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Game NameClash Of Clans
Game Version13.675
Root Needed?No
Android Version4.1 and up
Mod TypeFree


The game has been updated to the latest version with all of the features from the official server

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Mod Features

Private Clash Of Clans Server Review

This content is not related to supercell and Supercell is not responsible for it.

Clash of Clans is one of the most popular strategy game on the market, Clash of Clans private server is a server that has been developed by an individual and has no relation with the official server or supercell. In a private server, you will have everything unlimited including gems. You can level up as you want and max out both villages.

You can play against other real players who are on the same server as you, this server is not related to the original one, so you can have both the original clash of clans and the private server installed at the same with no problems or risk of ban. You will battle in both villages and clan wars as well, this is very useful if you want to try out different strategies using different troops to see which one works the best.

For Example:

You can imitate someone’s base from the original server and then build it on a private server and use the command /asp to attack yourself, so you will basically be attacking the base you will on the original server unlimited number of times with different troops until you find what works. Easy wins then.

Commands For Null’s Clash

  • full – Max level all your buildings etc in both village
  • th <level> – Upgrade your town hall to specific level example: /th <13>
  • /clean – Reset yout account
  • /asp – attack your own base
  • /status – server information
  • /cct – remove all troops and spells from the army
  • /sethero <name><level> – change hero level to any level you want, you must own the hero to make this command work
  • /crazyskins – change skins for your hero


New Christmas Update

The new clash of clans update is just around the corner and it is said to be one of the biggest updates of 2019 with new Townhall 13, New Troops and lots of other cool content. We will get to see this update in the coming week or 2, the Townhall 13 has a good new design and an inferno tower which will attack enemy troop when close.

Once the town hall gets destroyed the GIGA Inferno will explode dealing damage to nearby enemies. It can be upgraded several times to make it more powerful. We will also see a new troop soon. The update is big and I cannot wait to play it on a private server. There is also a new hero coming to the game called Royale Champion and other troops and a building.

Royal Champion Statistics

  • Level 1 Cost: 120,000 Dark Elixir
  • Movement Speed: 24
  • Favorite Target: Defenses
  • Damage Type: Single Target
  • Targets: Ground & Air

The private server with townhall 13 will be released soon after the official update. There are many servers that have townhall 13 but they are very different. If you want to play with the original TH13 then just wait for 2 weeks.

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