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FictIf is a new Role-Playing game by Nix Hydra who has been popular for making the game called The Aracana. Just like that the developers have brought to us a brand new game with more interactive stories to play and control.

You will have plenty of stories to play as the leading character in all. Choose the genre that you want and start your adventure, make wise choices that will impact the story, and give you a different ending, good or bad that depends on what you chose.

All choices are free but some will require you to pay stars, star choices are premium ones that have a more interesting outcome than the free ones. You will also need an hourglass to play episodes, hourglass can be earned for free every 3 hours.

There are currently four stories in the game, you can read the preview of them on their play store description. Enjoy the new interactive story game for free.

 OS: 4.4 and up
 Version: 1.0.17
 Package Name: com.nixhydragames.sna
 Developer: Nix Hydra
 Downloads: 10,000+
 Updated: recently
 Size: 38M

If you share my MOD then give credits, don’t leech!

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  1. Reply

    Please update when you have time. Thank you for the mod ♥️

  2. Reply

    Обновите пожалуйста мод на игру Love choice на v 4.7

  3. Reply

    Can you please update game Love Choice: Интерактивные истории любви и выбора v.0.4.7

  4. Reply

    update pls

  5. Reply

    update please

  6. Reply

    Thank you for your continuous efforts!

    I updated the app but when I open it, it says ‘Oops, something went wrong!’. Is it an app problem or my problem?

  7. Reply

    Update please!!

  8. Reply

    Hi there is a new version out if you could update that would be great thank you for your hard work

  9. Reply

    thanks for the mod!

  10. Reply

    Please update when you can ❤️

  11. Reply

    cant install the mod, have the base game installed though, any ideas?

  12. Reply

    trully love this mod ❣️ Lots of thanks

    Can u do the infinite hourglass too? or not use hourglass at all when starting new chapter?

  13. Reply

    Why does it say “app not installed” after installing?

  14. Reply

    whenever i try to install it it keeps saying “app not installed” i have downloaded the base game from the play store already but still no luck. am i doing something wrong?

  15. Reply

    Please update, thank you!

    • Reply

      updated 🙂

  16. Reply

    Thank you for this mod! Can you make the hourglasses unlimited too?

  17. Reply

    Thank you SO MUCH!!! I can’t thank you enough,it works great,even with the new chapters they are uploading. You rule!

  18. Reply

    Can you perhaps fix the hourglasses to be unlimited? Other than that, this is amazing, thank you!

  19. Reply

    Hello, the hourglasses don’t really work…please help, other than the hour glasses the premium choices work. Thank you so much!

  20. Reply

    i can’t understand the downloading process 🙁 what do you mean “click on the picture you see:? there is no picture

    • Reply

      you have to turn off your ad blocker for it to appear

  21. Reply

    Thank you for bringing this game! It’s amazing. If you can,please do update it.

  22. Reply

    Hi ! Thank you for the mod ! But the game is updated. Please update this ?

    • Reply

      i will update in a while 🙂

      • Reply

        Thank you so much!!!

        • Reply

          you are welcome 🙂

  23. Reply

    Update please.

  24. Reply

    Do you have a Patreon?

  25. Reply

    Hi! Can you please update?

  26. Reply

    Update pls thank you

  27. Reply

    Update pretty plz

  28. Reply

    Thank you again and again!! Everyone should become a patreon for all you do!

    • Reply

      thank you so much

  29. Reply

    Hi! Can you update please?

  30. Reply

    The game said that there’s a new update 🙁

    • Reply

      i amunable to find new update yet

      • Reply

        There’s a new update ^^ now 1.0.5 is the latest version uwu

  31. Reply

    I just knowing this recently but thank you soo much for this mod

    • Reply

      you are welcome 🙂

  32. Reply

    Thank you, it’s working great 🙂

    • Reply

      you are welcome 🙂

      • Reply

        It hangs for me after some choices on Poe’s and Nicky’s Route. Anyone else have the problem? And the app keeps asking me to update it too

  33. Reply

    uhh idk if anyone else is experiencing this but i’m stuck at the loading screen

  34. Reply

    Do you think you can make it possible to replay the chapters and prologue? It’d be very much appreciated! Thank you for your work!

    • Reply

      i don’t think that would be possible 🙁

  35. Reply

    Hello! Thanks so much for this wonderful mod 🙂 you are awesome! But title says hourglass are also unlimited, but I still need to wait.for them to recharge?

  36. Reply

    This game is amazing! Thank you so much!

    • Reply

      you are welcome 🙂

  37. Reply

    Can you update, please?

    • Reply

      hello 1.0.4 is the latest version. i can’t find a newer version than this

  38. Reply

    Update plz

    • Reply

      hello 1.0.4 is the latest version. i can’t find a newer version than this

      • Reply

        Hey! Title says hourglass are also unlimited but I still have to wait for them to recharge? Still thanks so much for this wonderful mod, you are awesome!

  39. Reply

    thank u so much for the mod this site is heaven

    • Reply

      you are most welcome 😀

  40. Reply

    thank u so much for the mod this whole site is heaven

  41. Reply

    Me again, just realised I read the update announcement wrong and the games going to be updated later this week. So sorry

  42. Reply

    Обновите плис игру ^^

  43. Reply

    Hello you incredible human being you. When you have some time could you please update this again? And I just wanted to thank you for all you do. You’re too good to us honestly.

    • Reply

      i will update it as soon as the update is out 😀

      EDIT: I found an update so updated it 🙂

  44. Reply

    hey, can you pleasee mod this game??

  45. Reply

    Will you update pls ;v;

    • Reply

      updated 🙂

  46. Reply

    please do an update when possible, thanks for everything you do !

    • Reply

      updated 🙂

  47. Reply

    hii, seens like the game has a new update, will you update the apk??

    • Reply

      updated 🙂

  48. Reply

    Can you please update, please?

    • Reply

      updated 🙂

  49. Reply

    I’m truly enjoying the design and layout of your blog.
    It’s a very easy on the eyes which makes it much more enjoyable for
    me to come here and visit more often. Did you hire out a designer to create your theme?
    Great work!

  50. Reply

    I can’t install it unable to obtain link ?

  51. Reply

    hi, is this game updated ?

  52. Reply

    sorry if im wrong but hourglasses need wait and they’re not free it’s normal?
    But answers free
    I’m sorry if disturbing with this question
    Thank you for your hard work

  53. Reply

    Thank you so much ? I’ve just heard about this game two days ago
    My favorite Nix Hydra

    You are the best ?

  54. Reply

    Hi modder, thank you so much for the apk!

    Any chances these game can be modded?



    Sorry for troubling you, please take your time and let me know if these games can be modded or not

    – Thanks again :DD

  55. Reply

    Please update

  56. Reply

    Thanks a lot! I love this game!!!

    • Reply

      you are welcome 🙂

  57. Reply

    Oh my god!This has to be the best game Ive played!I am totally hooked in the story! ?? Thank you so much for the mod ❤

    • Reply

      you are most welcome enjoy 😀

  58. Reply

    Thank you so much for this! Everything is working smoothly and the game itself is great! If it wasn’t for your awesome mod, I wouldn’t know this game existed ^^ So kudos for you, my dude! ?

    • Reply

      you are most welcome 😀

  59. Reply

    Thanks a lot, works great! ?

    • Reply

      you are welcome 😀

  60. Reply

    I cant install it! ;-;

    • Reply

      probably because it is arm64, let me check if online i can find a version that would be compatible with all

    • Reply

      OK done, try this one –

      it should work

      • Reply

        Does the download work for iPhone or no? What device is this mod for?

        • Reply

          its only for android

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