Dragons: Titan Uprising MOD APK 1.10.8 (GOD MODE & ONE HIT)


Game Name Dragons: Titan Uprising
Game Version 1.10.8
Developer Ludia Inc.
Root Needed? NO
Android Version 4.4 and up
Mod Type FREE

Use Bypass APK to complete the tutorial because you might get stuck at stage 3 at the beginning. Also ahead in the game you may need it or for PVP. Bypass APK is an original game with NO MOD, you can install it over MOD APK and vice versa.


Mod Features

Dragons: Titan Uprising APK MOD is an Action-Adventure game by Ludia where you fight with dragons in countless battles in both campaign and multiplayer mode. Play with different breeds of dragon and evolve them, not only that you can even build your own dragon kingdom with the resources you earn from battles. Discover new species once you progress in the game, it has voer 100 dragons and over 750 battles which is a lot. The battles are fairly simple where you match the puzzle to create an attack, all dragons also have a special ability which you can use once it fills up to the max. Become the champion of dragons and earn the victory,



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    Please fix the link, something is wrong πŸ™‚

    • Reply

      Thanks for reporting, the link has been fixed and also thanks for being active you will probably be the winner next month. Check this out if you havent already – https://vipmods.net/get-paid-mod-free/

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    Btw. Probably I have an old fb save with a lot of value and dragons, so now with also god mode and one hit it will be great, lol

    • Reply

      That would be great

  3. Reply

    Bro can mod sonic forces???

    • Reply

      Ok good, I hope he will be fine again soon.
      Bro, on 3rd level it stucks, maybe bypass apk needed? I had fb save for another dragon game from ludia… Lol

      • Reply

        i have added bypass apk

  4. Reply

    Bro can you mod sonic forces????

    • Reply

      We already have a MOD for sonic forces

  5. Reply

    I like to be the winner, always, Lol. Check my discord messages please…… I had a good idea for subscription, πŸ™‚

  6. Reply

    Yesterday was the 15th so give me please fast and furious, Lmao.

    • Reply

      its starting from next month lol

  7. Reply

    Lol. Btw. I know many modders, but I have to say you guys are really awesome and professional. Number 1 in my opinion. Nice guys you are and over the all very very smart.
    Hope to get soon answer on discord bro….. Ciao and greetings from Italy. I’m on the beach right now lol

    • Reply

      Thanks for the kind words – i will let him know about your discord message, Miguel is having some issues at the moment that’s why he is unavailable.

  8. Reply

    Thanks bro, you have to teach me one day, I’m serious, πŸ˜‰

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    Mod almost perfect, except for dragon bosses (example : 18th stage) …… There one hit and God mod doesn’t work. Possible to fix?

    • Reply

      You can just kill him normally, i am sure you are strong enough. or if the issue is both are god mode then use bypass apk

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    Hey, can you explain to me what this bypass all is?

    • Reply

      Bypass is original game :), you can install it over the MOD version and vice versa, just when you want to play legit or get stuck somewhere because of the MOD, you can use bypass apk to clear the stage and then install mod again over bypass to continue

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        Thanks, btw have you made a solution for defeating the alpha?

        • Reply

          alpha? is that a character inside the game that you have to defeat

          • It is there in the clans menu, and yes you have to defeat it to get keys. it seems that the mod only doesn’t work in that part of the game.

          • So thats why i said bypass is the original game, you can use it complete stages that dont work with the mod πŸ™‚

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    That’s what my issue is, my dragons have not reached the limit to defeat the alpha meaning I would require the mod to work in that point to help me defeat the alpha.

    • Reply

      then that would not be a problem of the mod since you have not upgraded your dragons accordingly. If at that point you can’t defeat the dragons you can roll back and play previous stages maybe until your dragons are strong enough to defeat the alpha

      • Reply

        I was asking if you could fix that issue in a way I could defeat the alpha without upgrading my dragon.

        • Reply

          i will not be able to fix an individual mission bro, bypass apk is the only way to get around it

          • fine, if you cant its okay bro.

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    btw I know it’s hard but let me know if you can mod WWE universe 1.1.0 with mod apk.

    • Reply

      i have modded it, but now it requires root to play since i cannot find a way to bypass signature check at the start. You can check it out

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  14. Reply

    Please update to the latest version, 1.6.13 with mod.

    • Reply

      will update in few hours πŸ™‚

      • Reply

        thanks for the update

  15. Reply

    Bro, you know that I love you πŸ™‚ and I that you are a big monster πŸ™‚ and I know you are always looking for new good modded games, but please try your best for : any manager (sport, soccer, racing etc.), any fps, or any good online games with rankings, athletics games, drag racing games, etc. Thanks bro!!!

    • Reply

      Hey bro, i try to search the games everyday and check if there are new ones, but i can’t seem to find any new games. The ones which are there are not hackable those popular games are always server sided

  16. Reply


  17. Reply

    Please update to the latest version 1.7.13 with mod.

    • Reply

      Hey sure πŸ™‚

      • Reply

        cool, let me know when you do. ?

        • Reply

          in 30 mins πŸ˜‰

          • okay ?

          • there might be delay there is something wrong with the mod, i think dev have added some new patch

        • Reply

          also, let me know if this mod is safe in PVP as I heard it in the update.hope we don’t get banned from the game

          • about pvp bro i cannot guarantee anything, its better to just use bypass apk to play safe

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    the app was under maintenance yesterday, so I think that explains why there is something wrong with the mod.the one-hit mod would be enough but it would be better if you can give the same mod or better.

  19. Reply

    I am sure you can sort something out cause you are a professional modder.

  20. Reply

    I have no problem waiting so let me know when the mod is working and out.?

    • Reply

      lol i am done, i figured it out. its the same mod, one hit and and god mode. i am uploading it google drive once done i will update the post πŸ˜‰

      • Reply

        yay thanks,?

        • Reply

          let me know once it is out

          • updated πŸ˜€

          • thanks man,also one thing.what does god mod mean?

          • means you can never die haha, like unlimited health

          • cool, thanks for all the support.?

  21. Reply

    they had tweeted in their twitter about the maintenance.hope this helps you:https://twitter.com/TitanUprising

  22. Reply

    this is one of the main reasons I love this site, cause its partially free and it has a pro modder.

  23. Reply

    wait there is a small problem, for some reason my game crashes when I login with facebook

    • Reply

      and if you dont log in does it work? because i have not touched any code related to facebook or login. This might not be an issue with the mod, i will try logging in and see

      • Reply

        it works if you don’t log in but like you said with the mod you get stuck in stage 3 .

        • Reply

          thats why i have added bypass apk so you can complete it, try logging in to facebook with bypass apk then install mod apk

          • alright will try.

          • i can’t log in from both the apk’s

          • I dont know what is the problem then. :/

          • does it work for you?

          • it doesnt work for me either

          • then i guess i don’t know what the problem is.let me know if you have a fix

  24. Reply

    can you look into it?

  25. Reply

    please update the game to the latest version 1.7.16 with mod apk.

    • Reply

      reply if you saw the message?

      • Reply


  26. Reply

    What is this Bypass APK? (O que seria esse Bypass APK)

    • Reply

      bypass apk is original game, you will need it to complete level 3 as you wont be able to complete in MOD APK, also if some stages give you isses ahead, you can use bypass apk to complete them. BYPASS APK can be installed over MOD APK and vice versa

  27. Reply

    dud there is something wrong with this mod as one hit or god mode doesn’t seem to work.

  28. Reply

    reply please?

    • Reply

      let me take a look and i will fix it πŸ™‚

  29. Reply

    let me know when you fix it

  30. Reply

    please update this game to the latest version 1.7.18

    • Reply

      okay and the issue will be fixed i will update in an hour

  31. Reply

    dud most of the mods you recently released for this mod seems to not work. please find a fix immediately.

    • Reply

      Lol everything is working fine on my end there is nothing wrong with my mod, something is wrong with your device.

  32. Reply

    alright, I will try with a different device and let you know.

  33. Reply

    Please update to the latest Version 1.8.4 with mod apk

  34. Reply

    update please to latest version 1.8.4

    • Reply

      sure πŸ™‚

      • Reply


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