Game Name FAP CEO
Game Version 0.981
Developer Nutaku
Root Needed? NO
Android Version 4.1 and up
Mod Type By Vipmods


I have changed the MOD a little, now to get many gems, you will have to finish the first part of the game AKA selling the first company, then once you are in the next one, go to the CEO office and on the right click on the arrow up icon green one and reset skill with gems to get many gems.

Read installation instruction below to know how to install (important) 18+ GAME BY NUTAKU


Download APK MOD


Mod Features


First Install the Launcher APK
Now open the launcher and hit PLAY to start the game
Once you are in the game, just play for a bit, hire new employee ETC. Just make sure everything is OKAY
Then install MOD APK over the BYPASS APK and continue the game.

FAP CEO APK MOD is a simulation clicker game where you will hire cute girls in your company to work for you and generate your profits. You as the CEO will look after them and of course, give them bonuses and in return, you will get all the fun that you want. As your company grows you will need to hire more girls so as to automate and earn you more money, you can buy new accessories for the girls with the money so as they never get bored. Once your company gets the success you can sell it and start another, you will be able to unlock pictures and more once you progress in the game, enjoy unlimited gems, and with no ban in the game for free. Exclusive for Android only.


  1. Reply

    Got banned eithin an hour sadly

  2. Reply

    Got banned within an hour of using the mod. Sadly.

  3. Reply

    Wann bekomme ich das

  4. Reply

    Sorry for telling this it is coming no connection even after I download both of them

  5. Reply

    please update :3

  6. Reply

    Update Please

  7. Reply

    If the app keeps closing what do i do?

  8. Reply

    Mod plz
    Name: Avakin life
    Free money and diamantes

  9. Reply

    It says anti ban so why have I been banned for modding, I didn’t even do that much I literally reset my skill points once and then bought a daily outfit

  10. Reply

    The money doesn’t work at all

    • Reply

      yes it doesnt work for people who dont work

  11. Reply

    I followed the instructions but stuck at install apk mod. Please help.

  12. Reply

    Hey Admin, could you update Fap CEO to v.981? Take your time, thank you! Stay safe! 🙂

    • Reply

      updated 🙂

      • Reply

        Thank you! You’re such an amazing person for making these mods! You deserve so much for helping us, but people are impatient and rude. Thank you for what you do 😀

        • Reply

          its only because of people like you i mod games 🙂

          • Keep strong! Ignore those impatient and rude people, they don’t see how much you do for us, and for free! 😀 Have a good day, Admin! 🙂

          • thank you so much 🙂

      • Reply

        very ty

  13. Reply

    Plz update 0.981

  14. Reply

    please update

  15. Reply

    Please update to 0.981

  16. Reply

    how do you login to a different account it keeps logging into my old account

    • Reply

      https://****** install this mod this realy works

      • Reply

        stop promoting fake sites with viruses here.

  17. Reply

    Is there anything I could do to get me banned. Bruh.

  18. Reply

    update mod pls for 980a

  19. Reply

    Mod is not working

  20. Reply

    1. 7 angels
    2. https://www.nutaku.net/games/app/7-angels/
    3. Unlimited gem, unlimited diamonds, unlimited energy

    There are previously modded apk but it is not working. Please make it work. Thank you Admin

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    NICE the mod worked but I got BANNED RIGHT AFTER .

  22. Reply

    A question how do I make the hack work for me because when I download it the MOD APK does not install it, it tells me that there is an error. your application was not installed.

  23. Reply

    APK launcher has link to the mod and there’s no launcher link

  24. Reply

    Sweet MOD! Just need the 0.980 update. Keep up the great work.

  25. Reply

    Need to update to 0.980 please

  26. Reply

    Please update to 0.980

  27. Reply

    Se actualizo ahora a 980

  28. Reply

    Cuando instale el juego del launcher. El mod no me lo lee. Podrías solucionar eso.

  29. Reply

    Se actualizó de nuevo ahora es 0.979. El mod sirven igual o no.

  30. Reply

    Apparently the game updated again to 0.979 lol

  31. Reply

    Hola que tal podrías modificar esto por favor.
    Con monedas y diamantes ilimitados por favor

  32. Reply

    Upgrade to 0.979 please

  33. Reply

    Update 0.978 please

  34. Reply

    i got banned -_-

  35. Reply

    If you hv apps not installed error. Go to your phone settings. Go to apps. Serch for fap ceo then uninstall it

  36. Reply

    There isnt a bypass apk

  37. Reply

    Bro it keeps on saying app not installed

  38. Reply

    Bro it says app not installed even though I uninstalled the previous version. A fix would be appreciated

    • Reply

      Bro it keeps on saying app not installed

  39. Reply

    It says “app not installed” when trying to install mod (Android 10)

    • Reply

      you will have to uninstall previous version, from where did you download the last mod apk?

      • Reply

        It says the same for me. I’ve uninstalled and erased all the data of the previous (original) version from my phone, but it stay says the same.

  40. Reply

    Mod not working.

    • Reply

      dont rush, read

      • Reply

        It doesnt work I followed the steps, but everytime I buy something it loses not gain.

        • Reply

          DUDE read what i have written!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, i have changed the mod. I don’t know why you don’t read it would save you ALOT of time and my time as well

      • Reply

        It says the same for me. I’ve uninstalled and erased all the data of the previous (original) version from my phone, but it stay says the same.

      • Reply

        Bro it’s perfect will work very well, I hope you uptade it every time with this same mod, thanks

        • Reply

          i think this has less chance of ban, so i will keep it that way.

  41. Reply

    Update 0.976

  42. Reply

    they keep updating this game… 0.976

  43. Reply

    Please update to 918

  44. Reply

    Hello friend,
    please update to 0.975
    I love you <3

  45. Reply

    update to 0.975

  46. Reply

    Could you please update to the new version thank you.

  47. Reply

    Please release version 0.974

  48. Reply

    Release version 0.9674 please

  49. Reply

    it doesn’t work with me…. can u help me out ?

  50. Reply

    The other fap ceo please.

  51. Reply

    Niemogę tego zainstalować

  52. Reply

    i m ban…. thanks for your “antiban” mod…

    • Reply

      loll good

    • Reply

      No c si lo hisiste pero te puede. Babear si tienes gran cantidad de moneca del juego, te recomiendo máximo tener el doble del paquete más grande, yo e tenido 10k de rubíes y no me banearon, pero en otra tenia como mas de 20k y ese si ban, te recomiendo que no tengas mucho dinero premium en cualquier juego

  53. Reply

    Update it to 0.973 pleeeeaaaaase.

  54. Reply


  55. Reply

    Need update to 0.973

  56. Reply

    And also what bypass apk i need to isntall? Just a vpn doesnt enough?

  57. Reply

    Its really anti ban dude? Ive try in other web but still got ban lol 😂

  58. Reply

    Umm it keeps saying app not installed

    • Reply

      make sure to uninstall the previous version then

      • Reply

        I did, I don’t know what to do

  59. Reply

    Any reason why it might be saying app not installed on the APK mod?

  60. Reply

    What is this bypass?

  61. Reply

    Aww, I got banned 🙁

  62. Reply

    can you update the mod ?

  63. Reply

    I have been banned, is there any solution?):

    • Reply

      I got banned ,too.

  64. Reply

    Hey could you please make a tutorial on how to install the mod. It will be verry helpful and easy to follow.☺️

  65. Reply

    Theres a new update again.

  66. Reply

    Update please

  67. Reply

    Updated please

  68. Reply

    can you make a pocket waifu mod?

    1. Pocket Waifu
    2. (make it easy to get coins / resurrection when playing mini games / and also unlimited diamonds)
    3. https://www.nutaku.net/games/app/pocket-waifu/

    Hopefully this request is answered. Thank you friend 🙂 @modsvip

  69. Reply

    Can This Game Be Modded ???

    Fake Lay [Nutaku]

    Unlimited Diamond

    https://www.nut aku.net/games/app/fake-lay/

  70. Reply

    I can’t seem to get it going

  71. Reply

    Which file is which?

  72. Reply

    I tried it and it worked really well.
    thank you for helping me, and good luck always. I hope the next update can run smoothly 🙂 @modsvip

    • Reply

      that’s great! 🙂

      • Reply

        Where’s the bypass?

  73. Reply

    Can you mod this game?https://www.nutaku.net/games/app/vixen-wars/

  74. Reply

    1. what mistake some account get banned?
    2. will we have to play safe like booty call even got 3. bypass from anti-cheating like you say it before?
    4. what can and can’t do if not want to get banned?

    can you answer it?
    maybe you can give some tips or opinion from you

    • Reply

      Hello, can you help me how this mod works?
      I still don’t understand how to use it.
      I tried but failed

      • Reply

        i am taking a look at this game and will change the mod features.since many are complaining now

        • Reply

          No need to change features.

          I found the problem, it turns out at the time of installation bypass to MOD crashes often occur. and I repeatedly install it until it works.

          I do not know what happened so often it crashes during the installation so that the MOD does not work, hopefully it can be handled well in the future.

          thank you for helping me a lot. and sorry if I’m fussy 🙂

          • i tested the new one, does it work? i didnt use any bypass apk this time since it was working fine

  75. Reply

    Baned after 6 hours XD

    • Reply

      me too..
      got banned, very2 sad must start from beginning again

  76. Reply

    hi, today I downloaded your mod and ran into a problem! I did everything according to the instructions, but the mod did not start working, everything also runs out of money and crystals !!! can you help?

    • Reply

      Its saying loggin error logged in on multiple divices but im actually not

  77. Reply

    Hello! I just found your site looking for mod for fap ceo.

    i can’t seem to make it work, though.

    Here’s what I did:

    1st, I installed the launcher
    2nd, I installed the bypass
    played a little then sold company ti test uf everything is working. tried to purchase keys, ruby got deducted instead if increasing.
    3rd, i installed the mod and tried to purchase keys again but ruby still got deducted instead of increasing.

    did i do something wrong?

  78. Reply

    why doesn’t this mod work on me? I have carried out all instructions given properly. until my ruby ​​runs out, there’s nothing left. please help or is there something wrong with me? thank you 🙁

    • Reply

      did you read what you have to do to get rubies?

      • Reply

        “Complete the first chapter aka selling the first company, then when you go to the next one, you will have an option to increase your girl’s skills ETC, go there and click reset skill to get tons of rubies.” ?

        I have tried to sell the company and go to the girl’s skills, after I tried resetting the skill, there was no addition of rubies but instead it reduced?

        Am I wrong in this stage? I beg for your help and sorry in advance I may be lay in this section 🙁

        • Reply

          and the download instructions I have already done and there is no problem here. but when working on the mod I fixed the problem 🙁

      • Reply

        Hello! I just found your site looking for mod for fap ceo.

        i can’t seem to make it work, though.

        Here’s what I did:

        1st, I installed the launcher
        2nd, I installed the bypass
        played a little then sold company ti test uf everything is working. tried to purchase keys, ruby got deducted instead if increasing.
        3rd, i installed the mod and tried to purchase keys again but ruby still got deducted instead of increasing.

        did i do something wrong?

      • Reply

        nevermind. i made it work but got banned.

        • Reply

          it’s the same thing that I do, and it doesn’t work for me. could something be wrong during the process?
          Can you do it?

          • Can someone make a video to show me how to install mod ive been trying for 3 hours and still cant do it ;-;

  79. Reply

    Modsvip do you use anything to Install apks

  80. Reply

    When I try this and install the mod apk over the bypass apk while I am still in the game it reloads the client when I am finished installing. After that I am only getting to loading complete where it becomes stuck

  81. Reply

    new updates https://w ww.nutaku.net/games/fap-ceo/ v966

    • Reply

      i got an update instead of launcher apk, is that like bypass from yours or not?

    • Reply

      updated 🙂

  82. Reply

    There is a game update for 0.966

    • Reply

      updated 🙂

      • Reply

        How does it work? When I follow your steps it doesn’t seem to work?

  83. Reply

    Needs an update.

    • Reply

      i am not seeing any update yet it still downloads 965

      • Reply

        I got banned using this method yesterday xD

  84. Reply

    Followed your instructions to the letter and game works perfectly.Thank you.

    • Reply

      i am glad 😀

  85. Reply

    why the game must use VPN?
    it seem all VPN include free, trial or premium, is cannot be useless again in my country, like the ISP has banned all adult site include nutaku server.. so i can access it again and always stuck in “connecting to fap central…”
    any suggestions?

    • Reply

      and i can only can access any adult site from opera with vpn, oh my, i very frustrating to solve this problem

    • Reply

      where are you from? and what vpn have you tried until now. Try using hexatech vpn or tunnel bear

      • Reply

        i dont know how to use tunnel bear in android, got stuck
        i’m from Indonesian, i’m use some vpn like nordvpn, turbovpn, vpnmaster, vpnprivate, and other vpn i forgot the name is

        i think its mistake app so i re-instal it from beginning, but still same, then i restart the phone and i test it again step by step where i only open vpn after loading checking update in launcher is completed, i use turbo vpn, it’s work, i dont know why now work, after i update bypass with mod, then after some hour, the game lag, so i close it and reopen it again, after that the game still blank, just black screen with sound only, i dont know whats wrong now, so i reinstall it again, i play only with bypass, not modding because the currency still same like i played before.
        i’m use oppo phone with 4gb ram

  86. Reply

    Again a black screen everytime I open the game

  87. Reply

    I tried installing this after the “back to school event”. Launcher installed normally but when i want to install pabypass or fapmod it says “aplication cannot be installed”. Tried uninstalling the game 3 times even tried to uninstall nutaku launcher.

    • Reply

      you have to uninstall any previous version you had on your device of fap ceo

      • Reply

        My bad, i uninstalled FAP CEO but not fap ceo launcher, but thanks anyway 🙂

        • Reply

          uninstalling launcher doesnt matter, you need to uninstall the main FAP CEO game which i guess you did. Still not working?

  88. Reply

    I am having an issue where when I login after the Mod installation; I only see the “2hours bonus heart chest” and the “lightning” (for time skip bonus) icons.. That along with the background + girls. I can click on them, I can level them up but that’s it. Can’t see my money, CEO office, emails, etc… Any ideas ? Worked flawlessly with launcher+bypass APK

    • Reply

      not sure why that is happening, it happened with me two but after installing bypass apk and playing for a while abit then installing mod apk over bypass apk everything worked fine, did you overwrite the apk or uninstalled bypass then installed mod apk?

      • Reply

        I installed launcher + immediately Overwrite. Worked fine there
        Then installed mod (didn’t uninstall so I guess overwrited) = no GUI in game.
        Would it be a version issue with 0.963p ? Then again, it worked fine until the mod..
        I’ll try again later today, but if you have an order that worked, please share!
        Thanks 🙂

        • Reply

          I think its issue with ban, when i remove ban checks it does that, i dont think there is a new version

          • Started my emulator tonight; with the app (no change since yesterday) and now I have GUI without the girls..! Had a hard crash after going into “emails” and now its restarting like yesterday = no GUI. Doesnt matter; I had time to active ruby before! Should be good for a while 🙂 Huge thanks !

          • i think when new update comes out i will try not to remove ban checks, and see if it still bans me. Since other mods online always bans people, but i dont know just changing the cost would ban us

  89. Reply

    I did have fap ceo installed previously from nutaku, but i deleted it. Then just recently i re-intalled it.

    • Reply

      Then you have to make sure you have uninstalled that as well, by going into settings > apps > fapceo ,nutaku installs the app now from the launcher and installs it directly the app icon will not be visible on the screen so you have to go to settings

      • Reply

        I have fully uninstalled the previous version before, but still, the fabypass will not install.

        • Reply

          hmm i am not sure why that is happening then.

          • Oh well, thank you for your help anyways. 🙂

  90. Reply

    Sorry, but I followed the steps and it says app not installed for the Fabypass

    • Reply

      remove the previous version if you had it installed

      • Reply

        I have had no other previous version of the fabypass.

        • Reply

          hmm what? i didnt get you

          • Sorry, but what do you mean by remove the previous version, because this is the first time i have tried to installed the Fabypass.

          • did you have fap ceo installed previously? like from somewhere else? h

  91. Reply

    Hi @vipmods can please update the game. Thank you.

    • Reply

      updated 🙂

  92. Reply

    Cant see the picture to click to send the url anyone can help me ?

    • Reply

      If you see right below, you will be able to see like 3 pics in a row 🙂

  93. Reply

    There’s no unlimited rubies think you can fix that did all the steps right order no luck. Thx and keep it up

    • Reply

      As he mentioned follow the steps then play the game normally sell your first company.

      • Reply

        Then go the CEO’s room from top right corner then look a little below where you find rest your perks or mastery. Then touch on reset down center there will be no it.

        • Reply

          Thanks for explaining. :))

  94. Reply

    Still not fixed 🙂

    • Reply

      Ah so stupid of me, i thought the post link was not working. I fixed it now.

  95. Reply

    No link for game : survival ark

    • Reply

      Thanks for reportin, the issue is fixed

  96. Reply

    Thanks dude. Really appreciate it.

    • Reply

      ThAT was quick lol, you are welcome

      • Reply

        Yea. I am facing a problem with the mod i followed your instructions according and installed the game. Login was successfully game starts but there is black screen. In game music is playing but there is black screen. I waited couple of minutes so it might change but it didn’t. My device is Motog5s +.

        • Reply

          If i touch the screen it is responding i can make it through the sound but its all black.

          • have you followed installation instructions. The game works fine on my side

        • Reply

          Ok few minutes let me look into it

        • Reply

          Ok follow my steps again

          – First Install the Launcher APK
          – Then INSTALL Bypass APK
          – Now open launcher and hit PLAY to start the game
          – Once you are in the game, just play for a bit, hire new employee ETC. Just make sure everything is OKAY
          – Then install MOD APK over the BYPASS APK and continue the game.

          I think black screen is because i disabled an anticheat, i think. i am not sure.

          • Ok now it’s working perfectly. Thanks.

          • Only black screen shows

          • Sometimes it takes time until the game loads, play on parallel space

      • Reply

        Niemogę zainstalować

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