply

    Update please thank you

  75. Reply

    Please update to 1.7.8 version

  76. Reply

    Hey I have a problem choices goes to default when i read next chapter ..or i close the game and start after some time ..appearance changes to default

  77. Reply

    the unlimited tickets doesn’t work. everything else works fine. thank you for the mod. 😊

    • Reply

      no it works fine tickets

      • Reply

        mine tells me to wait for another one every time i try to play when i have no tickets left. am i doing something wrong?

      • Reply

        Hey please replywhen I start a new book and choose a appearance it resets to default when I start reading next chapter ..all my choices changes to default

  78. Reply

    The diamond are not working again this morning
    but the ticket fine ..

  79. Reply

    This app is not working for me. I uninstalled and reinstalled and it still won’t open. It tells me it “stopped working” and closes. Anyone know why? Thanks!

  80. Reply

    Thank you so much, you are the best 🙂

  81. Reply

    I have a question. There are times in which I want to read a story and doesn’t let me. Instead it appears a message saying Send Email. I can’t read the story. Is this a glitch?

  82. Reply

    Good job! Thank you so much.
    I Wonder why i keep getting Black screens inside The game. I always have to close it and open again…
    Anyone else has this issue???

  83. Reply

    Needs an update

  84. Reply

    Need Update 🙁

  85. Reply

    Can you please mod Romance: Stories and choices, pleaseeeeee

  86. Reply

    Anyone else new mod update of 1.7.7 stuck on the loading page today at 72% and not moving?

    • Reply

      And it worked fine this morning.

      • Reply

        Yes it did work fine this morning, as well as last night. 😔

      • Reply

        And now it’s working fine like nothing happened.

    • Reply

      It is like that for me.
      It is stuck at 72%

      • Reply

        Is it working now? Mines started back last night.

        • Reply

          Hmm sameee any solution?

          • Reply

            Restart give it a day, then try again. Dont force it or anything. These are the steps I did, if it still will not working restart the phone make sure the phone system is updated and not preventing it from opening up fully.

  87. Reply

    I noticed the mod was not working for the recently released chapters so I re-downloaded it and now the game won’t even open for me. Anyone else having this issue? Thanks!

    • Reply

      me too. it keep saying that chapters stopped

  88. Reply

    working fine,thank you ^-^

  89. Reply

    Can u pls mod this game, if thats possible ofc 😊
    Name: Romance stories and choices

  90. Reply

    Newest version 1.7.7 w/ mod ?

    • Reply

      Please update!!!!

  91. Reply

    I had it working for a long time but now I’m getting banned even through Parallel Space while using a VPN. 😭

    • Reply

      why were you playing with a VPN?

      • Reply

        Because I kept getting banned with all the various mods I tried for this game so I was taking extra precautions. 😕

  92. Reply

    Hi please help me. Evertime I open it, it sayd “abnormal activity detected” I always got banned. I did everything that I can do, redownload it, clear data, clear cache but everytime I open the app it always says that they detect an abnormal activity. Please help me :'(

    • Reply

      Pls install parallel space and play the game there, it Will work 😊

      • Reply

        it doesn’t show up in parallel space please help me 🙁

      • Reply

        The diamond are not working again but the tickets fine

  93. Reply

    Hi, can you disable ads in the game, but still allow us to earn diamond rewards? Something like, clicking on watch ads to earn the diamond, but you get the diamond without watching the ad? Thanks for the mod! 🙂

  94. Reply

    Is there a way to permanently solve this problem? Tips The system detects your account is abnormal, we have closed your account. Any questions, please contact: [email protected] Account: Sure

    • Reply

      The same problem for me as well

    • Reply

      Hey, try installing parallel space and run the Chapters app there. I always got banned before but now it works for me. I don’t know if we will get still banned even we’re using it on parallel space.

      • Reply

        just use mod where necessary, if you have the required diamonds sometimes just make the choice the legit way. This will help you stay under the radar

        • Reply

          Is there a way to remove that pop up message entirely? That would have been seriosuly useful 🙂

  95. Reply

    The diamonds are unlimited but the tickets are limited. I already pressed the mod menu but the tickets are still limited. Did I do something wrong?

    • Reply

      Just play any chapter even if tickets are 0

      • Reply

        Oh ok thank you

  96. Reply

    Hey, is this only for tickets? Because my game is still giving not enough diamonds warning. Can you help? Did I do something wrong? :/

    • Reply

      please read what you have to do, all instructions are given

      • Reply

        thank you, i just realized the mod menu thing and i couldn’t quite understand. i couldn’t find it in the game. should we do something from the phones settings?

        • Reply

          if you dont see it, then go to settings > apps > chapters > permissions > find something like allow draw apps over application something along those lines, allow all permissions and launch

          • Reply

            okay thanks a lot!

  97. Reply

    I have problem with the tickets it’s limited can you help me please 😭

    • Reply

      no, that issue is fixed.

      • Reply

        Yes it’s working❤️. Thank you very much 🌹

        • Reply

          you are welcome 🙂

        • Reply

          Hola , tengo una pregunta es la primera vez que descargo un mod, quiero saber como puedo actualizar el mod sin perder las historias leídas en el juego..Ya que no deja que pongamos el face o otra red social …Como lp actualizo sin perder lo que he hecho …muchas gracias por tu trabajo es excelente

  98. Reply

    Hey @modsvip, thanks for your work, but I downloaded the latest mod (1.7.1) and even though the free choices are working, the free tickets aren’t. Is there something I can do? Please help me.

    • Reply

      hey can you try turning the mod and then try to play a chapter without tickets to see if it works? then i can check

      • Reply

        hey! yeah, i tried that a couple of times but it never let me. it showed the standard message that i need to buy tickets.

        • Reply

          alright let me see a fix for that

  99. Reply

    Hi! First of all thank you!!! You are doing an amazing job.. I had to delete the app and installed it again and since it always appears a message of error when trying to login with fb and it does not let me login with google neither.. I do not know what t do, please help!

    • Reply

      do you facebook official app installed? if yes then uninstall it first then try to log in 🙂

      • Reply

        hello I have a problem regarding that, I uninstalled my facebook and messenger and tried connecting chapters to my fb account but still I have this message “Login Error: There is an error in logging you into this application. Please try again later” i don’t know what to do 🙁

    • Reply

      I did it and now it works!! Thanks!!! However the free tickets are not working 🙁 I’ve turned it on and off and tried in different stories and nothing 😣

      • Reply

        tickets should be free by default now. Just try and play a chapter with 0 tickets

        • Reply

          Still not working I’m going to try by deleting and re installing the app

        • Reply

          It did it and it runs perfectly now! Thanks again for your work and help 🤗

          • Reply

            i am glad to know it runs well now 🙂

  100. Reply

    Hi this new update doesn’t give me the free tickets.

    Thank you for your hard work.

  101. Reply

    Unlimited tickets doesn’t work 🙁

  102. Reply

    Thanks for the update. You’re officially the best modder on the internet 🙂

  103. Reply

    Traz my story por favor

  104. Reply

    Could u make a mod for this apple?

  105. Reply

    Hi, there’s an update for v1.7.1, if you could please update when you get a chance, it’d be appreciated! Thank you!

  106. Reply

    Hey Admin Theres A New Version Available
    Can you Update It To The Latest Version
    i.e. 1.7.1

  107. Reply

    Hi ModsVip, I was wondering if you could mod this game so we can see which choices are premium. It would be appreciated. Thanks for this mod!

  108. Reply

    Hi i wonder if you could update this game to latest version since it’s now on version 19.0.2. Thanks in advance☺️

  109. Reply

    People that still get the old version should clear their cache and update this page and the download page. That worked for me.

    I have a request for another mod if possible. Would you be so kind as to try to mod the app called RADISH? It would be immensely appreciated.

  110. Reply

    For the one who have problem with “server fail” you can use Vpn. It works for me

    • Reply

      Pls can you explain more mine says server fail

  111. Reply

    it gives black screen when I load the story sad

  112. Reply

    It’s not working. It tells me that it detects abnormal behavior when I downloaded it from the app store it worked fine so it has to be the mod, fix it when u can thanks

    • Reply

      play it on parallel space

  113. Reply

    Can u plz mod the game Moment choose your story?

  114. Reply

    Mine is saying out of date app

  115. Reply

    Hey please help!!
    Its showing network unstable , try again and then the app closes though my Newtork is completely fine

  116. Reply

    There is two files when I downloaded it and it showing me error when I click that to download

  117. Reply

    Not working Still “Chapters: Interactive Stories 1.6.9 MOD APK (UNLIMITED DIAMONDS | TICKETS)”
    Please Need the new version 🙁

  118. Reply

    hi @modsvid thank you for the hardwork in making this mod I truly appreciate it and I wanted to say to you that the current version that it shows in Google play store is version 1.7.0

    • Reply

      hey, for me it still shows 1.6.9 i will keep checking and update as soon as i get version 1.7.0

  119. Reply

    Wait… I just realized the link above refers to 1.6.6 and not 1.6.9 when installed

    • Reply

      the version i have provided is 1.6.9, not 1.6.6 ,install the correct file i have given in the link on this post and you should not have the problem

      • Reply

        I downloades the file above and its stil 1.6.6

        • Reply

          impossible its 1.6.9, clear your browser cache or something you may viewing the old post

          • Reply

            I waited a few dayas and now… its working. Thank u

      • Reply

        I downloaded from the link above and its still 1.6.6 version and not working

  120. Reply

    I uninstalled and reinstalled it but still won’t work 🙁
    It always stopped at 69% and it said “Oh sorry, Chapters connect server fail (R0005). Please try again later”

    • Reply

      did you download the latest apk from the post? version 1.6.9?

      • Reply

        For my part I deleted and reinstalled the version of this tread and it’s still says my version is out of date. Same problem as the people above.

  121. Reply

    GUYS if the app says your version is outdated, redownload the updated file he uploaded, and just install the app. It updates the app and the messages go away. Thank you modsvip for all of your hard work!

    • Reply

      thank you for confirming it works correctly and there is no need of any update 🙂

  122. Reply

    If it’s asking you guys to update, you’re running an even older version of the mod. Just install the version currently up on this page and everything will work again.

    • Reply

      Thank you! Now it working 🙂

  123. Reply

    The game is asking for a new version. Your assistance would be greatly appreciated!!

  124. Reply

    Hi can you please update the game. Mine keeps saying app is out of data. And that im using ang old version of chapters. Would really appreciate it. Been fidgeting all day. Thank you so much in advance.

  125. Reply

    It’s asking for an update! Please help! Thank you for this!

    • Reply

      Here happen the same, but I’m worried about lost my progress ’cause I couldn’t connect my account.

      • Reply

        i have seen all comments about updating the game, but i am not able to find any update so i am not sure if this is an issue from their end. Do not uninstall the game until they fix or if there is any update i will update it. If you uninstall the game you will lose progress

  126. Reply

    It says I need to update my game. When will you update this game?

  127. Reply

    Thanks so much for the updated mod, all of it works perfectly!

  128. Reply

    Hey please update .. its showing that your version need update …

    • Reply

      Yes, can you please update it? Thank you very much for your help 😁

  129. Reply

    Is this game mod/oBB for ARM64 only?

    • Reply

      no it is for all devices

  130. Reply

    Hey! It was worked just fine but now I’m getting connection server error (r0003 & 5). I tried to delete app and cache, reinstall and so on, but nothing works… any help?

    • Reply

      That’s an error on chapters side, has nothing to do with the mod.

  131. Reply

    Hey. I really appreciate what u do. I like this site so much that I tecommended to all my friends. But today happened smth that made me so upset! It’s an error with internet connection after update. It says I have internet connection error R0005. Can u please tell me how to fix it if u have any ideas? I wanna play my favourite game again. I’m in the middle of such a nice story! Anyways thank u sooo much! I wish u happyness forever!

  132. Reply

    thank you so much for the update!! but how does it work with the obb if i’m using parallel space? i’m not sure how to install it!

    • Reply

      just place on the same place, parallel space will pick it up by itself 🙂 , place the obb folder inside “Android/Obb” in your internal or sdcard storage.

      • Reply

        oh! i didn’t think it would be that easy! thank you so so much!

        • Reply

          you are most welcome 🙂

  133. Reply

    Update please

  134. Reply

    The issue with network error fixed.Thank you very much. You are great!

  135. Reply

    1.6.8 is out.If you can update it I will be thankful!!😍😍😍😍

    • Reply

      please give me link to the version 1.6.8 , as i can’t find it anywhere online

      • Reply

  136. Reply

    @modsvid the new version of Chapters Interactive Stories is version v1.6.8 and I’d truly appreciate it if you’d updated it to it’s current version, btw for those of you who post on this page do not constantly spam @modsvid 24/7 with complaints just simply let @modsvid know the issue kindly and you’ll get a response asap

  137. Reply

    hi @Aironxjan I’d myself would love a mod for Secret Game of Choices, but it cannot happen as far as I know due to it being server sided and @modsvid has tried to make a mod for it, but it didn’t work

  138. Reply

    Hello, any chance you will make a mod for thr game Secrets: Game of Choices? Thanks 🙂

  139. Reply

    The mod still works. There was an issue with loading the game earlier but everyone was experiencing it. They fixed the issue.

  140. Reply

    Just to update that the mod version is working again already after I reinstalled it

  141. Reply

    I too faced the same latest issues as above but I think the error is on the Chapters’ server itself because I just uninstalled the mod version & installed the play store version. I got the same result… Chapters connect server fails. 😣

  142. Reply

    They caught up again you can’t open the app its says error and check the connection

  143. Reply

    keep getting server connect fail

  144. Reply

    Trying to enter the game but it lost connection…it works perfectly fine in the morning but now it’s not.

  145. Reply

    The game is not opening… de download do not make progress

  146. Reply

    why does the game always retrying at the download progress ?

    • Reply

      The same with me

  147. Reply

    Its not allowing me to skip ads why???

    • Reply

      that is something to do with the game, not the mod

      • Reply

        @modsvid here is the link to google play store for the current version for chapters

        • Reply

          hello can you tell me if on your playstore chapters, shows as verion 1.6.8, there is no where i can find the version 1.6.8?, if yes, can you tell me your country name so i can search for the update country wise, maybe the update is not available in my country

  148. Reply

    Please update

    • Reply

      is it forcing you to update, I can’t find a newer version anywhere. i tried the same 1.6.6 and it works fine

      • Reply

        In my case, it is. I can’t enter the game as it keeps telling me a newer version is available and I should download it.

        • Reply

          if you have the version 1.6.8 can you please upload it somewhere or send me a link to the latest version so i can mod it, because i can’t find it anywhere online

  149. Reply

    Hello! Ive used this mod before and it works well, but now Im not able to use it because it just closes my account. Do you have a way to fix this?

    • Reply

      hey if that happens try playing on parallel space and sync your progress with facebook to be on the safe side

  150. Reply

    Thank you so much for this mod! You’re honestly doing amazing work. Everything is unlimited and working. Except for the whole gems for skipping the ads. But that’s absolutely minor, 30 seconds of my life. Just wanted to say I really appreciate this mod.

    • Reply

      you are most welcome, it’s strange why that is happening because I have not touched the ads part in the code at all.

  151. Reply

    is it supposed to be taking gems now to skip the ads? 🙁

    • Reply

      no, the mod is all choices should be free

  152. Reply

    Thank you so much for this mod! I am extremely happy for finally finding a mod that works! Sadly now I get a connection error saying something about the server. No idea if they have a bug right now or what is wrong.

  153. Reply

    I can’t even enter the game…. Got banned but i didn’t login any accounts

  154. Reply

    Current version of the mod apk for chapters interactive stories v1.6.8 please update it when you get the chance @vipmods

  155. Reply


  156. Reply

    It’s not allowing me to skip the adds that come up right before a new chapter starts.

  157. Reply

    Hmm, I installed the mod but I can’t enter the app, it’s telling I’m using an old version of Chapters and I have to download the latest version in the app store.

  158. Reply

    Hi can you mod this game
    If you can pls do it..

  159. Reply

    I got the way to download so sorry for trouble and thank q for ur hard work..

  160. Reply

    Thank you for the mod?

  161. Reply

    Uninstall the mod. Download the playstore version and log into your account, if you have one, then uninstall and install the fixed mod. The mod definitely works, i just tested it again to make sure before i left this comment. Hopefully it helps.

    • Reply

      Thanks! The mod works for me too but can I check if you have any issue with pictures of items that player receives, such as gifts or drinks, etc. during the course of reading a book? I do, as I couldn’t see them, I only see the background picture that’s all.

    • Reply

      thank you for confirming and providing the solution that would help others:)

  162. Reply

    How to download i didn’t understand the instruction pls anyone can help?

  163. Reply

    Hello i just wanna say the premium choices isn’t working anymore if i click it its says connection time out tho my internet is fast..

    • Reply

      You solved the problem, because I’m the same.

  164. Reply

    Seems the game has stopped updating the stories after I install this. There are no new chapters from yesterday’s update…Could you fix this? The premium choices work except the skipping ad at the beginning part if you have diamonds

    • Reply

      Everything works except I can’t bypass the skip ads part whenever I start a new chapter, even if I click on to watch an ad, it doesn’t work only freezes for a bit and does nothing, and if I have 0 dias, I can’t start the chapter at all.. do you think you can freeze the dias from getting deducted? I ran out of dias, and I can’t play at all

  165. Reply

    It is working perfectly. Thanks!!

  166. Reply

    Maybe you should make this a paid mod? Obviously the devs keep on patching it to prevent modifications. If it were a paid mod, perhaps the likelihood of that happening would lessen.

  167. Reply

    Doesn’t matter found it

  168. Reply

    Where can I find the update

  169. Reply

    Update please, it says older version

  170. Reply

    Pleaae mod this apk, i cant spend some gems even if i had the last 4 gems , is this not working?

  171. Reply

    Is no longer working, it says is an old version please fix it

  172. Reply

    it worked for me few hours then when i try to play again i keep getting connect server fail(R0001)

  173. Reply

    Hi, can you mod lovestruck choose your romance? A few Modders have stopped modding this one. It was a great game.

  174. Reply

    Thanks a lot! You are great! ?????

  175. Reply

    the latest fix worked for a couple of hours, then it stopped 🙁 server error trying to log in now 🙁 premium choices worked though… help??

  176. Reply

    Before I can even log in to my account for this game. I get a message that says. The system detects your account is abnormal, we have closed your account. Any questions, please contact:

  177. Reply

    I know I Know
    But I was really liking this game and now mods aren’t working…it says connection lost everything time I select a diamond option…
    PL try to fix it

    • Reply

      @All who commented about this issue.

      This issue is on the server-sided by the developers, they probably patched something because of that you may receive the error. I will work on the fix for that once i get back home as I am traveling.

      • Reply

        Noted with Thanks.
        Have a Safe & Happy Travels! ?

        • Reply

          i tried to fix the issue but some say it gives back the connection error. Is it the same for you as well with the new update i posted :), and thank you so much

          • Reply

            Hiya ?? Thanks a ton for the fix! You always do a great job promptly! ?? Normally I’d just update the game but this time I had to uninstall and reinstall it. After playing a chapter, I didn’t face the same issue. I can’t even recognise premium choices anymore! So far so good but if it doesn’t work again I’ll for sure post it here. Well done and thanks again! ?

      • Reply

        Thank you so much and have a nice trip ??

        • Reply

          thank you so much, and does the update one work well ? some still have issues after making a couple of premium choices

          • Reply

            Hi modsvip, the updated mod is working fine for me, been playing on and off for the last 24 hours. De

          • Reply

            Hi, the mod is working perfectly and so far there’s no problem at this time .Thank you so much and I will tell you if the game does’t work.

            • Reply

              thank you please let me know, some complained the mod still not working so i can only debug once i am back home

      • Reply

        Thank yoou so much ???

  178. Reply

    It no longer works. Shows connection timeout when selecting premium choice.

  179. Reply

    The diamonds don’t work

  180. Reply

    is VPN free? also how would I be able to download it through VPN?

    • Reply

      I’ve already checked, using VPN didn’t work too although you can get free VPN. You just got to have diamonds now for premium choices to work until the mod can be fixed hopefully.

  181. Reply

    Network connection error when choosing premium choice :(. Can you please fix this?

    Thank you

  182. Reply

    Hey guys please fix this mod?

  183. Reply

    Hey guys please fix this mod?

  184. Reply

    Aww man, the choices don’t work anymore. Hope this can be fixed.

  185. Reply

    Network connection error when choosing premium choice :(. Can you please fix this?

  186. Reply

    I’m also getting the error when trying to select a diamond option.
    It says:
    Connection timed out. Please make sure you are connected to a network.

  187. Reply

    Network error everytime I try to select premium choices.

  188. Reply

    Network connection error when trying to buy choices

  189. Reply

    Please fix network error. Unable to make premium choices ?

  190. Reply

    I was wondering are you gonna fix this mod? I ask becuz there was/is an issue when clicking on a premium choice where the game says something like game connection is disconnected and no I’m not, so please if you get the chance please redo the mod so it’ll work again for us

  191. Reply

    Hi premium choices have stopped working and when you go to purchase the choice it says network failure etc.. And won’t let you purchase the premium choices only the free ones. I was playing it fine this morning and all of a sudden it stopped working. Please would you be able to fix this? Thank you for everything! ?

    • Reply

      Same for me and it keeps saying no internet connection, check your connection! Was working fine all last night.

    • Reply

      I’m having the same problem. It claims network error only when you’re trying to choose the premium choices.

    • Reply

      Hey… I too had the same problem with premium choices, where I couldn’t connect to Chapters’ network when I didn’t have enough diamonds but I did 2 things: 1st I connected to VPN and 2ndly I exchanged points I’ve collected so far to Diamonds then it worked! I’m unsure if just using VPN would work though when you don’t have enough diamonds. Good luck in trying but hopefully this can be fixed. Thanks! ?

      • Reply

        Hi, how did you use vpn

        • Reply

          Hi… I checked. Using VPN didn’t work too. You just got to have diamonds now for premium choices until the mod can be fixed with a new update hopefully. So while waiting, what I do for now is just keep collecting rewards to be exchanged to diamonds and watching ads to collect diamonds… slow process though in order to advance further in the story you’re reading.

  192. Reply

    Update please

  193. Reply

    Hello. Is it possible for you to mod this game?

    I would really appreciate it. Thank you for your gard work! ☺️

  194. Reply

    I can enter the game but cannot enter any story….Is this kind of ban???

  195. Reply

    Everyone’s can’t get in game. The game server doesn’t respond even in The original version. The problem is not in Mod, but in itself Chapters game

  196. Reply

    I mean i cant enter in game, sayin server eror…

  197. Reply

    It says Oh sorry Chapters connect server fail (R0001).Please try again later

    • Reply

      and I just got banned.I havent played this fora long time

      • Reply

        It says my game needs a update when will you post the update

    • Reply

      I have the same problem, what should i do?

  198. Reply

    the mod works well expect when it comes to spending gems on premium clothes or hair it takes a while for it to load up or slide to the next slot to see the rest of the other clothes,but it works well without the bar that shows a premium outfit or hairstyle that costs 17 or 12 gems like without that bar it works well where you slide across fastly without issues, so can you redo this mod apk and get red of the bar that pops up when it’s time to pay for a premium outfit ir hairstyle, but leave the bar there for premium choices and if thank you in advance

    • Reply

      i could try modding other things but there is a very high chance of BAN, since the previous version many people got ban when i made the choices and clothes cost 0, so i guess this is by far the safest mode and about the red bar that is built into the game so if i remove that it will break the game

      • Reply

        oh I see well in that case it’s best to leave it as it is becuz I don’t want anyone being banned from the game

  199. Reply

    I uninstalled the old one and downloaded this one, but I think diamonds are still reducing… Not sure about tickets though. Is it because I didn’t completely clear the old data? ? My reading history still shows up.

    • Reply

      not sure why that is happening, but i have made it so that the game thinks you still have diamonds when you have 0

      • Reply

        your mod works great. thanks so much!

        • Reply

          you are most welcome 😀

  200. Reply

    I shall download your latest apk again & try reupdating to see if there is any difference

    • Reply

      Doesn’t work

  201. Reply

    Hi there. Latest update indicated version 15.1.4 for your info. Different than the usual numbering it seems. Looking forward to your mod version for this update. Thanks a lot for all the good work you’ve done on the mods!???

    • Reply

      i can’t seem to find that update anywhere, it still shows 1.6.5 as latest. Do you have the latest apk ?

      • Reply

        Yes, I’ve already downloaded your latest 1.6.5 version. Then a couple of days later, Chapters updated itself with new features including Pick Your Date among others into version 15.1.4. Then all premium choices use diamonds though I haven’t tried if the unlimited tickets work yet.

        • Reply

          Can you please upload that app somewhere because i can’t get it.

          • Reply

            I saw on Play Store the version was still 1.6.5 but Chapters kept updating its installed self ‘internally’ & restarting that it’s now version 15.1.6. I’m unsure how to upload this updated installed app. Can u tell me if that’s possible?

            • Reply

              oh if its like that then i will try to download it and update it myself and release :), give me a moment

  202. Reply

    It’s asking for an update now, guess I’ve been banned lol… Hopefully you can find a way around it ?

    • Reply

      sure please give me some time i will update the game

  203. Reply

    A majority of your Mods work great, thank you. But this Mod just banned me from entering the game. I hope you find a way around this. 🙂

  204. Reply

    The best mod was when the premium choices was for free. I was never banned and I played it about three months. Now with the update and O diamonds I think it’s dangerous .Thank you anyway you make always good work!

    • Reply

      let me see if i can create that mod again, since this game changes i have to change the mod sometimes.

  205. Reply

    Hi, can you please update a game? It says that I’m using older version of it. Thanks 🙂

  206. Reply


    • Reply

      Lol me too

  207. Reply

    I want to update this game but I don’t log in the game, do I have to uninstall it first?

    • Reply

      Omg same.. i can’t sign up the game but i don’t wanna lose the data if I have to update the game

  208. Reply

    My phone keeps on notifying me that the Chapters app has a lot of trash files…. Are these files necessary for the mod to work or something? Because they’re all named in Chinese and they’re taking up more than 11GB of space lol.

    I would’ve just deleted them but I was worried that it might cause the app to stop working. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    • Reply

      No trash files have nothing to do with the mod, you can delete them. 🙂

      • Reply

        Alright, thanks!

  209. Reply

    Thanks for this one! Can you also mod this game? Office lover* Thank you in advance!

  210. Reply

    Sry about my previous comment i can now go inside the books

    • Reply

      Hi, how you fix that ?
      Because i got the same problem, the game won’t load the books and it was stuck at 85.71%

      • Reply

        hey i don’t have such problems, usually restarting the game solves the problemm

  211. Reply

    I can go inside the game but i can’t go inside any of the story?

  212. Reply

    Az un mod de hentai heroes por favor de monedas y energia ilimitada

    • Reply

      hentai heroes apk?

  213. Reply

    the game isn’t asking for a update what so ever the new current version of chapters interactive stories is version v1.6.5, so you’re good on the updated mod apk thing

  214. Reply

    Please hack it or a answer

    • Reply

      i dont think this game is possible to hack

      • Reply

        Thanks for your answer

  215. Reply

    Is there a new update?

    • Reply

      is the game asking you for update? i will check


      can’t find any update yet 🙁

  216. Reply

    Omg i just realized that u dont have to wait for tickets to be available because you can still play even if u dont have enough tickets for the stories. Thanks a lot! ?

    • Reply

      that’s awesome, i wasn’t sure if it was working or not so i did not include it but now i will after you confirmed 😀

  217. Reply

    It banned my account when I tried playing it after installing. What should I do?

    • Reply

      try playing on parallel space, do you know parallel space?

  218. Reply

    Hi… Can I check, with this mod version am I not allowed to sign in to my google account, which has my stories recorded?

    • Reply

      in mod apks, you cannot sign in to google play. Its just how google play works. Unless you had rooted device by which i would still need to create an unsigned apk

      • Reply

        I understand now. My device is unrooted. Thanks for a mod job well done! ??? I’ve enjoyed playing your Chapters nevertheless so far, which is addictive with its unlimited diamonds & tickets. Thanks again! ?

  219. Reply

    Can you update this game please ??

    • Reply

      i cannot find any new update than 1.6.3 is it forcing you to update the game?

      • Reply

        Hiii update please ! Love all ur works 💓

        • Reply

          i am not seeing any update as of now, is it forcing you to update?

          • Reply

            Yes, I just tried opening chapter’s but it is saying us to download the updated version, please fix this.😭

  220. Reply

    Update please

    • Reply

      the latest version is 1.6.3 i cannot find a newer version

    • Reply

      Hi, I can’t get free tickets with this.

      Thank you for your hard work.

      • Reply

        i think just turn on the mod and let it be on

        • Reply

          Free premium choices is working, but the free tickets is not working on the 1.7.1 update.

  221. Reply

    Hi, it stuck on loading screen when i’m gonna open it, any idea?

  222. Reply

    Thank you so much! ? Works perfectly!

    I was wondering, could you try modding Liar! Uncover the Truth for unlimited tickets? 🙂

    • Reply

      i dont think games by voltage are hackable, i will still try :p

  223. Reply

    Thanks this mod is so amazing!

    • Reply

      You are most welcome 🙂

  224. Reply

    thanks for updating! <3

    sharing ur work at a site once again to my fellow Chapters fans, sadly the site i shared it with sensors your name whenever i credit u 🙁

    • Reply

      Hey you can just write 🙂 without link its fine

  225. Reply

    Hohohohooo….ty for this update admin~ I really love your site! Good job~ ???

    • Reply

      you are most welcome 😀

  226. Reply

    Can you please update to version 1.6.3 when you can? Thanks!

    • Reply

      i will update in a while 🙂

  227. Reply

    I can’t download this game (( when I click on “send” button, there is no download link, it’s blocked

    • Reply

      download link is working fine, maybe use VPN

      • Reply

        It helped, everything’s working now. Thank you so much for this mod!!! ?

        • Reply

          you are welcome :))

  228. Reply

    Question: How hard is it to learn how to mod a game? I would love to be able to do this myself one day if possible… what do you use?

    • Reply

      You just need to learn basics, then you have to use your common sense and creativity. Thats how i learned. You need a bunch of programs to mod. There are tutorials online

  229. Reply

    Hey! if its not much of a hassle, can you also try modding this game!

    Secrets: Game of Choices
    Unlimited tickets and dias would be great, but i’ll take whatever you can mod! 🙂

    Thanks in advance! <3

    • Reply

      Hey this game i had modded it earlier since some users had requested but failed.

    • Reply

      How to install this??

  230. Reply

    Thank you very much. it’s working perfectly in my Android

    • Reply

      You are welcome 🙂

  231. Reply

    Omg pls do make an antiban update! If there is a way to bypass the ban on any devices :, that would be great! I can only play this on Android emulator so far cos my devices got banned!

    Also, hope you don’t mind I shared your app mod at for others to enjoy and have credited you there!

    • Reply

      I think just avoiding some premium choices would not ban you :p its totally cool you shared. 🙂 since the game has not specified any cheat so it’s hard to disable any cheat

  232. Reply

    I WAS LOCKED OUT MONTHS AGO. BUT I DELETED ALL OLD FILES, DOWNLOADED Parrelle Space. AFTER DOING ALL THAT…The mod works perfectly!! i was able go make diamond choices with 7 diamonds.
    Im truely happy rn.

    Upset i hadnt found your site sooner!! Thanks man. and keep it up

    • Reply

      That’s great, thanks for the good comment 🙂 really motivates me to make better mods

      • Reply

        Please make mod apk for
        ”Dreame” reading app.
        I live reading book from that app but i want unlimited coins mod so i don’t have to spend real money on it.
        And i also download this chapters mod app and its the best.
        Your mods are the best and i don’t want to find it anywhere else but only at your site.
        So please make a mod of Dreame app with unlimited coins.
        Waiting for your reply?

  233. Reply

    This game always find a way to close the sad cause the choises costs a lot of diamonds and lot of real money..?????

    • Reply

      i will try make a real antiban in the next update

  234. Reply

    Well they said they closed my account because of unusual behavior sooo…..

    • Reply

      I think there are more cheat checks than the ones i disabled, in the next update i will have to look deeper into this

      • Reply

        Hi I wanted to let you know that whenever playing Chapters it does this thing were it takes a while for the screen to load where I can choose to buy a gem priced outfit (I have some screen shots but I can’t post them here)

        • Reply

          But does the mod work as described?

    • Reply

      Plz update it

  235. Reply

    My account got disabled or locked or banned

  236. Reply

    It’s working 100% when I played it with my PC Emulator without any error, but it’s not working when I play it on my phones, idk why though…got an error like ‘detect account…’ something something lol…Anyway, thank you for this. *thumbs-up*

    • Reply

      can you give me your device name and exact model, i can solve it 🙂

  237. Reply

    What does the first rule mean? ‘Click on the picture Below above’…?

    • Reply

      ignore above, just below

      • Reply

        What picture? I don’t see one…

        • Reply

          There should be like 3 in a row right below the instructions

          • Reply

            hi @modsvip I wanted to ask you if you could make a modded apk for PUA: The Pick-up Artist

            • Reply

              Hey PUA is a server sided game, i cant hack it i tried 🙁

        • Reply

          Network connection error when choosing premium choice :(. Can you please fix this?

          Thank you

          • Reply

            yea same! i’ve tried everything to fix this problem (parallel space, deleting data and cache, etc) but nothing has worked 🙁 please fix it as soon as possible

  238. Reply

    Awesome thanks for the MOD, works perfectly 🙂

    • Reply

      You are welcome buddy 🙂

  239. Reply

    Update please thank you

    • Reply

      let me mod it, i dont remember what i had modded the last time to get free choices, one big problem when you mod games is you forget what you had modded ;p

  240. Reply

    Are you gonna update this .just wondering?

    • Reply

      Hey just wondering if a update gonna happen anytime soon no pressure the.

      • Reply

        Sorry for the late update, i actually did not know what i had modded, but i have note it down now, so next time i will update the game quickly. No more delays mate

    • Reply

      Can you update it or has they made it imposibel to do so, because the mod is not working anymore sadly..

      And thanks you making the best mods

    • Reply

      Hi, my game is asking me to update. It say “your game is a old version, please update”
      J Thank you ❤

  241. Reply

    it’s not working anymore. I can’t select the Premium choices

    • Reply

      what happens when you select a premium choice with 0 diamonds?

      • Reply

        When a select Premium choices nothing happens, even If It has 0 diamonds or more. Bit the normal choices i can select and procede with the story.
        It was working normaly, but suddenly It started to look like this

        • Reply

          the game has an update, let me update it first then maybe it should work

      • Reply

        Au début lorsqu’on choisit un choix premium avec 0 diamants ca marche, mais après un moment ça ne marche plus

    • Reply

      are you gonna update chapters interactive stories to it’s current version and if so it’s version v1.6.3 and please do make a unlimited mod apk for Secret Game of Choices

    • Reply

      Moi aussi, au début ça marcher mais au final on ne peut plus au bout d’un moment

      • Reply

        Why cant download moments and desire games?

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