Game NameEvil Lands: Online Action RPG
Game Version1.3.0
DeveloperRage Quit Games LLC
Root Needed?No
Android Version5.0 and up
Mod TypeFREE

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Mod Features

Evil Lands: Online Action RPG is a new open-world RPG game where you complete quests and flows with the epic storyline of the kings and warriors. Choose your character and upgrade his skills and abilities to make him stronger, unlock new skills as you level up and use them in the battle, the game has a story mode and a co-op PVP multiplayer mode where you can play with other players in the open world. There are various things to do including killing skeletons, trolls, and giants in the game. You will earn items from chests which can be won from the game, or opened for free from the store, the game truly gives you a console level experience on your Android device and that also right under 400Mb which is impressive. If you are looking for a new kind of open world game to play on your Android device then try this one out.

A programmer, gamer, and love researching new technology and games, reverse engineering applications. In my spare time, I usually play basketball or watch movies.


  1. 能发布2020三月4号最新的mod吗

  2. Need Update please!!!

  3. Not around? Send me message on discord if interested :

    Bro, talk with me on discord. I wanna support you, not for single games, but on monthly basis…. Like i said to you some days ago. Better than nothing or not? 🙂

    • Hello i will ask him to write to you, he is currently not available here.

  4. I meant smokey…. The message from smokey

  5. I see mod is free so why you need link? 🙂
    Btw. thanks for mod bro!

    • hey which link? and the person you are trying to contact is not around for a few days 🙂

  6. @modsvip

  7. Bro email me a Link for update thanks

    [email protected]

    Already Brought You a coffee…

    • did you read the terms before donating bro, it clearly says if an update comes out then you have to donate again to get the new version

  8. Nasıl yükleniyor yukarıda ki link güncel mi???


    • e-postanıza indirme bağlantısını göndermeliyim, yine de e-postanıza indirme bağlantısını gönderdim

  9. 55555555555555

  10. Bro email me a pink for update thanks

    [email protected]

  11. Fix being put in games with just other modders pleZe

  12. Hi I bought this a few weeks ago, but I cant find the download link. Can you send it me via my registered email please for the updated version?

  13. vou testar

  14. will test

  15. Okay I figured out the gold issue.
    The issue is that the cost of each of the skills was like 2 million gold and I wasnt able to upgrade. The solution is that the user must exit out of the skill, select another and then click the skill again and try and upgrade the skill.

    • hey, i have added the solution to that in the MOD feature, thats why i have uploaded 2 apks. One where you do the gold trick then the other will be the game with MOD, the trick is to just get the gold to a high positive number then install the other mod apk over that. Read “Mod Features”

  16. The Unlimited Gold option doesn’t work, everything else is good though.

  17. Best mod out there. No doubt. Everything works. I’d like to see more features as well if possible.
    Recommend anyone who is on the fence of questioning whether this is legit or not–it’s legit.

    • hey buddy thanks for your good review, the unlimited gold works well. did you read the instructions under mod features? if any problem let me know i can explain more 🙂

  18. i see u change a lot here. i pay for create account and now i must pay for download apk files. its shiet..

    • This mod isnt working. I installed that first version and i upgraded my skill. It was like that 2 million and something and sometimes they accept upgrade sometimes they ask for gems and i cancel and repeat process. But my coons never ended into plus and in that huge number u say like 3 million and something. Sometimes it goes to minus sometimes it keep number of coins I already have till I maxed my skill. So I dont get it how to get so many coins like u say.
      Also chests ain’t free.

  19. Bro email me T [email protected] we can talk, also I paid for this so expect updates sent to me pleaseee

  20. How to donwload this mod….

  21. So what kind of mod is this? In the past it was only skill mod. Now we can buy free chests too? Why there is no description.

  22. Nice mod

  23. Thanks for the update enjoy ur coffee! I’ll be in touch soon, I also have knowledge of php java and html look out for my email.

    • no worries brother, reach out to me. I would be happy to work with you.


    There latest release is a global release on play store :),

    Ps email me at [email protected] to discuss a testing opportunity, i have knowledge of il2cpp, Assembly modding and I’m also very good with IDA hit me up if you want some help or full bug reports.

    • i will update the mod in a while incase they have not patched it. Since the dev saw this and have patched most of the things in the game.Lets hope for the best, if you want to work together, you can hit me up [email protected]

      • That’s one of the reasons i said its bad to share on twitter and facebook in way u guys added, especially if u have developers who are working there and checking ur posts etc. Coz it ruins ur hard work


    There latest release is a global release on play store :),

  26. Its the real email

  27. Pls send me the apk to [email protected]

    • This is not the email you provided upon buying the mod, provide me the email you kept when you bought and I will send you the link. I need to verify its really you.

  28. just checking and fixing it

  29. When i try to download OBB file it says something appears to be missing. So i guess file is not there.

  30. please update 🙂

  31. I will check into pvp mode but what is it saying when entering pvp mode since i have not touched any code which has something to do with pvp. I will look into this and update the mod.

    • Well when I enter the game I am on my home page where I can see profile of my Warrior. Then I click PLAY and then I click PvP mode and I can see one map and under it “PLAY”
      When I click PLAY, loading screen appears just like it should appear but then instead of starting that PvP map, I am simply redirected to my Warrior profile and home page, and that is basically it.

      • Yes i have the same issue, but then i also have the same issue on the original game which is not modded. I dont know what is going on. If someone else can spare an insight on it it would be useful

        • I decided to contact developer about it and he said that everything is working fine with his app. However, today they released new version 1.1.3 so maybe he checked that one and in that one is working fine?
          We are hoping that u will update mod for new version so we will be able to check that part too because atm game is unplayable without update.

          • i am waiting for the APK to be updated on apkpure or any other site, since i cannot download it from playstore. Once the apk is updated there i will release the new MOD and see if everything works fine

  32. Amazing mod. It works great. Only problem is that PvP mode is not working. Can u look into that? I checked on YouTube and some people are playing so it should work I guess…

  33. haha enjoy the mod 😀

  34. Tried upgrading skills, and it does not work.

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