How to Install Split APKs files (APKs) NO ROOT & ROOT

Google Play is pushing developers to use Slit Apks so as to reduce the size of APK files and only install the Architecture that is supported by the device instead of installing altogether. Since then the developers have been using Split Bundles to reduce the size of Apks and this way preventing us from even modding the games but we will find a solution to that soon. For now, you can install the MODDED Split Apks using a Tool called SAI.

SAI is a Split Apk Installer, which you can use to Install the .apks, zip files, .xapk, and also normal apk extension files. The process is just the same for every file type.

1) Download SAI by clicking HERE

2) Open the App and hit the blue button you see “Install APKs”

3) Navigate to the zip file that you just downloaded, and select the .apks file that you just downloaded. (If it is just a normal APK file then click that, it also works with normal apk files)

4) Select the file and hit the “Select” blue button you see on the bottom right of your screen

5) The APK will start installing

6) You will receive a popup saying the APP has been installed. You can either open from right there or go to your home screen to open the game.


Are you getting any errors while installing the game?  Then try this.

  • Hit the little GEAR icon you see on SAI top left of your screen
  • Now toggle on SIGN Apks
  • Repeat the installation process.