How to create HEX Code for ARM64 games

Today I will show you how you can create HEX codes for ARM64 devices, newer phones these days use this processor, unlike the old one which was armv7 though on Android it is recommended that you mod ARMV7 games since they are compatible with all the devices, but sometimes you may not find the correct version for ARMV7 so you will need to mod the ARM64 one and on iPhones, you will always be modding ARM64 games so learning how to create their hex codes can be helpful, these codes are only used for INT values, it will not work for float, double, etc. Sometimes it can work for Long, and Short though not always so you have to experiment yourself.


1) Go to

2) Getting the value 1 or true you have to type

mov x0, #1

HEX - 20 00 80 D2 C0 03 5F D6

hex codes

If you want the hex code for 0 or false then it will be

mov x0, #0

HEX - 00 00 80 D2 C0 03 5F D6

mov x0, #10
(value of 10)

HEX - 40 01 80 D2 C0 03 5F D6

3) For higher values you can try

mov x0, #0x50000

HEX - A0 00 A0 D2 C0 03 5F D6

4) For a negative value you can do

mov x0, #-100

HEX - 60 0C 80 92 C0 03 5F D6

5) For NOP which is useful to disable VOID methods.


HEX - 1F 20 03 D5 C0 03 5F D6

I will upload more tutorials on how to get HEX values for other data types.

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