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So what is this all about?

After getting many requests from people who wanted to learn how to mod specific games, I created a new tier for it where I will include games and application tutorials that you can mod yourself, I will provide you with the exact keywords to look for in IDA Pro or DNSPY and if it is an Application then I will tell you what exactly you have to do in order to modify the application.

This is only for Android


This is not for beginners, only purchase if you already know how to mod and have modded games before, even if you have modded a single game before it is more than enough, in this one I will not provide any support for how to load lib files, or how to download and install tools, etc, I will only provide support for the game that I have posted if you get stuck somewhere OR cannot find the method or function.

List of Games Posted so far

You can find all the download links on the Patreon feed, I will keep updating the list here as I post new games, so always check back.

  • How To MOD Kim Kardashian Hollywood (The mod being posted on the site) – does not include mod menu
  • How to mod Keys in Farmville tropic and country escape
  • How to mod Bowling Crew to always get strike
  • How to mod episodes choose your story for free premium choices
  • How to Modify FAP CEO Game to get unlimited gems, + also learn how to modify the Obfuscated game
  • How to MOD Rebel Racing by Hutch Games, Always win races even if you come last.
  • How to MOD Willy Wonka Casino Slots by Zynga – Currency to never decrease
  • How to MOD Wizard of OZ Casino Slots by Zynga – Currency to never decrease
  • How to MOD MeChat – Love secrets – Diamonds/Gems never decrease
  • How to MOD Romance Fate: Stories and Choices – Free Premium Choices
  • How to MOD Love Sick: Love story game – Diamonds & Keys never decrease
  • How to MOD Dream Zone: Dating simulator & Interactive stories – Diamonds & Keys never decrease
  • How to MOD Tabou Stories – Unlimited Tickets & Freeze Gems (Requires Mod Menu for gems to work, Mod menu tutorial not included)


Please Note: You can cancel your Patreon membership after downloading all the content you need, remaining a patreon is completely optional and you can join again anytime you want, you will keep all the downloaded files to you even after canceling your patreon. Do not join patreon if the end of the month is near since the patreon will charge you twice, so just wait until the month finishes then join. You agree you are older than 18.

All information given on our patreon page is for educational purposes and we are not responsible for how you make use of it.

Please do not purchase this for a single game, purchase it for all the games because games get patched all the time, so if I make a post about a specific game, it does not mean it will work after a year or 2, things change but I will try to keep all of it up to date.

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