How to Make Your Tweaks/Patches Using Flex3

How to Make Your Tweaks/Patches Using Flex 3

In this tutorial today I will show you how you can create your own patches using Flex 3, it will work with both apps and games. I will show you how to create and execute it inside the game. It is very simple and easy to do. You will also be able to then upload your own tweaks and patches to their cloud for others to download them.

Flex 3 is a tool created for IOS devices that are jailbroken to help them modify games and apps that they want, ofcourse not every game and app will be possible but it really depends on your skills since this is a trial and error process.

Game Modification

Today I will be showing you a tutorial on how to mod this game called Episodes Interactive story, it can be found here – Episodes AppStore – So make sure you have downloaded it already. So basically in this game whenever you complete a chapter the game rewards you with One Gem, but with the help of Flex 3, we will modify that amount so we can get as many gems as we want after we complete.

So I assume you already have the game and Flex 3 installed already. If not you can install Flex 3 from Cydia.


1) So open up flex and hit the + sign on the top right corner you see and select the game Episodes

2) Add a title if you wish or else just click on “Add Units…”

3) Now under Executable Hit the game name and some pop-up will come so just hit “Process”, it will take some time and then you will have the little arrow on the right side so once you see that click on the game and you will enter the main screen from where you can find game classes functions and methods to modify.

4) The Obj-C classes are where all the methods are stored, so you can either search for class names to find good interesting classes where you may find interesting methods to modify or directly search for methods.

Some useful classes can be userdata, user, subscription, currency, walletdata, currencymanager, playerinfo stuff like that. These classes may store some good methods that you can modify.

5) In order case we need to modify the gems rewards so we will search for something similar to it, like rewards, gems, rewardcount, etc. Since I already know what I want to modify, the 2 methods that I need to modify are “getReward” inside “GemSeedingMaager” class and “calculateGemRewardAmount” inside the same class as well.

6) Just search for these two options and click on them and you will have a  tick on the side.

7) Now Go Back to where you set the game title etc like the home page aka “Patch Editor” area and you will be the methods will be listed there.

8) Click on “getReward” method then select the Argument, it’s returning a long value so we assign a number to it, in the edit override method click the override value and select number, now enter the amount you wish to receive after you complete the chapter. Done

How to Make Your Tweaks/Patches Using Flex3

9) Go back to the patch editor section and select “calculateGemRewardAmount” and repeat the process you did in step 8 but this time select the return value (long, long) and return the amount of value you kept in step 8

How to Make Your Tweaks/Patches Using Flex3

10) Once done go back patches section and toggle on the episodes patch and now you will receive the number of gems you kept when you complete a chapter.

If you wish to upload your patch to the cloud so that others can download then just click on the cloud icon on the top right and it will upload, if it prompts you to create an account then do so.

Final Thoughts

This is how you can create your own patches and tweaks using Flex 3, in today’s tutorial I showed you how to modify the games but the application modification is also very similar, you just need to check the correct class and methods and modify it and in most applications, you will only be modifying the boolean methods meaning true or false, you will have methods like “isPremium”, “isVip”, “isSubscribed“, etc, etc and you have to return true or false to it as I did in step 8, it will have the true or false option since booleans are only checks and you can only return a true or false to it.

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