Golf Challenge – World Tour MOD APK 2.03.01 (NO WIND)

Game Name Golf Challenge – World Tour
Game Version 2.03.01
Developer NEOWIZ
Root Needed? NO
Android Version 4.4 and up
Mod Type By Vipmods

Mod Features

PlayStore Link:

Golf Challenge – World Tour Review

Golf Challenge is a new PVP game by NEOWIZ where you will play with hundreds of players around the world in 1vs1 matches. Not only that you will also be able to take part in world tournaments where you will be competing with others towards a goal.  There are multiple levels if you are going to play PVP matches, each level has a certain amount of bet that you will need to keep and as you level up the bet will increase and you will also make more money.

You can use it to buy new equipment for yourself from the store such as different balls with abilities to have wind resistance, resistance to rough, sand, etc. You can also buy different golf stick and upgrade them as well to make them more powerful in terms of power, accuracy, and grip. You will earn bags after winning matches, the bags will contain goodies that you can use in the game.

The graphics of the game are stunning and make you feel like you are actually out playing golf, with its amazing audio effects and sound of nature music. The controls are also very simple, you will begin with a tutorial that will show you how to play the game, but if you have played any golf game before then it won’t be a problem for you.

Make sure you check out this tutorial on how to install SPLIT APKs, to install this game.

Use BYPASS APK first and complete the tutorial and first match, then install MOD APK over BYPASS and continue

Download APK MOD


  1. Reply

    hey VIP MODS It would be good to put the game on the page here is the link

    • Reply

      we have a mod for this game it just needs to be updated,i will update it

      • Reply

        Mod dose not work after great wall of china fo me please check

  2. Reply

    That’s great. ….. it’s difficult to see, but I’m always winnings so it must be that way……hahahahahahahaha

  3. Reply

    So opponent has wind and me not? I don’t understand:)

    • Reply

      yes exactly

  4. Reply

    Bro, no wind is shared with the opponent. Both zero wind! Or maybe it is only visual for the opponent???

    • Reply

      i have tested the opponent does not have wind because when he/she shoots the ball does go towards the wind direction, ignore the wind that says 0 on the screen, check when the opponent hits the ball compared to how you hit it

  5. Reply

    Thanks bro

  6. Reply

    Bro, APK bypass needed, BCS game stucks. Thanks

    • Reply

      Bro this game was updated a while ago, let me update it with bypass apk as well

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  7. Reply

    Bro, APK bypass needed, BCS game stuck. Thanks

    • Reply

      Let me check

  8. Reply

    Thx bro

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