Is It Love? Gabriel MOD APK 1.3.241 (Unlimited Energy)

Game Name Is It Love? Gabriel
Game Version 1.3.241
Developer 1492 Studio
Root Needed? NO
Android Version 4.4 and up
Mod Type Free

If you want more games by 1492 Then please leave the game name and play store link in the comment section and I will mod it for you 🙂

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Mod Features

PlayStore Link:

Is It Love? Gabriel – Virtual relationship game APK MOD is a novel story game where you will play as a young woman who is a workaholic and in a relationship with a young businessman. However things soon start going wrong after a ghost form the past starts to haunt your relation and breaking it apart, how will you save it? Make wise choices in the game that will determine your future and relationship. You will have full control over the story.


  1. when it comes to part of the story, he asks me to buy more, I don’t know what to do, I already uninstalled and installed again, restarted the game, but it came to nothing

  2. Hi, I can download the game from drogo and gabriel, but none of them have infinite money, do you have any solution for that?

    • your energy should be unlimited, check your energy

  3. It didn’t worked for me, just got stucked on the black screen after de title… But thanks anyway, i really wanted this mod, you are amazing! <3

    • can you try playing on parallel space, it should work there. The game also does not work for me, until i play on parallel space

      • I tried to install on the Ldplayer on my pc, but in the version with root or without it didn’t worked, neither the Gabriel version or the Drogo’s… But like you said, on my phone in the parallel space worked! But just Drogo’s, the Gabriel’s didn’t want to install, and i tried multiple times… Still, you’re increrible! It really worked! Thank you!

        • i am not sure about emulators as i always avoid testing on those because many modded games don’t work on or even original because of the GPU, architecture, DPI problems. So I always prefer testing on mobile and parallel space lol

          • Buuut i just tried to install Gabriel’s on my phone(not parallel space), and worked! you are soooo Amazing!! I’m so happy!! (âœŋ◠â€ŋ◠)

          • you are most welcome :D, sadly for me, these games only run on parallel space lol hahaha

          • i started the game to test it, the mod works, but it is strange, it is like the game scenes are random, i just started and i’m supposed to run to work, get to know people, get to know the boss, but in the first scenes i’m already have best friends, and gabriel is taking the clothes off LOL
            And theres no question, just on the beginning when they aks your name. (ā˛Ĩīšā˛Ĩ) the drogo’s seems to work fine (â™Ĩâ€ŋâ™Ĩ)

          • i am glad the game works fine :D, however about the scenes i am really not sure because i cannot edit those haha 😀 😀

  4. OH MY ?. I haven’t tested it yet but please make mod of these for me:

    Thanks ^^
    Later I give my feedback â™Ĩī¸

    • please provide feedback then i start modding. On my side i can confirm it is working but i want feedback since they have many games 🙂

      • Hey. As far as I tested it is working perfectly. I didn’t use parallel service and it ran perfectly. By the way, sorry I did not put the name of the games in the requests ?

        • that is great :D, i will mod more games by them haha until i finish them all



    • i will post a mod for this soon 🙂



    • posted

  8. OMG!!! Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!

    • you are welcome 😀

  9. thanks <3, could bring the mod of this?

    • This one is called It is love Drogo and could bring this one too It is love Sebastian

      • Done posted

    • i have posted this MOD 🙂

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