Donating Terms

When you donate to us in order to get a MOD game. You agree to whatever is written below.

  1. When the MOD gets updated and we update the MOD, you will have to donate again to get the new MOD game.
  2. We are not responsible if you get Banned, we always remove ban checks but we cannot guarantee 100% safety
  3. There is no refund if the game didn’t work on your device. We test all MODS on these devices (Samsung s9plus version 9.0, CatsS61 Version 8.0, Samsung s5 version 5.0, HTC one version 4.1) Depending on the minimum required version by the GAME itself. We do not test any games on NOX or other Emulators.
  4. There is No refund.
  5. All payments are processed by, we use it as a means to get donations from you just like how others use it to get donations. We do not have any information that you keep/use there. So make sure you read their TOS and Privacy as well.
  6. We won’t be able to update the game in case the game patches the MODs or increases their Security making it impossible to MOD.

We may change the terms at any time or modify them, depending on the situation.