Delicious Bed & Breakfast MOD APK 0.9.5 (Unlimited Lives, Boosters)

Game Name Delicious Bed & Breakfast
Game Version 0.9.5
Developer GameHouse
Root Needed? NO
Android Version 4.4 and up
Mod Type Free

Make sure you check out this tutorial on how to install SPLIT APKs, to install this game.

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Mod Features

PlayStore Link:

Delicious Bed & Breakfast APK MOD – Where you will renovate your old mansion and turn it into a brand new B&B, complete levels to earn diamond which you can use to complete given tasks. Each level will give you a goal to complete. You will earn coins by which you can buy premium decorations for your mansion. It is basically a casual puzzle blasting game while you also get to design your new B&B with a great storyline.


  1. Reply

    update the game to 1.7.8 please

  2. Reply

    Need mod update for a game Mouse house:puzzle story please.Thanks.

  3. Reply

    Is there an update for this, I believe it’s the boosters that are giving problem where they game keeps trying to connect to the server. Thanks for your mod

    • Reply

      i really forgot how i modded the lives in the game, i will have to get some free time so i can mod this game again, i tried earlier and it was just not working

  4. Reply

    Update game mod Wild life puzzle story please.There is a new version for this game.Thanks

    • Reply

      App non installata dice

  5. Reply

    If somebody has full game mod apk Delicious bed and breakfast after convert it in app for split apk,please send me this game mod apk on my mail,I can’t use app for split apk.Thanks.

    • Reply

      what is the error you are getting when using split apk?

      • Reply

        I have miui platforme,I just can’t use this app so I need full game apk.Maybe somebody can send me full game apk after converting.

  6. Reply

    No nível 15 dá erro de conexão.. teria como arrumar isso por favor??? 🙁

    • Reply

      Please update to the latest version

  7. Reply

    Is there any fix for the level 14 connection error. I uninstalled and reinstall the version from the plays store and it works fine on level 14

  8. Reply

    Thanks for the effort. But when you get to level 14 it says connection error please try again. It reloads the game but the error still persists.

    • Reply

      i doubt that problem is because of my mod otherwise you would even make it to that level. Or maybe its because of the booster, does the booster get unlocked at level 14?

      • Reply

        My level 14 is saying connection issues too but every other level was fine.

    • Reply

      Put on site full file not split of the game Delicious bed and breakfast please.

      • Reply

        the game only support split apks, the developers do that not us, and making it a normal apk requires alot of work

        • Reply

          If somebody has full apk after convert it in app for split apk,please send me this apk on
          my mail,I can’t use app for split apk.

  9. Reply

    Can you also hack this game?please! Just this one! just this!!?

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