How to easily Fix Segmentation fault: 11 on IOS THEOS

Today we are going to learn how to easily fix the Segmentation fault: 11 error when you run the make package, make or make package install command to make your tweak on any terminal: putty, Mterminal, or any other.

Segmentation fault: 11 occurs when the program is trying to access a memory location on a device that has no permissions, thus throwing you that error. Strangely this happens too when you run the make package command and the easy way to fix is you need to define the architectures in your make file inside the tweak folder.

1) Go to your tweak project folder on your iPhone or iPad

2) Open the Makefile you see

3) On top completely add this “ARCHS = armv7 arm64” without double quotes

That’s it, now you should be able to make your tweaks just fine without any errors.

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