Fox Spirit: A Two-Tailed Adventure APK MOD

Download Fox Spirit: A Two-Tailed Adventure APK MOD

Fox Spirit is a new interactive text-based story book that consist of over 247,000 words written by Amy Clare where you will make many different choices in the game and find out different outcomes.

Your journey across the lands seeking for a Star Ball that will allow you to live forever and give you immortality, but no one knows where it is, the only thing that is known about it is that it is hidden somewhere Hoshimori and that is where your family had been living and you grew up.

The journey will not be easy since you will meet many different creatures, monsters, demons, and all kinds of danger will be lurking at every step you take which won’t be good.

You can choose who you want to play, female, or male it depends on you, the choices will heavily matter on every outcome that you see in the game, and whether you will survive, find the star ball, or retrieve that will also depend on you.

OS: 4.4 and up
Package Name: com.choiceofgames.foxspirit
Developer: Choice of Games LLC
Updated On: Recently
Version: Latest
Downloads: 1000+
Size: 7M

All chapters will be purchased, you can ignore the buy all now bla bla

if you share my MOD then give credits to my site.

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    You are the best! Thank you very much 😆

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    Hello!! Thank you for the mods!
    The link for the download does not work(Mediafire) 🙁

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    Hola.. desde que conocí por una amiga sobre los mod de los juegos Otomes de Genius… Estoy con frecuencia aquí..
    Te felicito por lo que haces… Ahora tengo una petición.. hay un juego que se llama romance club que otros la modificaron.. pero en las respuestas premium que son con diamantes aparece codificado el diálogo… Y nadie corrije ese problema..

    Queria saber si puedes solucionar ese problema…



    CARACTERÍSTICAS: Respuestas premium gratis

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    mod this game bro please… please
    Name: Dragonscapes Adventure
    features: free skipping or increase when you spend coins or gems

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