Download Dangerous Fellows APK MOD

Dangerous Fellows APK MOD is an RPG simulation game and a good mixture of romance and thriller, the game was initially been released in the Korean language but then they also released an English version due to high demand. The story is very good where you will have to survive with 5 charming boys in a zombie apocalypse world, you will make wise choices that will determine the outcome and complete various episodes to reach the end. When a virus outbreak happened, most humans turned into zombies, and while you were saved by it and were trying o escape to the horrifying events you were saved by 5 young men with whom you will not continue your journey. So now the game gives you thriller with romance since you must be tired of just romantic interactive story games.

No major update from the developers, the new update just brings some minor fixes and app stabilization. The game will not come with new content since the full story was already released.

Since Halloween is just around the corner, the new update contains a Halloween DLC pack that you can buy. Also, Spanish Language has been added to the game.

 OS: 4.4 and up
 Version: 1.14.0
 Package Name: com.lucydream.dangerousfellows
 Downloads: 1,000,000+
 Updated: recently
 Size: 54M
 Type: By Vipmods
 Mod Feature: Unlimited Keys, Coins, Etc

Everything will be unlimited in the game for you, spend it.

For some reason i am unable to post the link here as of now, so just go to and download the latest version mod from there.

Download APK MOD

Download From PlayStore

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  1. Reply

    Thank you so much for the update!! ❤

  2. Reply

    Please I need novels choose your story mod. Update 1.8 version is out

    • Reply

      i cant post it here, so download it from

  3. Reply

    Please update mod, please

  4. Reply

    pls update to 1.14.0❤️

  5. Reply

    Обновите пожалуйста до версии 1.14.0

  6. Reply

    Thank you so much for updating this game mod!!! Please don’t overwork yourself and have a nice day!!!! 

  7. Reply

    Actualizalo por favor 1.12.3

    • Reply

      1.14.0 please! ❤️❤️❤️

  8. Reply

    Good morning/afternoon/evening!

    Candy Bomb Fever – 2020 Match 3 Puzzle Free Game

    Mod request: Infinite/Increasing Coins, Infinite Lives, Unlimited Boosters, No Ads

    Thank you in advance. Have a great day!

  9. Reply

    Good morning/afternoon/evening. Whenever you have a chance, can you mod this game?

    Jewel Mystery – Match 3 Story Adventure

    Mod request: Infinite/Increasing Gold Coins, Infinite/Increasing Silver Coins, Infinite Lives, Unlimited Boosters, High number of moves if possible

    Thank you in advance. Have a great day!

  10. Reply

    Versión 1.12.1 please! <3

  11. Reply

    The link to mayday memory is not opening. It’s just directing to the play store link.

  12. Reply

    Please update to 1.9.1🙏

  13. Reply

    I don’t know how to do this I already installed the mod but it doesn’t work. How do I make it work?

  14. Reply

    Can you mood Mayday memory ?
    I want unlimited energy and gem. Thank you

  15. Reply

    Why are they bar already full?? I know this is a mod, but maybe you need you mod only the ruby hint and ticket, you dont need to mod the bar cause its not fun anymore. But anyway thanks for the mod.

  16. Reply

    why does it stoppp huhuhu

  17. Reply

    Can you mod the following app?
    App to Mod: Catch It Korean
    Mod Features: Premium Unlocked

  18. Reply

    Hey modsvip, I would just like say thanks for all your efforts providing us these modded apks for free. I mean, man I really appreciate and respect on what you are doing, these mods are very hard to come by especially if you are just blindly searching them on the internet. These high-quality mods being grouped together in one place is very convenient and great. Keep being awesome man! I salute on you!

    • Reply

      you are most welcome 🙂

    • Reply

      Realmente muito bom os mods daqui do vipmods, na verdade o melhor site 😀

  19. Reply

    Bom dia, tudo beleza Admin?

    Poderia ver se consegue modificar esses jogo:

    Diamantes ou dinheiro ilimitado, ou alguma vantagem legal

    Obrigado 😀

  20. Reply

    Can u please update it to version

  21. Reply

    hello! could you please try to mod mayday: memory? it’s from the same developer as dangerous fellows.
    thank you so much!

  22. Reply

    Quite unplayable. App crashes whenever I tried to claim the daily login reward, or if I managed to pass that, app always crashes whenever I use hints when dialogue options came up. This isn’t my first time playing this game since I already cleared Ethan’s route.

    • Reply

      i have updated, try new one. i think i made some mistake in the game that’s why it was crashing.

      • Reply

        Ty. Now it works perfectly!

  23. Reply

    Please update to version 1.6.0, thank you 🙂

  24. Reply

    hi, i downloaded the mod, but i don’t know what to do next? help? sorry i’m new at this 🥺

    • Reply

      just turn on both the options from mod menu, and you will get unlimited things in the game.

      • Reply

        How do you get to the mod menu?

  25. Reply

    Thank you so much 😊 it’s works perfect
    You incredible 😁
    Take care of yourself

    • Reply

      Uh…does it give you tickets? And rubies…and hints too? Please answer my question..if I don’t bothering you..

      • Reply

        Yes it’s give everything 😁
        You need try yourself

  26. Reply

    It worked for the hints and Rubies but my ticket is 0 TT^TT^

  27. Reply

    Жаль нету русского языка

  28. Reply


  29. Reply

    GAME – NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball
    Latest Version – 4.2.30


  30. Reply

    Please update 1.5.4 version.

    • Reply

      updated 🙂

  31. Reply

    Can you update to new version?

    • Reply

      updated 🙂

  32. Reply

    i turned on both of the mod from the mod menu, but i didn’t get any rubies, keys or heart…

    • Reply

      buy something, you will get

      • Reply

        Thank youuuuu soo muchhhh

  33. Reply

    please update this game to the newest version, thank you so much!!

    • Reply

      Plis 😢

      • Reply

        updated 🙂

  34. Reply

    Im not sure why but when i try to install the mod it says the app is not downloaded? but it is so im confused halp pleasee

    • Reply

      Excuse me. Hello 👋 I try to install yhe mod but its seems like its not working? It says the app is not downloaded? Im also me please I really want to play and enjoy the game more.

    • Reply

      Hello! I have the same problem! I click install and it says the app is not installed. And from there it doesn’t work. How can I fix this?

      • Reply

        you might have to uninstall the previous version

        • Reply

          The previous version of the game?

        • Reply

          The previous version of the game

          • Reply

            Excuse me, where do i turn my Mod on? I mean where can i find that Mod menu?

      • Reply

        LunaEden 20/01/2020, 10:32 pm Reply

        Hi can you please update to the latest version? :c

  35. Reply


    • Reply

      you are welcome 🙂

  36. Reply

    Thank you very much for updated 😊
    You are wonderful

    • Reply

      you are most welcome 🙂

  37. Reply

    Hi can you please update to the latest version i think it’s 1.5.0. Thanks 😊 Great mods btw.

    • Reply

      updated 🙂 enjoy

  38. Reply

    Umm it says that it needs an update so… Can you update it please? If you could do that i’m going to be so happy! ?

  39. Reply

    Hello Vipmod thank you for moded this game
    Could you please update it?
    Sorry for disturbing and thank you so much ?
    You are truly great

  40. Reply

    Mod request
    Game : the caged garden cock robin


    Thank you in advance.

  41. Reply

    Hi vip! Is it possible to mod the game Lovestruck?

    Thank you for all the work you do!! ??

  42. Reply

    Thank you so much for this game mod!!!

    Is it okay if i request a game to be modded?
    The game title is : obey me
    This is the link of the game:

    If you can possible to modded the game I do wish you can make it unlimited energy and unlimited grimm(coins) or any other functions that can be modded. That will be grateful! Thank you so much for all the wonderful mods!!

  43. Reply

    Please update to the latest version it’s 1.4.0, thanks!

  44. Reply

    Hello! Can you update this game to 1.4.0? It was updated around 6 Dec!

    • Reply

      i will update in a while 🙂

  45. Reply

    Can you mod Episode- Choose your story

    Thank you!! ?

  46. Reply

    The new version is out, please update when you can. Thank you!!!!

    • Reply

      sure in a moment 🙂

      • Reply

        Thank you so much!!!?

        • Reply

          i am sorry i have uploaded the wrong apk

          edit: i have uploaded the correct one, if you by mistake download the old one, just download the new one now :), sorry

  47. Reply

    Thanks for the update. Works perfectly.
    Can you please mod White Island?

  48. Reply

    Working perfectly ♥ thank you so much for this! Same with the mystic messenger mod, that was absolutely awesome! I could hardly believe these mods are completely free O(≧▽≦)O

    Is it okay to request a mod for Sid story as well?
    Unlimited crystals or high damage will be awesome ♥

    • Reply

      let me try and thank you for your good comment 😀

  49. Reply

    Could you update please? it’s 1.3.5

    • Reply

      updated 🙂

  50. Reply

    I’m not sure where to click, there’s literally no picture, just ads, help??

    • Reply

      Just click on an ad. That’s what I do. Copy the URL of whatever page opens in a new tab and paste it into the box. It always works for me.

  51. Reply

    Could you please update to 1.3.2?

    • Reply

      sure i will update in a while 🙂

    • Reply

      updated 🙂

      • Reply

        Thank you!

      • Reply

        Could you update again please? It’s 1.3.4 now. ?

        • Reply

          Hey sure i will update once i get back home 🙂

  52. Reply

    Hey modsvip, why don’t you reply to mod requests?
    I have requested 2 games above. Please mod these games.

  53. Reply

    Mod request:
    Game: tactile wars


    Please do any type of mod. This game is great.

  54. Reply

    Mod request:
    Name: Modern strike online
    Mod features: unlimited ammo/ no reload is so common. Can you do something like radar/wall hack or increase fire rate?

    • Reply

      other things in the game is not possible to mod, the game is encrypted so its hard to know what is what, ammo is named “ajkshca” very hard to know, you can mod by guessing maybe

      • Reply

        Oh. That’s reasonable. You don’t need to mod it then. I found ammo hack everywhere.
        Then please make a mod of tactile wars.

        • Reply

          i have added tactile mod 🙂

  55. Reply

    Dang it, my tablet really hates some of these games, lol

    • Reply

      this is a arm64 game, i couldnt find the any other version. It may be the reason why its not working

      • Reply

        You mean 64 bit game right, cause if so, my tablet is a 64 bit. However it will not install the game.

        • Reply

          just by having 64 bit does not guarantee the game will install. armeabi-v7a should work but it was a split apk, so thats why i didnt mod it

          • Reply

            Ah yeah, I was able to load a split mod the other day. So then armeabi-v7a will work.

            • Reply

              armeabi-v7a should work on most devices, including tablets. Idk why the developers neglect it and focus more on arm64

          • Reply


      • Reply

        Where can i find the Mob menu?

        • Reply

          Yeah! Same question here! I cant find the mod menu..

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