How to Mod Android Applications without Computer

How to Mod Android Applications without Computer Beginner’s Guide

So here is my tutorial on how to Mod Android Applications without needing a computer and modding using only your Android device. I am writting this tutorial after receiving many requests on creating a free tutorial on how to mod Android apps. This tutorial will be very basic and cover the main points on how to mod any Android app, but know that not all apps are the same and some can get pretty complex and hard to modify, the tutorial i will show is for beginners and later your skills will help you crack harder apps.

The Things you will need to mod the applications.

  • Android Phone (Root is not needed)
  • ApkEditorPro which allows dex2smali so make sure you download the one i have provided below.
  • Download APK Editor Pro.
  • That’s It

Note: Some people prefer using ApkEasy Tool or ApkTool or any other tool that can decompile Apk files but that is optional and you will also need a computer for that, i find ApkEditor much easier and convient since you can mod apps using only your Android Device. Though the choice is yours then, the process of modding is just the same but today i will show you how to mod on mobile devices.

Let’s Get Started

Before beginning let’s cover some basics about it, as we all know most Android apps are built in Java and when you build them they get packed inside a Dex file which then becomes smali, smali can still be readable and modify but it is a little complicated if you are new to it. You can find the dalvik op codes on this website to learn more about smali codes. – Now most of the Android apps you will be modifying will be through smali.

For today’s tutorial we will be modding an called “BODY by Blogilates” Link –

This app is very simple to modify, and is a good example for beginners who want to modify Android apps, the app has free content and premium content, and you will need to buy the premium subcription in order to view the premium content, but today we will mod the app and make the app think we have purchased premium.

So let’s begin.

I have tried to explain in a very simple manner for anyone to understand even if the person has completely no knowledge about modding apps or smali language.


1) First download the apk file from apkcombo preferable, using their apkdownloader, make sure you download the armeabi-v7a version since it is better and works on all devices and emulators.

2) Now if you downloaded it on PC then send it to your Android device,  or if it is on Android then open up apk editor pro then hit “Select an Apk File”

3) Navigate to where you stored the APK file

4) Click on the APK file and select “Full Edit”

5) Now go to “Files” tab

6) And long press or hit DEX > Smali pic you see at the bottom of the screen

7) Let the app do its work and output the smali files.

8) Navigate to “Smali > com > blogilates > body” This is the main folder where all the good things that you can modify, usually the files are always inside the package name’s folder, for this app the package name is com.blogilates.body, and if you notice we also navigated to the same smali folder as the packaage name, in other cases you will have many smali files and all will have such folders so you have to search yourself and try modifying things to see if they work, as i said not all apps will be this straightforward, some are complicated.

9) Once you are in the folder then search for “isPremium” and you will get some resutls.

10) The one you want to mod is model/User.smali, view the result and go to line 242 and you will have a method that says as shown in the pic below

How to Mod Android Applications without Computer

11) Methods ending with ()Z are booleans so you can return either true or false to them, basically the app is verifying here whether the user is premium or not, and we will return true so it will think we are premium.

12) To do that just remove everything from line 245 and 246, and write const v0, 0x1 , this means 1 or true for false or 0 it is const v0, 0x0, so the app will think you are premium, see screeshot below.

How to Mod Android Applications without Computer

13) Now save and build the apk file, let the app do its job and it will sign the apk file for you, once that is done then simply install the application and you will have all the premium features unlocked.

14) The main thing to know is whih smali folder to modify, you will learn that with experience as you start modding Android apps but as i mentioned above it is usually inside the main folder with the same name as the package name.

Congratulations on modding your first Android App!!

So that is how you modify android application, as i said this was a very basic tutorial for beginners, but as you pratice and modify more apps you will automatically learn more and more and be able to crack even the hard ones. It is the same if you are trying to modify from a computer, just decompile and navigate to the correct foler, and if you want to search within the smile files then you will have to use apps like notepad++ which can allow you to search within the files for keywords.

Other application have different membership types like Vip, Subscription, Pro, and other names so you will have to search accordingly, sometimes the app will have premium subscription but in smali it will have the name as Pro Subscription so you also have to look out for all that but that is something you will learn with time.


So this is how it is done, many users do not want to mod using PC so this is why i made this tutorial for those who are willing to mod just using your Android device, it works on all Android device as long as the app supports your Android version. Also there is no need of a rooted Android device it works perfectly without root. if you want to learn more about modding check out our course.

A programmer, gamer, and love researching new technology and games, reverse engineering applications. In my spare time, I usually play basketball or watch movies.


  1. Great, I tried to do it with a java game to have premium choices but when I’m navigating for example like this Smali > com > blogilates > body then for the following step idk how is it call, I tried to type isPremium but it obviously wasn’t there.

    • As i said in the article not all methods will be called the same, all developers name it differently so you have to first check what the currency, subscription or whatever it is that is named and search for that

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  3. Thank you DijoVik❤️

  4. What are other names than isPremium? Does this work with java games?

    • yes java games can be modified this way built for android

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