Fishing Clash: Catching Fish Game MOD APK 1.0.81 (MEGA HACK)

Game Name Fishing Clash
Game Version 1.0.81
Developer Ten Square Games
Root Needed? NO
Android Version 4.1 and up
Mod Type Free

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Mod Features

Fishing Clash: Catching Fish Game APK MOD is one of the most popular fishing game with over 13 million players and counting, not be surprised because the game gives you a complete realistic feeling of going to fish since it has very well made controls and objectives that will make you feel like a real fisherman. Catch various breeds of fishes and put them in your aquarium or sell them directly to earn money which you can use to buy new gears and food for the fish. You can find all kinds of fishes from small to big ones, and ofcourse the bigger ones are harder to catch while the rare ones are hard to find. Travel to beautiful locations with breathtaking graphics and visual effects, put your headphones to get the feel of being in the middle of the ocean.


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    You’ve done awesome in responding to my requests for updated apps, thank you for providing entertainment to many of us. There are some older mods for this game but none on your site. Certainly no new updates either.


    unlimited gold and diamond currency (however it works when your money increases when you spend it?), or free in-app purchases.

  2. Reply

    No new mod? 🙂

    • Reply

      no bro i did not take time to add something new, since i was in a hurry. Maybe next update i will add something else

      • Reply

        Just letting you know I commented a request below

  3. Reply

    I played many games and I know personally many developers, but I never encountered such a bad and sneaky developer!!!!!

  4. Reply

    * games

  5. Reply

    I played this game for months….. It’s a 200% pay to win!!! The developers of this ganes are C. R. A. P……… Believe me, lol. We should need better cheat for this game to ruin this stupid game….. But unfortunately most is server sided

    • Reply

      hahaha bro! you know i have never tried currency in the game :p maybe i try modding it but what would you really like to be modded in the game?

      • Reply

        Everything, whatever you can. I want to destroy this crappy developer, hahahahah

  6. Reply

    Boa tarde Amigo, você conseguiria atualizar esse aplicativo? Por favor!

    • Reply

      por supuesto mi amigo

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