Darts Club: PvP Multiplayer MOD APK 2.6.4 (MEGA MOD)


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Game Name Darts Club PVP
Game Version 2.6.4
Developer BoomBit Games
Root Needed? YES
Android Version 5.0 and up
Mod Type Paid

Mod Features

If the game/app requires an update then please leave a comment below to notify me. 🙂

Installation Instructions

  1. Go to settings > Security and make sure installations from unknown sources is enabled
  2. Download the MOD APK file and Install it
  3. If the game has an OBB file then make sure you unzip/extract inside the Android / Obb folder on your device.

Darts Club: PvP Multiplayer APK MOD is a real-time online game where you can play darts with other players around the world in a realistic way, not only that you can complete in tournaments, live events and much more. Win chests to get dart parts, you can upgrade them to increase its speed, accuracy and other stats which can boost your winnings in the match. There are various challenges to complete as well as achievements. Increase your dart skills with this game, aim for the high score at first to gain bigger chances of winning.


  1. Update

  2. Thanks we’re u able to mod wwe supercard

  3. where is the picture? how to download?

    • Scroll below abit you will see it, you will be able to see like 4 in rows

  4. any way to login with gogole account to save progress?

    • no bro, you can only do that on unsigned apk which requires root

    • Pls update

      • Sure tomorrow

        • great! feel free to make it paid ! i am already a customer 😀

          • what is the latest version that you are seeing? because i dont see a newer version than 2.6.1

          • Jesus Christ… It is already updated! I am sorry sir! Any way to keep savegame after an update?

          • if you install the game from our site after and update comes out then your progress wont be lost since you can overwrite over the previous version :), but otherwise you need root to save your progress by logging in through google play or lucky patcher

  5. Update pls! 🙂
    2.5.9 to 2.6.1 🙂
    If you can do login Google Play please fix:)
    Many thanks.

    • google login is not possible on mod apks, unless you have rooted device. I have updated 🙂

      • Можно войти в гугл плей, с помощью приложения dr. Clone, я вошёл и все хорошо играется и сохраняется прогресс, всё прохождения отлично сохранить

      • Версия 2.6.2 уже есть, обнови пожалуйста

  6. I saved thru LP. Whenever I want i reinstall game, mod they LP and so I have my savegame back….. Lol

  7. Thru LP*

  8. paid?..ow mannnn

  9. I’m rooted. How to save using Google Play Games?

    • when i make new update i will make unsigned apk then you can install that and log in to google play, another way i guess you have to ask @Giuli he is expert

  10. @Giuli How you save the game data currently? What is LP that you were talking about?

  11. Can u change the chest opening cost instead of 0 to a negative one like u did on other games? Would be great to buy big chests for jewels 😉

    • They patched that Haha, it no longer works

      • Hello, please update this game darts club v.2.6 3

  12. Уже версия 2.6.2 актуальная, обнови пожалуйста

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