Game Name FRAG Pro Shooter
Game Version 1.5.2
Developer Oh BiBi
Root Needed? NO
Android Version 4.3 and up
Mod Type Free

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Mod Features

FRAG Pro Shooter APK MOD is an Action FPS game where you play as a team to destroy enemy towers, the team with who defeats all towers or has the highest point on timeout wins the game. Actually you will be the only one playing with the team being bots, and the other team will also be a real player with the team as bots since if you die, you can choose a different character with whom you want to play. Apart from that, the game has many tournaments and events in which you can participate, each event has its own rewards and last for a few days or hours. You can win chests from the battle which will give you loot and characters, the characters in the game are unique and have different powers and all of them are upgradable. You can switch between players in the match. Join clubs ad interact with other players.


  1. I can’t believe it!!!!! You are a monster!!!! Many midders around, but you and Swiftgamer are definitely number 1!!!! Many many thanks for your hard work!!! And one day….. Please teach me!!!!! 🙂

    • You are welcome bro enjoy 😀

  2. *Modders

  3. You are really awesome…… Kuboom is next, lol. All fps are very very welcome 🙂

    • Thanks for reminding me about kuboom, i will try modding it tomorrow. Damn anti cheats are a pain 😂

  4. bro have discord?

  5. Awesome thanks!!

  6. Everytime I exit an ad in the game it crashes now

    • what is your device name and model? and what android version are u running?

  7. It’s working now but can u see if u can add god mod to it

  8. Game keeps crashing when loading now

    • i told u above to give me your device name and model but since you didnt reply, i cant help

  9. OnePlus A6013 oxygen software version 9.0.13

  10. Use to work just fine now all of a sudden now it crashes

  11. Hi @modsvip can you please update the game.

    • Hey i have updated the game 🙂

      • Thanks but i am facing a problem installation cannot be completed it says app not installed after the process end can u please help.

        • not sure what it could be, maybe because i modded the arm64 version this time, previously i modded armv7 version. What device do you have?

          • I have moto G 5s+

          • this should work, idk why its not working. The previous version installed fine and was working fine on your device?

          • Yes it was working perfectly.

          • Hey is there something i can do to make it work?

          • Maybe tomorrow i will mod for u the armv7 version, then u can install that

          • You would do that. Thanks buddy really appreciate it. I will wait for it then.

          • Hey i added the armv7 version, if this doesnt install then you might have to uninstall and restart the game completely.

          • Hey buddy thanks for helping me out armv7 version works perfectly. Thanks for the efforts you did for modding a different for me.

          • no worries 🙂

  12. Hi @vipmods if you have some spare time there is a issues with this game after you login the game you can only play 1 match after that it show no connection even though you have a proper internet connection. Just have a look if you have time.

  13. Hi @modsvip can you please update the mod.

    • sure i will update in an hour 🙂

      • Thanks and can you please update in armv7 version as well. Thanks

        • its armv7 by default, since it works on all kinds of devices 🙂

  14. Hi there is problem with the mod you can only play 1 match after logging in the the game in any mode and you cannot join any club as well. I had same issue with the pervious version as well.

  15. Good, but when gems are 0 neither things for 1 gem are possible to buy…. Lol

    • you can earn gems by other methods, because it looks like you cant battle when i keep everything 0

  16. hi there is a new 1.5.2 update, can you help and update? thanks

    • sure i will give me a moment 🙂

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