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Journeys: Interactive Series is a story based on choices that you will make, the outcome will be different depending on the choices that you will make, you control the story.

The story is about Linda Brown a beautiful young singer from new york who travels to Rio De Janeiro to her friend’s wedding. Help her find her true love, meet new people, and interact with them, make wise choices because it will affect the story.

Some choices in the game will cost you diamonds, usually, diamond cost have really interesting outcomes. You can customize your character with different outfits, hairstyles, and more, and even in those, some outfits may be premium which cost you diamonds.

In the newest version 1.1.27 the episodes load much faster now, new series available to play, and plenty of bug fixes and performance improvements made.

The new update just has minor bug fixes.

The 1.1.44 updates bring a new fresh series to the game, the episodes also load much faster now thanks to all the improvements made by the developers and the bug fixes.

The update is pretty much the same as the previous one, not sure if new series are added.

Check out – Linda Brown: Interactive Story MOD APK

 OS: 4.4 and up
 Version: 1.1.46
 Package Name: com.otherguys.journeys
 Developer: The Other Guys
 Downloads: 10,000,000+
 Updated: recently
 Size: 94M
 Type: By Vipmods
 Mod Feature: Free Premium Choices

Premium choices will be free for you in the game. The chances of getting ban with this mod is very slim.

If you share my MOD elsewhere then please give credits to my site! 

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    Thank you 🙂

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    Can you make mod For this game.Celtic Heroes 3D MMORPG

  3. Reply

    The game needs a new update, my friend, and thanks for everything you do.

  4. Reply

    Can you modify this game, please
    1. Board kings ™️ and coins mod

  5. Reply

    Please update to 1.1.27

  6. Reply

    Please update the mod

  7. Reply

    I got banned.. Please fix this😭😭

  8. Reply

    Hi i am really a big fan of your work ,, is it love ? Drogo keeps telling me a new version is available whenever i say no it pops up again the same goes for is it love colin , as for is it love gabriel it keeps telling me check if there is a internet connection while it is running , please please fix

  9. Reply

    Muito obrigada por atualizar o mod

  10. Reply

    Can you mod my candy love pls 🙁

  11. Reply

    I would like request a game its :
    1. Fun! Hiragana
    3. make it FULL VERSION mod it please

  12. Reply

    Hey, can you mod this game, pls?
    Romance: Love and choices
    (Mod: unlimited diamonds and tickets)

  13. Reply

    can you please mod this game:
    Game: Secrets: Game of Choices

  14. Reply

    Poderia atualizar para a versão 1.1.25 ?

  15. Reply

    Could you please mod tappytoon for infinite tokens? The version in here doesn’t seem to work.
    Mod: infinite tokens

  16. Reply

    good day sir/maam.

    can you mod:

    Asphalt 9 v2.2.2a

    features : No AI, and Speed Hack only ** NO mod menu

    very much appreciated. 😊

  17. Reply

    how to maintain the data if you updated the game?

  18. Reply

    Muito obrigada!!! Estou muito agradecida por modificar esse jogo, está funcionando perfeitamente!!! <3

  19. Reply

    update please

  20. Reply

    update please

  21. Reply

    Olá, você poderia atualizar o mod para a versão 1.1.22?

  22. Reply

    Atualiza, por favor.

  23. Reply

    Update pls

  24. Reply

    Can you mod this game please? thank you

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    please can you upload the game : “moments : choose your stories” because It does not work ?

  26. Reply

    Hello please can you upload the game: moments. I cant dowload because the link dont work

  27. Reply

    Heyy, i wanna tell you that game maybe : interactive stories isn’t working, the diamonds not unlimited. Can you update that??

  28. Reply

    No funciona cuando la abro no me dice que mi cuenta no es valida

  29. Reply

    Updateee 😢😢😢😢😢😭😭😭

  30. Reply

    Please update!

  31. Reply

    Update pls ☺️

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    New update please!

  33. Reply

    Update, please 😭😭😭🥺

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      I am banned and cant play anymore. Any luck you will release an upgrade?.

  34. Reply

    Update please

  35. Reply

    Updated, version 1.0.50.


  36. Reply

    I played this game with Parallel Space, after played two eps I got banned.

  37. Reply

    after i played two eps i got banned.

  38. Reply

    It’s okay that u updated it, but i was banned

  39. Reply

    Stil got banned…TT

  40. Reply

    Please could you update the game, I think if I use parallel space it won’t be banned

    • Reply

      i have updated, you can play on parallel space yes.

      • Reply

        hey excuse me. can you please check the mod feature in the lost alice game from NTT solmare corp ?? You have given the mod, but today I have tried it twice and the mod’s features don’t work. please fix … 🙏😖😖😖😖😖🙏

  41. Reply

    I’ve also been banned

    • Reply

      please update

  42. Reply

    Hi! Please update! Thanks!! And also i think i was banned, i played like 5 episode then banned ..

  43. Reply

    There is a new update

  44. Reply

    I was banned

  45. Reply

    Hey modsvip. I tried here and played 3 chapters, then got banned but thanks anyway ^^

    • Reply

      oh man, this game is impossible lol

      • Reply

        Yeah. they really are very good

    • Reply

      J’ai été banni 😭😭😭😭

  46. Reply

    I don’t have any previous version installed, it’s ok , anyways thanks for the reply.

    • Reply

      Funciona en la nueva actualización? Y como se puede hacer no soy capaz

  47. Reply

    Actually it says, “Connection lost”, even though my internet is working fine.

    • Reply

      I can’t access the game becoz of thst.

    • Reply

      hmm that is not a problem with the mod because i can access the game just fine, can you please uninstall any previous version that you had

  48. Reply

    Hello, i am still getting banned in the game in the new version too.

    • Reply


      • Reply

        working on the fix 🙂 i will update the mod, when does the BAN happen? after the first chapter?

        • Reply

          After playing 2 episodes.?.

          • Reply

            please try new version, i tested and played to confirm there was no ban

  49. Reply

  50. Reply

    Update pleasee

  51. Reply

    I just got banned while playing the game!Please restore it back when the tickets arent unlimited and also the cheat menu qont appear

    • Reply

      Me too

      • Reply

        you still got banned in the new version?

        • Reply

          I got banned in the new version.

  52. Reply

    Thanks for the mod, but after i played two eps i got banned. I don’t know if it’s a problem with tickets or diamonds, can you help me? thanks again for the mod ^^

    • Reply

      My account has just been suspended for having used the new update of this mod 🙁
      I lost all my process … And it doesn’t let me use the app yet unlinking my Gmail account from the game.

  53. Reply

    Hello! Can you mod Replica pro apps? I really wanna play it with pro version, thank you 🙂

    • Reply

      The app name is Replica : My AI Friend

  54. Reply

    please update to 1.0.26

    • Reply

      Okay 🙂

  55. Reply

    What image do I have to give to get the link?

    • Reply

      right above the send button you should see some

  56. Reply

    Hey… The descpription say, if you want all episodes unlocked I need to put three fingers on screen, but the mod doesnt let me do it… Sorry for my english im spanish…

    • Reply

      i think i have disabled the cheat menu, forgot to enable it

      • Reply

        Please you can fixed it? I dont want start the series again ? anyway thanks you, the mod is fantastic ?

  57. Reply

    i want it

  58. Reply

    Il y a que les Diamants en illimité pas les billets ??

    • Reply

      Je suis désolé que les billets ne sont pas illimités, je vais résoudre ce problème dans la prochaine mise à jour.

  59. Reply

    Tickets aren’t unlimited 🙁

    • Reply

      i am sorry i must have forgot to mod something, but are diamonds working well?

      • Reply

        yes ? but van u also mod the tickets? if its not too much to ask

        • Reply

          Hey i will mod tickets tonight, but can you tell me if you are ban or not. Many complained about getting ban

          • Reply

            Not yet. But I was banned before and I used parallel space to create another accnt. Btw, thanks if you’ll mod the tickets!

          • Reply

            my banned accnt was from other mod sites

            • Reply

              i have a feelinng that ban is because of the tickets

          • Reply

            yeah I think so too

            • Reply

              Do you still want it? there may be a ban there

          • Reply

            Nevermind. Thanks for the help! ? Can u mod My story by Nanobit?

  60. Reply

    Game: Situation boyfriend
    mod:unlimited coins

  61. Reply


  62. Reply

    porfvr atualize

    • Reply

      updated 🙂

  63. Reply

    anti ban please

  64. Reply

    once i exit the app after playing a few episodes and open it again, i got blocked. :(( i hope you’ll find a solution. thank you so much for the effort! ❤️

  65. Reply

    please update ??

    • Reply

      updated 🙂

      • Reply

        thank you!! ?

  66. Reply

    Please make this app ban free or anything like that.We always get banned when we use modded apk for this app

  67. Reply

    Got an error 999 message after re-entered app ?

  68. Reply

    also, this is version 1.0.6, not 1.0.9!

  69. Reply

    The only unlimited thing is Diamonds.

    Tickets AREN’T unlimited.

    • Reply

      I have the same issue.

      • Reply

        hmm i will fix that in the next update. Make sure you request for new update when update comes out

    • Reply

      hmm i will fix that in the next update. Make sure you request for new update when update comes out

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