EMERGENCY HQ MOD APK 1.4.6 ( Instant Tow | No Damage | No Fire)

Game Version 1.4.6
Developer Promotion Software GmbH
Root Needed? No
Android Version 5.0 and up
Mod Type Free

Download APK MOD + OBB

Mod Features

EMERGENCY HQ apk mod is a strategy game where you play as various emergency people like doctors, paramedics, firefighters, police ETC. Your goal is to rescue survivors and burn out fires, catch thieves and criminals. There are many missions in to complete in the game, the game is huge. You will be able to upgrade your buildings and make things easier once you upgrade. The graphics of the game are really good. Burn out fires, rescue injured people within a specific time frame to earn bigger rewards. You will have different tiers in which if you complete you will earn the reward, from bronze to platinum. You can use boosters to speed up things, as well as helicopters which you can use in the rescue missions to instantly burn out a fire or take the injured to the hospital instantly.


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    the game is at 1.4.91 version now, is there any update for this?,

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    Did u updated mod? Emergency hq is 1.4.8 now.

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    Only black screen….. not working app (samsung galaxy s10+)

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    Please correct this problem immediately. the mod you provided doesn’t work at all on my handphone Type POCOPHONE 2. If you do not fix this Mod immediately. You will lose your fan. And you yourself will lose.Thank you….

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      you have to tell me what is not working, its the only way i can help. Because the mod is working well on my device

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        Mod Without damage and without fire does not work.

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          on my end everything is working fine, fire never increase and you cannot get damage near fire

          • The game is on 1.4.8 now. 1.4.6 won’t work. It has to be updated

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          I can play offline?

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    Please answer……
    Why doesn’t the mod work.

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    modding has not been resolved …like playing normal. I need this game Mod.

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    update please ver 1.4.5

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    BTW, at the moment I can get new missions spawn quickly without waiting 2 hours for 4 missions. Figured that out, but need to know how you did the units mods you had in 1.44. PM me please and I’ll take over modding this for you

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      the unit mods is where its confusing, because the values i keep does not apply to all missions now, so in some missions it works and in some it doesnt

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        Ok can you PM me where you found them? Is like to dable with it. I am determined to make it work 🙂

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    The game requires an update. I have installed the apk today. What should I do now??

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      i will update the game 🙂

      • Reply

        Did you update the game??
        Thank you!!

        • Reply

          not yet the game has changed, not sure if i will support any more updates to it

          • If you show me how it what, I can take on that task to help out. PM me please

          • hey bro, with the recent update they have made it harder to mod, i dont think i will support any further updates. It would take me too much time to figure out everything

          • So you want to take me on my.y offer? Show/explain where and how, then I’ll keep up with it and trouble shoot it

          • i dont remember the exact method, but it was in the paramedics, doctor, towcar, etc in those functions i was modding. I will have to check again to remember exactly.

          • What application did you use to Mod? On the PC or mobile?

          • Its PC ,you cannot mod games on mobile. How are you modding games? I thought you already had the knowledge when you asked me about it haha :p

          • I know how. Hence asking you about what you were changing. Also, some mods don’t require PC. Some games files are modded and repackaged tight in the phone (simple mods). Hahaha
            But seriously, send me a private message bro with the file names..

          • As i said bro, i dont remember until i download the game again and decompile it, there are float values you have to change inside the function doctor, paramedic, towtruck, or tow car.

          • OK so I have been trying to find where you modified these values. I did a file comparison of the original APK and what you changed. However there were lots of files that were modified. I just need the exact file you modified. I tried to locate these values you mentioned. however not able to find them. Any pointer to what files(s) you changed would help me greatly. I will help with this game just need to know where and what.

          • send me a message on discord i will help thevipmods#8211

          • I tried to PM you on Discord. So you can explain or show me where you made the modifications in whatever functions you mentioned. MorphiousGX#2838

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    are you going to fix this game mod.if true I am very happy. and I hope you can improve this game mod.

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      last night i tried currency in every way possible its completely server sided lol

      • Reply

        Don’t worry about currency or diamonds. Those are server side and cannot be modified. What you had before is excellent. Email me and I’ll tell you about something i think you can look into. What you had before was great, just the instant heal wasn’t working

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    Ok I do have a suggestion. Before you remove any features, would you like to maybe make an update and let me test? It could be that my level is too high? It could be the units levels you are testing with different than what others have.
    I’ll beta test if you want before you remove any great features and figure out the problem

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      when i tested the mod, i had tested from the beginning and played a couple of levels just to make sure everything was working great, so maybe if you say that the problem is on high levels then it might be true.

      • Reply

        I’m at v level 35b hero (60 is Max + 35 hero).
        Also my units are lvl 350+.

        Maybe you can find where there is disparity between my level and yours? What files you needed to compare?

        • Reply

          we cannot compare files when it comes to modding, i mod the game as a whole so it would work from level 1 to whichever is the highest. I will mod the game tonight and see what i can add, i wish money was possible it would make things easier lol

          • If it works, I’ll help with some $. I’ll beta test for you

          • You need help with it yet?

          • Hey i had tried modding the game but haven’t had any success yet, i will try today again to nod other features

          • Ok sounds good. Let me know if I can help by modding or testing. Appreciate your work

          • cool i am trying to hack currency in the game in different ways, thank you for your patience lol

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    The mod looks great. However, I cannot heal anyone. They eventually die. I tried the instant truck, it works. Just hoping you fix the instant heal and I’ll try it. I can beta test if you would like.

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      i think i will have to work on this game and fix or remove some features, it looks like it doesnt work with many people but veery strangely works for me. i may have to remove some features but the game has soo many things when you try to hack it, since its a huge game

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    Why hasn’t there been a change either?
    The game can’t run smoothly like in the video.
    When we did the first mission, the person we wanted to save ended up dying.
    Please correct this game Mod again soon. I really want to play this game.

    Thank you…..

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      I am always waiting for your answer.
      Have you fixed the problem yesterday.
      I’ve tried to reinstall this Mod.
      But still the same problem as yesterday.
      Please solve the problem in this game immediately.
      Thank you……

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    please update this game mod. I am very grateful if my request is fulfilled.

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      the game is already on the latest version 1.4.4, so there is no any update yet on playstore. What version are you seeing?

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    Mission involved medic on rescued, casualty will die instantly. That will make mission failed.

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      there are plenty of missions like that and when i tested it was working fine. so you will have to send screenshot of the exact missions

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    This game has a lot of enthusiasts. What else if there are mods like this. And added can be cracked coin and diamond. I think you are the first hacker who can crack this game.

    • Reply

      I am working on fixing the mod 🙂 thanks for the good comment, i have not played this game truly as there are many things and different missions so its pretty complicated to mod

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        Instant Heal doesn’t work, mission fail. Thank You for your hardworks.

        • Reply

          on which mission does that happen, please screenshot and send it to admin@vipmods.net 🙂

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    victim died and the game lose

    • Reply

      Please fix this mod. I really want this game.

      • Reply

        hello i have updated the game and fix some issues, plus added new features to the MOD, enjoy

    • Reply

      can you please test again, i have updated the mod, and added new features

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    When healed,the victim died and the game lose

    • Reply

      at which part that happens

      • Reply

        all missions, and when the mission extinguishes the fire on the car, the car explodes when it first starts and causes the game to lose

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    Please share bypass apk link. unable to find on your blog

    • Reply

      its inside the locked content.

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