How To Download Free Movies & Tv Shows From Google

How To Download Free Movies & Tv Shows

Hey Guys,  so I am back with another simple tutorial or we could say a trick that you can use to download any movie or Tv Show that you want from google completely free.

The best part is that you will direct download all movies, you do not need to use any torrent or application to download, you just need your laptop or phone with a web browser and you are good to go. Also, you can easily download without having your ISP to know about it, after all in many countries when you download torrents or stream movies from unethical sources then there are chances your ISP will know, but this way it is very hard for them to know since the downloads are direct and there is no reason for them to check. That means this method can work anywhere in the world no matter which country you reside in.

The trick today I am going to show you will work with any movie or tv show that you want, though it easier to find download links for popular movies, you can get full HD movies in both 720p and 1080p version, I will show you how.


1) First open up any web browser, use Firefox or Google Chrome and go to

2) Type in the search bar the name of the movie you want to download, in my example let’s say I want Avengers End Game movie.

3) You need to type in a specific format to get direct download links, and this is how – (Your movie Name) 720p “Parent Directory”, in my case the search will be Avengers Endgame 720p “Parent Directory” see pic below for better understanding.

How To Download Free Movies & Tv Shows From Google

4) You will get some results, so just click on the first link. The download link will most likely be there, if not then try the other results.

5) Now you will see the download link as shown in the pic below.

How To Download Free Movies & Tv Shows From Google

6) Click on the link, you see that you got the 1080p version available for download, it is around 5.6GB in size, so you can be assured that the movie will be in HD.

7) Click on the link and you will be able to download the file directly.

How To Download Free Movies & Tv Shows From Google

That’s it!

You can download pretty much any move that you want or a TV show full seasons this way and it will work just fine, it works anywhere in the world since the search queries are made directly on google and the search terms find pages, where the download links are index and the file, is being hosted, that’s why you see most of the results are just IP Addresses, which means the results which are shown are of the directory inside a server that is hosting the file.


If you enjoyed this simple tutorial then please share it with your friends, I will add more such tips and tricks for you to learn something new each day. Remember this is still an unethical way of downloading movies, so you are responsible for what you do with this, Vipmods is not responsible for it. This method is the easiest way to download files at full speed and without installing any third-party software or torrents.

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  1. How about TV Series?

    • same format, example = how i met your mother download full season “parent directory”


      friends season 1 “parent directory”

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