Golf Rush MOD APK 0.142 (Always your turn)

Download Golf Rush: Mini Golf Simulator Games. Golfing PvP

 OS: 4.1 and up
 Version: 0.142
 Downloads: 100,000+
 Updated: 25/03/2020
 Size: 67M
 Type: By Vipmods
 Mod Feature: Always your turn

Read Important: Make sure to turn on MOD from the mod menu when it is your turn, and it will always remain your turn then. It works best when you begin the turn first, then it always remains your turn. Sometimes in the game, the opponent or may have the last shot after you or your opponent pars. If that happens there is no work out you will lose, but if you have the last chance to do the par after your opponent has done it, then turn on the mod and then collect many stars and then par, if you have more stars than your opponent you will win.

Download APK MOD Download From PlayStore

Golf Rush is a sports PVP battle game by Ten Square Games, the same developers behind some of the most popular games like Fishing Clash. In the game you will play in live PVP matches where you will compete on different levels, each level will require you to place a certain amount of coins, and upon winning you will earn the coins and lose if you lose the game. Kinda similar to how the matchmaking works on games like 8 ball pool. It has many levels and you will get matched up with tougher opponents once you level up. Win matches to earn coins which you can use to buy other Golf equipment kits for your player. There are different kinds of golf sticks and balls. Each ball has a different purpose in the game some can get you out of the sand and some can have wind resistance. These can be used as power-ups in the game. The graphics of the game are really good and the gameplay is also very good. The game is not yet available worldwide it is only available in certain countries but you can download the mod APK from our site and enjoy today.


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    Hey @vipmod, I want to ask you. I already install mariposa official mod, but the diamonds and the keys is decreasing when I am use it. Is that okay ? I mean, when my keys and diamonds run out, can I still use it ? Please reply as soon as possible

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    Can you try to mod this game and make an autoplay with perfect + great?
    Please! Thanks for your hard work.

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    Can you mod heir of love

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    Hey @vipmod can you make the mod for criminal case ? I want to have this feature for the mod
    Unlimited Energy Unlimited Gold Unlimited Stars No Temmate Cooldown Unlocked All Stages Unlocked All Pet Shop Unlock All Items Instant Analysis

    Here the link

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    Hey @vipmod, its me again. I have a request mod for you. Can you mod criminal case with mod
    Unlimited Energy
    Unlimited Gold
    Unlimited Stars
    No Temmate Cooldown
    Unlocked All Stages
    Unlocked All Pet Shop
    Unlock All Items
    Instant Analysis
    This is the link

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    Hey Vipmods 🧐Why i am unable to install memories mariposa official mod?

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    Could you try nodding this game 🙂

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    Hi can you mods this game?
    Take a look at “A3! Actor Training Game”

    This is the playstore link ?
    Thanks in advance

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      Yaa Plz try modding it.

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        Hey I appreciate your work and love your effort.

        I was just wondering if you can mod angry birds 2

        I appreciate it so much please let me know if you can thanks

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