If you are directed to this page, then please donate to download all mods on the site. Read below before you do.

To download any file on our website, you will need to be logged in which will require you to donate a small fee ($25), once you do that you will get access to our site for a month if you wish to continue to be a part of our community you can pay again after the month is over.

The donations you provide us will help us pay for the website hosting, domain, security, internet and other miscellaneous. We only ask you to donate to be a part of our community and not because we want to sell mods, all mods are free, by donating we just give you access to download all these files.

Before you donate please read carefully.

  • We accept donations through website
  • Make sure you buy us 5 coffees which is equal to $25 and provide your CORRECT email address on the donation page
  • Once you donate you will receive a message on the donation page with the PASSWORD and LINK to access the registration form, once you have registered, we will activate your account within an hour unless we are asleep.
  • Make SURE you use the same email and name that you used on the donation page or else we will not activate your account.
  • Make sure you donate $25 if you donate anything below that we will consider it as support but you won’t be eligible to become a member of our site.
  • All mods will be updated quickly when newer versions come out in case we forget please leave a comment on the post.
  • You can request MODS by simply commenting on any post or sending us an email at [email protected]
  • We appreciate when you donate to us, but that doesn’t mean you can boss us around or use abusive language.
  • Do not share mods, if we find out we will delete your account, and anyway I am sure you do not want more cheaters on the game which will spoil the fun.
  • Do not share your account with others, if we find out that you need, we will delete your account.
  • Don’t donate just for one mod that you found on the site, this is because that mod may get patched or not work as you expected when you donate make sure you do as a whole subscription and not just for a single mod.
  • Even though we try hard to make all mods anti-ban we cannot be 100% sure if they are as there are many server checks which we cannot be aware of.
  • PLEASE READ OUR FAQs it’s very important and will answer most of your questions

All payments are processed by we do not have access to payment details or any other sensitive information, we only use that site to accept donation just like how other creators use the site to accept donations too. So before you donate, make sure you read their TOS, Privacy Policy as well.

If you donate, you agree to all that is written on this page + our privacy policy and Terms

PLEASE DO NOT INCLUDE YOUR NAME OR EMAIL in the “MESSAGE” section on the Buymeacoffee page when you donate. Just leave message blank.

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At last

You do not donate for requests, wishes though we may look into your requests always and if possible mod the game but we are not always sure about that, You donate for the offer we have already and the offer WE choose to add now or later in future.

Do NOT Donate IF: 

  • You do not feel safe putting your card details on the website (some countries have Paypal payment option though not sure)
  • You think we are scammers (Seriously just don’t, we don’t need your money)
  • You do not agree with what’s written on this page.