Download Galaxy Invaders: Alien Shooter

 OS: 4.4 and up
 Version: 1.3.7
 Downloads: 5,000,000+
 Updated: 29/02/2020
 Size: 52M
 Type: By Vipmods
 Mod Feature: Unlimited Coins, Gems, God Mode

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Galaxy Invaders is a galactic battle with the aliens where you will hop in your spaceship and fight waves of alien space ships. You will begin with easy ones and soon meet some powerful bosses and enemies on your way, you will earn coins and crystals which you can use to upgrade and buy new ships as well as other supplies from the stores. You will play many levels and you can choose to the difficulty as you want. The controls are easy and you can play the game with a single hand. This is a fight of mankind’s survival when the aliens try to invade the planets.

A programmer, gamer, and love researching new technology and games, reverse engineering applications. In my spare time, I usually play basketball or watch movies.


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    Hi modsvip. new update is out 1.3.7 could you add the god mode again for this? thanks

  2. Reply

    cool ty bro. Will check it out

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      sure let me know

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    the game updated to 1.3.6. could you try adding god mode or 1 hit kill please? 🙂 ty

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      hey bro i added new mod with god mode, i couldnt find the right code where i could hack the one hit

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    sure no prob 🙂

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    this game is very hard even with everything upgraded in the hard mode. Is it possible to make god mode or one hit is okay too please? tks for all the mods

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      it may be possible, would it be okay if i do it in the next update 🙂