Covenant of Gardel

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Covenant of Gardel is an epic idle RPG for Covenanters all over the world. You will become a courageous hero with great potential and secret powers. With a squad of awesome Familiars, you are destined to save our homeland from evil monsters!

Thousands of years ago, a mysterious Ancient Mage summoned legendary Familiars and defeated the Four Demogorgons who invaded the Land of Gardel. Following the path of the Ancient Mage, the SCF Academy was established to train talented Covenanters like you. Now that those evil demons came back with well-equipped troops, waging another war on our homeland, you and other Covenanters became our last hope. Please lead us in the fight against evil and restore peace to humanity!

OS: 4.4 and up
Package Name: com.oceanvista.g06
Developer: HANO
Updated On: Recently
Version: Latest
Downloads: 1000+
Size: 69M
Type: MOD
Mod Feature: The game has been modded to have god mode ability.
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IF NOT APK then Rename the downloaded to anything but at the end write “.apk” to make it an apk.

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