Get Paid Mod For Free

Since some games are much harder to hack, and requires you to bypass some sort of security in the game we do not give it out for free in fear of getting it patched.

Here is what you have to do to get the mod for free.

  1. You need to go to any website, blog or forum and spread the word about our site and add a link back.

Make sure you have basic knowledge of what backlinks are if you send me an email sharing crappy links I will not reply to your email. So make sure you know what backlinks are. 

For example:

You can answer a question on Quora and add the link back to our site

Or you could even go to websites that allow you to create a free website and then add a link there, basically creating a website with few articles and adding a link which points back to our site. Examples,,, Blogspot. com etc

You need to spread the word about and what you like about it and then link back to our site.


Things you are not allowed to do:

  • You are COMPLETELY not allowed to spam on any site, forum or blog
  • You are not allowed to put links on adult sites or low-quality sites
  • DO NOT place more than one link on any site, forum, or blogs.
  • None of your links will be counted if you do the things mentioned above
  • Do not create links on YouTube, Instagram – They are useless.

ONCE YOU ARE DONE LINKING ON 10 WEBSITES, BLOGS OR FORUM THEN JUST SEND US THE LINKS AT [email protected] and the name of the game that you would want, and we will check them out and send you the link/password to download your mod.