How To Re-Sign Applications WITHOUT Computer

How To Re-Sign Applications without Computer (IOS Unc0ver) IOS 14

Today I will show you how you can re-sign every application you installed on your iPhone after Jailbreak for another 7 days without needing a computer, the new jailbreak as we all know requires you to connect your phone to a computer and to resign the application every seven days which can be annoying especially if you are in someplace where you won’t have your PC or MAC with you and this can lead the signatures being revoked by apple and leave your applications in a “not working” state.

This method is testing on iPhone 12 Pro Max on IOS 14.3 and it is working perfectly, it should work with all devices that are jailbroken using AltStore and the latest Unc0ver jailbreak. All you need is one tweak called AltDaemon the repo is given below.

Source Repo

1) Add this Source to your Cydia –

After you have added it just search for AltDaemon and install it. Once it has been installed open Altstore on your device then go to the “My Apps” section and hit “refresh all”. This is will then re-sign all the applications for another 7 days so that way your applications will never expire.

Update 07/03/2021

If you are having issues with all daemon crashing or something then just install the latest version of AltStore from their website onto your computer or if it gives you the chance to update the app right from your art store application on your device then do so, the latest version fixes the crash issues and also supports IOS 14.5 beta.

This is a must-have tweak for all the jailbroken users out there. If you found this tutorial useful then please share it.

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