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A new puzzle game for all the Harry Potter fans by Zynga. You will begin your journey and play as the Harry Potter in the game who received a letter from Hogwarts that he got an admission to it, you will travel to Diagon alley where you will meet Rubeus Hagrid (by the way his heigh was a whopping 8 feet 6 inches in the game movie) and your adventure will start from there. You will complete many puzzle levels and earn coins and other items that you can use, further ahead in the game you will be able to unlock guilds and play events to earn exclusive rewards and be able to play with other players around the world. The game has really good graphics, and visual effects, it also has the original music from Harry Potter and follows the original story which makes the game more interesting. You will earn boosters as well in case you find a difficult stage ahead in the game, it will help you finish the levels more easily.

There are new events added, new levels, and many improvements are made to the game.

OS: 5.0 and up
Package Name: com.zynga.pottermatch
Developer: Zynga
Updated On: Recently
Version: 29.0.675
Downloads: 10,000,000+
Size: 76M


You will always win every level, if you run out of moves it will automatically give you a victory.

I have included a BYPASS APK use it to complete the tutorial part if you get stuck, then install mod apk over bypass apk and continue

if you had an issue with the mod being stuck on the first level please download both mod and bypass apk, there was an issue with the mod too. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Download APK MOD Download APK BYPASS Download From Playstore


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  1. Hello there. It seems that a new version is available (25.1.622). Can you please update it in your website and please without any glitches so that we can enjoy the game to the fullest.

    Thank you

  2. New ver 25.1.622, upd pls

  3. I saw a new versión of Harry Potter puzzles 25.0.621. Please modify

  4. The current security update of this game…if can’t be broken…I’d suggest to mod the (first free) BROWN RAT creature…make this creature an epic creature…(Please don’t give the flame border…it’d seek unnecessary attention)…Give +20 moves (&/or extra1 winged key like norwegian Rideback) & +5 trophies per puzzle win.

  5. Upd. Pls

  6. Подскажите починили или не починили мод

  7. HEYYY!!! Still no mod? Please we need this game! It’s important! I’m begging you! Please fix the mod!! please please please! Harry POTTER puzzles and spells (24.0.609)

  8. there are still players who earn thousands of trophies in a few hours, I’d like to know what mods they use

  9. Hope its fixed soon. I am stuck in the game.

  10. Heyyy!!! When Harry Potter puzzles and spells will be fixed? It’s very important for us! Please help us!!!

  11. Hi, the mod is fixed?

  12. Can’t advance to lvl13 especially after powerups available. Help us modsvip / dijovik

  13. Please try to fix the mod.

  14. heyyy!! did you find a fix for Harry Potter puzzles and spells game? It’s very important for all of us! Ahahah thank you so much for your effort! We couldn’t play this game wiothout your mod!!

  15. Oi alguém sabe se o mod foi corrigido?

  16. Just thought you ought to know, the new mod(s) 24.0.609 no longer works with game advancement. (All the new mods from different websites have this problem.) The power-ups may be infinite, but you can no longer complete any levels or even the daily team puzzles. Once a level appears completed when you go back to the main screen it as if you never did it. The daily team puzzles show a different screen saying you’re not connected to the internet (not true) and therefore your puzzle doesn’t count toward the team.

  17. Need working updates for 24.0.609.. is this game mod proof?

  18. Hi, I want yo know if the Harry Potter game puzzles is already fixed? Thanks.

  19. Hi.. When will it be fixed? Today or in this weekn? Thank you

  20. hey please, can you update Harry Potter puzzles and spells? It’s very very important! we really appreciate your work, but the latest version (24.0.609) doesn’t work! Please help us!!!!

  21. Is it fixed yet? I’m dying lol

  22. This game is good but the last version isn’t working, Can you fix it please ? Thank you

  23. Ver. 24.0.609 have Level stuck

  24. Hello DijoVik, thank you for the mod but the version 24.0.609 doesn’t work. I can’t progress in the game because it keeps me stuck in the same level. Can you fix it, please? Thanks in advance

  25. Hey, appreciate the effort. Thanks for the mod but the new version isn’t working. It keeps me stuck in the same level. Would you be able to fix it please?

    • I have the same problem. It seems nobody can play the new modded version anymore 🙁 hopefully this will get fixed soon.

  26. Help please. the update version 24 0.609 suddenly doesn’t work. the boosters work but after “passing” the level, you’ll realize you didn’t and it consumed a life. Help please.

  27. HI. The harry Potter puzzle nos dont working. Can u fix it please?? I play again anda again same lvl and it consumes the lives, as if it did not pass the level

  28. Can’t progress after the last mod update.

    • Hello DijoVik 🙂 I would be very happy if you could fix this error very quickly, I would be really grateful, many thanks in advance

  29. I tried play offline and still losing lives. I hope you can fix this awesome mod.

  30. Could you fix this updated mod please? It doesn’t seem to let you advance to the next puzzle after winning. Thank you!

  31. Harry Potter Unfortunately this mod doesn’t even work online or offline, you just can’t get anywhere

  32. Hi, I’m not able to progress to the next puzzle, I even tried playing offline & it still didn’t work. Hopefully you can fix it when you can.

  33. Hi. Can you please give me previus version link for this game. Thank you very much.

  34. Could you please try to mod the game Pixel.Fun2?
    Google link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.domobile.pixelfunv2


  35. I thank you for the quick update, but apparently it doesn’t work, you don’t get a level further, you have to do life again and again even though you have passed the level

  36. Could you please do the new update

    Harry Potter: Puzzles and Spells 24.0.609


  37. Hey is it possible for you to update Harry Potter Puzzles and Spells to the latest version( 24.0.609)

    Mod features: unlimited power ups and coins if possible.

    Thank you

  38. Hey can you please update Harry Potter Puzzles and spells to the latest version (24.0.609)
    Thank you

  39. Soccer royale

    Unlimited energy/ guidelines

  40. Is there possible to mod this game : Maybe: Interactive Stories
    It would be great if the mod features are unlimited tickets/diamonds and free premium choices. Thank you very much.

  41. -REQUEST


    MOD FEATURES : COINS and CREDITS infinites

  42. Dear Dijovik, I already download marvel comic but I still have to pay the book. I thought all the book gonna be free or do I do something wrong? Please reply because I really need to know it.

    Ps. Dijovik, I know you just read my comment, but come on man, you have to answer my question because you’re the owner of this mod and you have responsibility to make sure your mod is work without problems.

  43. DijoVik Thank you that went so quickly

  44. Could you please do the new update

    Harry Potter: Puzzles and Spells 23.1.594

  45. Доброго времени суток, DijoVik!
    Не могли бы Вы ещё дальше обновить игру Harry Potter магия и загадки?
    Просто я дошла до 825-й го ловоломки, а дальше нет… (((, но другие игроки уже дальше начали играть… У них появилась и 826-я головоломка, открылась какая то “ЛЕГЕНДА”
    Заранее благодарю!

  46. Excuse me sir, can you make memories interactive otome stories? This is already in your request game section but you never make it so I am here to remind you to do it

  47. Can you make mobile legend with unlimited coin, battlepoint, and diamond please? Or make it free purchase?

    Also can you make Yugi Oh Duel Links with unlimited money, gems, and key?
    Or make it free purchase? Here’s the link

  48. Please can you update Harry Potter Puzzles and spells to the latest version (23.0.592).

    Here is the link of the game


    Thank you very much

  49. I hope u will include unli coins too

  50. hello I would be very happy if the new update 23.0.592 comes

  51. Is there an Unlimited Gold mod for android as well?

  52. 12 October. Need update.

  53. Can you update this game please? Thanks!

  54. Can’t install after download

    • that error happens when you dont read and rush to download

  55. Hi can you mod this game?
    Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.secretfriends.chatbook.b1444

  56. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.blitzteam.battleprime

    Give a try pls

    • i dont think this one was possible, i will try tomorrow it seems like a hard game bro

  57. Possible to mod this boomBit Game?


    • most likely bro let me try

    • posted bro

      • Hi! Can you mod tera endless war? Even just in pve? Thank you very much! https://apkpure.com/tera-endless-war/com.joycity.tr

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