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The world has ended because of global warming and now, humans are trying to survive in the few islands which are habitable after the biggest flood of history! You are one of these survivors after suffered a shipwreck and now you will have to find a way to survive in this idle game!

Start this survival game with few resources like food for the survivors and materials to build new places which will help you to advance in this idle game and find new places on the island to create a new world with your survivors. This will be a tough adventure but if you are persistent, you will be able to pass the first island and improve your situation in a new one with better and higher resources.

You will have to manage few things in this survival game but the main ones are materials to get new buildings, food for the survivors of the island, and the survivors in itself, who will be working as much as you are online or offline. This is a new type of idle games since we have created an idle or tycoon game but with the history of a survival one so you will have the mechanics of any idle game to gather resources but you will need to do some missions to advance through the island and prosper as a new civilization in the islands which you will visit.

Handle your survivors and decide in which building they have to work. Remember that depending on the building which you choose, you will produce more materials or more food, and the time to discover new parts of the island will change because of these decisions.

Speak with the wandering merchant and buy special improvements for your island to advance faster in this survival game, discover the genius of each island who will study new ways of improving the speed of looting and take care of the new survivors who reach your island after a long journey by the enormous sea since they will work for the island if you help them!

With time, you will discover new places on the island and you will find treasures from the sea which will facilitate your progress in this survival game. And one of the best things about this idle adventure is that you can keep gathering materials and food even when you are offline! And you can even multiply the time of gathering resources offline! Don’t waste your time anymore and download Idle Island Tycoon: The free survival game where you will live the real life of a shipwreck man or woman!

OS: 4.4 and up
Package Name: com.Atalana.IdleIslandTycoon
Developer: Atalana Games
Updated On: Recently
Version: Latest
Downloads: 1,000+
Size: 61M
Type: MOD
Mod Feature: The game has been modified to never decrease your money when spent.
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