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Episode – Choose Your Story is one of the most popular interactive tory game with over 50 million downloads, it has many different stories that you can play and take full control over the story.

You can choose how you want your ending to be by making choices in the game, some choices are free while the others require you to pay diamonds, these choices often have a more interesting ending, and with each premium choice that you make you will unlock and earn a  new outfit.

There are many chapters to each story and it is a lot of fun. The game has won numerous awards for the best story games. Customize your avatar with different outfits, develop a relationship with the people you play within the story, and more.

Enjoy the update with the Halloween theme and play your interactive stories with it, there are many new costumes unlocked for Halloween then you will be able to wear them.

The new update brings a new story called the Playing Princess where you will travel to vegas where you accidentally marry a good looking stranger who turns out to be a prince, and now you will have to play the role of her princess and claim the thrown but it won’t be so easy.

There is also another story called the Billionaire Bachelors but it is still coming soon.

What’s New
Check out our latest story: I Never Got Over You
A well-heeled girl and a tattoo artist boy. On paper, you and Hardin Taylor are as incompatible as they come – yet you find yourselves unable to forget your one night in NYC.

Coming Soon: Faking Mrs. Right
A wild night in Las Vegas ends with you wrapped in the arms of a sexy stranger and a ring on your finger. Is he a Prince Charming or just another frog you have to kiss?

OS: 4.4 and up
Package Name: com.episodeinteractive.android.catalog
Developer: Episode Interactive
Updated On: recently
Version: 13.70
Downloads: 50,000,000+
Size: 78M

Free and premium choices will look the same, so just make a choice that you find more interesting, you will be able to get your premium outfits if you made a premium choice. 

Download APK MOD Download From Playstore

Please share the post with your friends, it motivates us to make more free mods for you.
A programmer, gamer, and love researching new technology and games, reverse engineering applications. In my spare time, I usually play basketball or watch movies.


  1. Reply

    Love the free premium choices, but can we get unlimited tickets instead of gems? otherwise we’re waiting 4 hours for 2 tickets to recharge.

  2. Reply


  3. Reply

    Thank you for the update 🙂

  4. Reply

    Can we get free passes also?💕💕

  5. Reply

    Hey! I thought you wouldn’t update this app again. What made you chance your mind? ☺️

    • Reply

      not all are bad, i cant stop updating because of one shitty person.

      • Reply

        Thank you for that. 🤗 We really appreciate it.

  6. Reply

    I thought I will never be able to play this game again. Thank you very much for the update.

  7. Reply

    thank youuuu!!

  8. Reply

    Could you please update the mod? Thanks a lot.

  9. Reply

    Please update the mod, please. Thanks you

  10. Reply

    Hi sir, is it possible to have free passes or some more passes?

  11. Reply

    hey can you please mod the game Ivy stories you play with free premium choices, your mods are the best

  12. Reply

    I just read that you won’t update this app, it’s really sad. You’re my hope and I just love this app a lot. Can you at least upload it on patreon and maybe have more passes? I will surely support you, please think about it. Thanks a lot for update the latest version

    • Reply

      i am working on something to reduce leechers, hopefully if it works out well then i will update the game

      • Reply

        What will you do?

        • Reply

          maybe create a virtual currency to unlock download links. Something like coins and all that you can earn

          • Reply

            And how are we going to acquire the coins?

            • Reply

              login daily, post on the website something useful, reviews, tutorials, or you can just buy

              • Reply

                It is a very good idea, hopefully it will work.

              • Reply

                Manin, não para de atualizar não kkkk por favor, nois que não tem condição de pagar, oque salva e os mods

                • Reply

                  I think the moddroid site has a fight with vipmods, because some games on moddroid it gives credits. But for vipmods he makes a point of not giving credit!

                  • Reply

                    changing credits and adding their own*, the ones they give is because that dumb idiot cannot change credits for certain games.

                    • Understand. And there is no way for you to modify the game and place your credits in a way that he cannot exchange them too?

                    • its possible for all games but its too much work, if i do that then i wont have time to update all games.

      • Reply

        Update please 🙏
        Thank you 😊

  13. Reply

    Free passes?

    • Reply

      sorry no longer updating this game, reason you can read above the download link

  14. Reply

    Hi! I’m sorry that some ungrateful people steal your mods. I always download my mods from vipmods and never ever put your mods elsewhere. If you won’t update this mod again I’ll be very disappointed for sure but I understand that you put your efforts on this mods. I hope they don’t steal your works again. 😕

    • Reply

      its stolen again by the same site, so i dont think i will update it again

      • Reply

        It’s so sad 😔 but it’s your work. I respect that. 😕

  15. Reply

    Im sorry! the ability to change the language is disabled in your mod. the original has this function. I can’t switch from ENG to Russian. I myself am from Russia

  16. Reply

    Muito obrigado pela atualização, parabéns pelo seu trabalho, irmão não têm como deixar esse jogo com tickets infinitos gostei muito do jogo pena que têm que esperar um bom tempo pelas chaves kk, se puder ajudar agradeço

  17. Reply

    Thanks a lot for the update! 🙂

  18. Reply

    Thank you very much for the updates!

  19. Reply

    your site has a mod for the game WANNABE CHALLENGE. the mod doesn’t work. after installing your mod and logging in to the game, your signature is not displayed.

  20. Reply

    Update please 13.60

  21. Reply

    Thank youu

  22. Reply

    Please update the version 13 50.1, is it possible to have more passes? I just found out this mod is suppose to be yours not the md. You did a very great work, I’ll make sure to just download it from your website and support you. Thanks a lot.

  23. Reply

    Can you make a mod for the Mansion 2, please?

  24. Reply

    is very good, is it possible that we have the tickets hacked?

  25. Reply

    Thank you For The Mod
    Sorry To Hear about moddroid do to your mod
    I have been vsisting your site over 1 yer
    and click on ads to support You on Your hard working

    • Reply

      Thanks alot 🙂

  26. Reply

    Sorry for what moddroid is doing with your hard work. 😔

    Can you please hack Modern Cinderella? Or any other Shall We Date games? 🥺

  27. Reply

    Thanks for your hard work❤️

  28. Reply

    Thanks for all your hard I didn’t even know MODDROID has been stealing ur work, that’s really stupid that they are getting credit for your work. You make really amazing mods and I hope you continue to do them and don’t let some site like that bring you down. I do hope you find a way that they don’t steal from you again.

  29. Reply

    ffs do they live only for stealing someone’s work🙄🙄 smh…

    Just decided what’s better for u hun!! been following this site and saw how kind u replying ur visitor’s comment just made me pissed wit how they treated ur work..
    Just so u know you did a very good job with all of these mods!!!

    • Reply

      thank you very much, its only because of the few of you who are good that’s why i update the game otherwise i wouldnt.

  30. Reply

    it doesn’t work for me, can anyone help me? 😔

    • Reply

      you have to be specific about your problem to get help

  31. Reply

    i never know modroid been stealing mods from you TvT
    i thought they did a legit mod for this games cuz they put that download from modroid sign.

    im so sorry to hear what they done.
    if only there a way to keep them from leeching.
    maybe that why this game is pay to get the download links before. tho some of us cant download it then. which is really sad also
    i hate it when someone leeching and just take credit for stealing. when they do this all of us affected by it TvT

    ughhh now i seriously hate that site for doing this!!!

    • Reply

      its so easy to change my credits and put theirs, it takes less than one minute to do. They don’t mod anything they just replace the credits and make it look like they are the ones who mod and worse inject the apk files with malwares which is wrong. You will see after i released the mod, he will go ahead and update the mod on his stupid site too.

  32. Reply




  33. Reply

    Здравствуйте, обновите пожалуйста мод до версии 13.50.1. Спасибо Вам

  34. Reply

    Please update the mod 13,50,1! Thank you for your site, and for what you are doing for all of us.

    • Reply

      i would like to update it but this son of a bit*h moddroid steals my mod and credits himself for making it on his shitty site, so not sure if i will update this game again.

      • Reply

        It’s a shame that for such idiots, many will now not be able to enjoy the updates. I was very upset as soon as I found your site and was glad that at least somewhere I could find mods.
        P.S Burn in hell b*st*rd that steals the mod, and he himself cannot create it. You ought to rip your hands off.

        P.S Я русская и писала через переводчик, но он может коверкать английски.

        Автор мода не обращай на такое гнилье внимания, ворует потому-что руки не из того места растут. Надеюсь вы найдете решения что бы не воровали и выложите когда-нибудь обнову.

        • Reply

          Wow you are really angry, i will update the game one last time, if that sh*t steals my mod again then i will stop for good or until i find a way to prevent him from doing

          • Reply

            Hello! Oh my God, now I am unable to refill my passes with the ads and I don’t know why 🙁 I cannot wait too many hours

            I really appreciate your work and it is such a shame they stole it from you 🙁

  35. Reply

    Please update 13.50.1

  36. Reply

    Please update mod 13.50.1

  37. Reply

    Update please 13.50.1

  38. Reply

    Update please v.13.50.1

  39. Reply

    Update please 13.50.1

  40. Reply

    Thanks a lot for the mod, it’s gorgeous and you’re gorgeous!

  41. Reply

    Update please dude

    • Reply

      When are you going to post version 13.50.1? Please…

  42. Reply

    Is there an update for unlimited passes?

    • Reply

      Upgrade to version 13.50.1… They update the game again! Please 💜

  43. Reply

    please add mod with unlimited passes…

  44. Reply

    could you please add a mod of this game with unlimited passes and premium?

  45. Reply

    Dear Vipmod
    Please add me as a friend in discord and add me as a member in your group. Or at least be a friend in discord so I can talk you more. I will not share it, I promise. Here’s my discord Human#5224

  46. Reply

    Update please

  47. Reply

    Is there any way to get free passes without having to wait hours? Thank you so much!

  48. Reply

    Hello, could you bring an updated mod of this game with diamonds and infinite keys? please, I never asked you for anything 😟

  49. Reply

    Hey please update to the new version

  50. Reply

    Hey i think there is a new update v13.01.2

  51. Reply

    I have a request for “Respect Money Power” and “Respect Of The Realm” unlimited crown and all gangs unlocked

  52. Reply

    Can anyone help me e because this is saying ok me that click the picture you see but I don’t know which picture I have to click so please can you help me aur tell me which picture I have to click

  53. Reply

    Hi Can you please do the mod for FAMILY ISLAND. The requested hacks are UNLIMITED ENERGY and UNLIMITED RUBIES.
    The App link is- https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.MelsoftGames.FamilyIslandFarm&hl=en_US

    I’ll really appreciate it. i have tried everywhere but can’t find anything. Thank you so much. Hope you see this msg!!

  54. Reply

    while i respect that your mods are not free what i dont respect is that A PIECE OF S**T LIKE YOU makes me wait 60 sec to find out that its not free

    • Reply

      if only people like you didnt exist, all my mods would be for free. But people like you ruin for everyone else. Such a disgusting person you are. Also learn to read or back to school

  55. Reply

    Can you please update this game to version 12.60.9 thank you!

    • Reply

      done 🙂

      • Reply

        Hello, please you can add the unlimited passes please :3?

  56. Reply

    is there a way for some of us to do one time payments for mods bc i don’t know if i can pay monthly :/

  57. Reply

    Hi https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.cnztech.paths

  58. Reply

    Add other payment methods please

  59. Reply

    10$? Seriously?

    • Reply

      Right? May as well make in-app purchases…

  60. Reply

    Hello! Thank you for you hard work, I really appreciate it! It’s wonderful to see something that actually works!
    I saw there is a way for getting the file by clicking on a picture but I can’t see any pictures, I tried 3 different browsers (without Adblock) but I can’t see anything.. Thank you in advance for your help and have a great day!

  61. Reply

    Can you add episode mod passes + free premium choices,please?

  62. Reply

    hey excuse me. can you please check the mod feature in the lost alice game from NTT solmare corp ?? You have given the mod, but today I have tried it twice and the mod’s features don’t work. please fix … 🙏😖😖😖😖😖🙏

  63. Reply

    Is this the new version?

    • Reply

      yes this is new version 🙂

  64. Reply

    Hello! Can you mod this game??

    Game Name: Music Land v1.8.0

    Google play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.longyou.changwutuan.global

    Cheat Requested:
    – Auto Perfect
    – Auto Great
    – Auto Cool
    – Auto Miss

    Thank you!

  65. Reply

    Is this actually the latest version I keep seeing on internet say latest version but it’s actually latest non modded APK and still old apk

    • Reply

      i have been looking for it too, it seems like it shows it was updated but the version is not available anywhere yet, i will check it again and if i find it i will update the game

      • Reply

        Thank you what is latest version you people have also in willing to pay for it but my patron won’t let me subscribe to anyone

  66. Reply

    It’d make much more sense to make this free due to the fact that we’re all here because we obviously can’t (or don’t want to) pay for anything outside of the app :/

    • Reply

      Not all, some people are willing contribute to our site, and such games are for them.

  67. Reply

    10$ for Patreon seriously!? I mean, I understand it because you do an amazing job here but dude… The main reason we all come here looking for mods is because we don’t have the money to pay the original app. What makes you think we have the money to pay you instead?
    Is like you’re making us pay for your modding courses as well!
    At least you could decrease it to 5$, it would be more reachable…

    • Reply

      there are people who are willing to contribute to the site so at least i have to provide them with some benefits in return and it is because of those people the site runs. And certain mods are good to be kept paid since they get patched easily once too many cheaters play on it, free mods gets spread across the internet like covid-19

      • Reply

        Yeah, I understand. And you know this business better that we do so… Thanks for your hard work anyway.

  68. Reply

    pşease make this free :,(

    • Reply

      hey excuse me. can you please check the mod feature in the lost alice game from NTT solmare corp ?? You have given the mod, but today I have tried it twice and the mod’s features don’t work. please fix … 🙏😖😖😖😖😖🙏

  69. Reply

    Hello Good Afternoon please I would love to know if the Gems and Passes are included in this Mod episode 🙂

    • Reply

      hey i cant seem to find a way to hack the passes yet. 🙁

  70. Reply

    Hey, can you, pls, make a mod for this game. For Android. I have seen that you already did one for iOS, but please make one for Android too.

  71. Reply

    Hello dear
    There is a new version today….can you try to mod it please…..if possible with tickets too this time.
    Thanks in advance.

  72. Reply

    When is episode going to be able to have unlimited tickets

  73. Reply

    Make it free please I beg you 🙏🙏🥺🥺

  74. Reply

    Hello please I can’t seem to login my account to load my progress please fix this😭

  75. Reply

    If y’all want it for free just Google how to do it. Otherwise just pay up lol. Honestly though there’s a workaround for this app.

  76. Reply

    Can you mod this game?

  77. Reply

    Why are you guys even worried about this? It doesn’t even unlock the passes. Yeah, you can download this for the free gems, but for what? After two chapters, you’ll just have to wait 6 hours anyway.

  78. Reply

    I already did the metjod on how to get mods like this for free.I shared this website 20 times and even captured it on a vid.Can u pls respond? Can I message it to u in fb or ig?

    • Reply

      can you provide me with your email, i usually dont respond because none even do it correctly.

      • Reply

        I really really love your page and what you do but unfortunately i can’t pay for this. I’m from Argentina and 10 dolars is not a joke. I don’t even have a credit card. I knew this was so good to be free. Anyways, thanks and bye, was great the time it lasted tho 🙁

        • Reply

          but this mod was never free, and we always give free mods if you provide us with 10 links

          • Reply


            Pls mod 🙏🙏

  79. Reply

    Can u bring this game as mod game? Thank you! https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.science.yarnapp&hl=hu

    PS: You’re the best! Your website so awesome, thanks your hard work!

  80. Reply

    Update please

    • Reply

      is it forcing to update>

      • Reply

        Plsss update it plssss

  81. Reply

    I Had Commented To Upload because I’m a student and now it’s not free to get the link there are so many other websites which give the link for free but why are you’ll charging for it!!😔😔

    • Reply

      A very simple answer:
      People keep stealing the modder’s work and post it without credits.
      Also because these games are hard asf to mod.

  82. Reply

    Please Make The Link Available!!

  83. Reply

    Would you please stop asking for download links.. You will have to pay minimum $10 to become a Patreon to get access to download links. I think it’s worth it considering the mods they provide but still a bit too much for me to pay monthly, I would’ve done it if it was $5 instead.

  84. Reply

    I wanna cry 😭😭😭 I’m ecstatic when I saw that episode is already here but my heart almost stops beating when I saw that I have to be a patreon just to dowoad it. I’m just a student and in the Philippines . 10 dollars is already expensive 😭😭😭😭

  85. Reply

    Thank you for your hardwork

  86. Reply

    More free otome games please~

  87. Reply

    Can I have the download link please i came here to download games cause i don’t have the money to pay for in-game stuffs

  88. Reply

    Works like a charm, thank youuuu😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  89. Reply

    There’s a reason why the link ain’t free guys so stop asking for it to be :0 And appreciate the effort admin is putting into these for us.

  90. Reply

    Ouch, I want to download this game but I forgot that I don’t have credit card to be a member of the awesome website. Damn, must be await to be graduated from high school and get a job then 🙂
    And btw, I really afraid that I can’t download mystical messenger again because of this 😭

  91. Reply

    Please Make The Link Available Without Patreon Membership Admin!!😭😭

  92. Reply

    I can’t access download link? It’s patrion page

  93. Reply

    Why is it for patreon only :((((that is good but 🙁

  94. Reply

    Please Make The Link Available without Becoming A member!!

  95. Reply

    Hey can I download the mod without becoming a patron member please!!😭😭

  96. Reply

    Hey Admin Can You Make The Mod Link Available For Free??

  97. Reply

    Hey Do You Have The Mod ,Link??

  98. Reply

    Thank you <3, could you please bring the mod for this game? https://www.google.com/amp/s/m.apkpure.com/br/love-story-games-blog-of-secrets/com.Love.Story.Games.Blog.Of.Secrets/amp

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