Football Strike MOD APK 1.20.0 (ALWAYS GOAL in FREE KICKS)


Game Name Football Strike
Game Version 1.20.0
Developer Miniclip
Root Needed? No
Android Version 4.1 and up
Mod Type Free

Make sure you read inside MOD FEATURES below (it’s important in order to know what the mod does and how)


Mod Features

Football Strike APK MOD is a soccer game where you will play with millions of players around the world. The concept of the game is very simple and it has simple controls, just flick on the direction where you want the ball to go and shoot, get a higher score than your opponent to win the game. There is also a free-kick mode where you will play as a player and goalkeeper, and ofcourse as goalkeeper your job will be to save the ball. Unlock balls and upgrade your player’s stats to get more easy wins. Play in different game modes to earn trophies that will rank you globally, increase your tier and match up against stronger players.



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    Initially I used my small account to try. But after using the main account, only one match is banned permanently. please be advised not to get banned. or maybe the application was repaired so that it wasn’t banned.

    • Reply

      the number 1 rule on playing on any mod game is to NEVER use your original account.the game provides you with a guest account, you could have tried on it bro

    • Reply

      Good u the best

  2. Reply

    Still at risk, 2 of my guest accounts were also banned. Please fix it, or maybe just make it safe like max statistics. Can also unlimited money and coins

  3. Reply

    Update v 1.17.0 please..

  4. Reply

    i will update by tonight and make it a little better

  5. Reply

    I got banned in guest acc ??

  6. Reply

    i have updated new version, try on it and let me know, i have only added mod in free kicks and its pretty safe as long as you do not misuse it and only use when you feel like you are going to lose

  7. Reply

    thanks for the update. but this mod is not working well. cheat goal results are not necessarily. counted in the score. confused about how to win

    • Reply

      Just focus on saving the goal, i have written inside mod features, please read. you need to save goals ,so good goalkeeping will get you wins so anout scoring a goal you can hit the ball anywhere and it will be counted as a goal always

      • Reply

        My advice is how you make mods so that your opponent becomes weak.?

  8. Reply

    Thank you for your input. Please keep the mod in the shooting race entered. It still helps as long as it is not used excessively.

    • Reply

      That’s not possible since it checks for both player and the opponent, but on the player screen he will nit realising you are using a mod which will nake him want to hit the goal always ajd your job to save it. I tried to nake weak opponent but its calculated on their server

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    Now I use your mod that v1.16.0 shooting race still helps to collect coins. It also uses mod mod max statistic. As I said mod v1.17.0 is not effective because our cheat goals don’t always count towards the score

  10. Reply

    Please enter the shooting race mod again in this latest version

  11. Reply

    I already know that it is not banned on the shooting race mod. I want to contact with you personally

  12. Reply

    Please reply my new email..,?

    • Reply

      i replied πŸ˜€

  13. Reply

    Only work in level 1 and 2 or bot..if you can mod the level really appreciate it..

    • Reply

      i didnt get you, this mod works well for any level

      • Reply

        Really that’s not work my bro..

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    It seems like there are no updates, but now there is a new event. Please update this mod to include shoting race mod. True above my comment, the current mod is not effective.

    • Reply

      i dont see any update on the playtore, and i cannot mod the game for specific events, it wont be possible

      • Reply

        indeed there is no update. so far I use the latest v1.16.0 event only in v1.17.0 the current mod is not effective in winning the event. I mean please enter the shooting race mod in the current version.

  15. Reply

    Please update my hero..?

  16. Reply

    Level 13 not work mod

  17. Reply

    please update version 1.17.0 to include the shooting race mod. Please…..

    • Reply

      its already version 1.17.0

      • Reply

        but the free kick mode isn’t effective, please enter the shooting race mod … please ….

        • Reply

          In the shooting race mod i dont think i can mod it like previous one because the changed the code. πŸ™

          • Please try.. I believe you bro, you are the best

          • I had tried it bro, but the shooting race mod was not stable in the previous version also

          • Ok

  18. Reply


  19. Reply

    Please master..

  20. Reply

    Update available now

    • Reply

      i am not seeing any update yet, it still show 1.17.0 is it forcing you to update?

      • Reply

        No brother.. there is new update v 1.18.0 on my play store..

        • Reply

          ok yes i see the update date has changed but it still shows 1.17.0 it will soon be available so i will update it as soon as i get the updated apk

  21. Reply

    This is the link v 1.18.0

    • Reply

      this is wrong link

      i got the link :), i will mod it right now

  22. Reply


  23. Reply

    I can’t install the apk, there are different apk from Zip file of only 32MB. please fix it..

    • Reply

      Everything working fine, you need to follow the installation process for installing split apk

  24. Reply

    Bro, unfortunately not every shot is a goal, lol

    • Reply

      it is goal lol, i have played many games

  25. Reply

    …. Or have I to shot on purpous not near the goalkeeper in order that he can save?? Have I to shot out if the goal in order that it counts? πŸ™‚

    • Reply

      even if you shoot out of the goal it will still be considered as GOAL lol, and as goalkeeper you just need to save the ball to win, since the opponent does not know you are using mod.

  26. Reply

    He can’t *

  27. Reply

    *out of the goal * sorry for typo πŸ™‚

  28. Reply

    Yes exactly I saw this. But only if I shot out on purpous. When I try to score and goalkeeper save it its not a goal. That’s why I said we have to ‘not aim the goal’ in order to score 100%…

    • Reply

      that won’t be a goal, but why would you want to shoot at the goal keeper when you know you can shoot out and still score hahaaha

      • Reply

        Hahahaha…. Yeah that’s true bro. . I wanted for competition… Hahahaah

  29. Reply

    Just checked again…. Importanti is not to aim outside so the goal is sure. πŸ™‚ nevertheless every couple of games even if goal it gaves Γ  red dot instead of greenhouse and I lose…. Maybe sometimes a malfunction?

    • Reply

      really? after how many matches does that happen? i saw some code in the game where it purposely matches you with a BOT at some point. hahaha

      • Reply

        Every time 3/4 games? Maybe they are bots so mod works different? πŸ™‚

  30. Reply

    Instead if green dot *

  31. Reply

    Bro, now it became more often….. I score so green dot and some seconds later the green dot become a red dot…. Lol…. Maybe a soft ban or something like that

    • Reply

      haha, i will check why that is happening and fix it

  32. Reply

    Oh yes that would be nice, bcs the game is worth it

  33. Reply

    Bro, can you help me by giving the ready apk … I can’t install v 1.18.0 even though I have used the split apks installer. I did not know what was wrong. Even I deleted the old app .. please help me ??

    • Reply

      ok bro, let me upload a single apk i was waiting for the correct apk to get uploaded so i mod.

  34. Reply

    Yeah thank you most

    • Reply

      no try πŸ™‚

  35. Reply

    Yes, now I can play this mod. Thank you most..?

  36. Reply

    Mod fixed bro? No more green dots to red dots? πŸ™‚

    • Reply

      What the means.. but I think that’s no problem with the mod

      • Reply

        Just unfortunately you didn’t enter the shooting race mod..??

        • Reply

          Read previous comments so you understand πŸ™‚ scroll up

          • I have never experienced that. But as my review of your mod: This mod only works when our opponents are comparable or the same tier.

  37. Reply

    Ok that’s why it doesn’t work for me….. Every 2/3 games I experience this issue…. Anyway no problem, I have tons of other games, hahahaha

    • Reply

      yes, when the opponent’s tier is above or below we have to play pure. also by playing to lose first (but playing in tier 1) then go back to playing in our favorite tier so that we get an opponent of a comparable level..?

  38. Reply

    Update new version is available

  39. Reply

    Hello bro, please update..

  40. Reply

    Does not work. Yes it says “Goal” even if you shoot out of the goal post. but immediately the goal get cancelled in opponents turn & the green dots become red.

  41. Reply

    New update available..

  42. Reply

    Update v 1.20.0

  43. Reply

    Some people have requested an update. Why not respondπŸ˜•

  44. Reply

    At least you answer us😟

    • Reply

      its because the release for the armv7 devices is not yet available for me, when its out i will update it.

  45. Reply

    Thx.. you’re the best..πŸ‘

    • Reply

      welcome bro πŸ˜€

  46. Reply

    Hate to say it but this mod DOES NOT WORK. Works 15% of the time. If there is a way around it please SHARE.

  47. Reply

    It will work in shooting race

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