KIM KARDASHIAN MOD APK 10.12.0 (Unlimited K-Stars, Cash, Energy) MOD MENU



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 OS: 4.4 and up
 Version: 10.12.0
 Downloads: 10,000,000+
 Updated: 20/05/2020
 Size: 465M
 Type: By Vipmods
 Mod Feature: Read Below 

Mods in the game 

  • Unlimited Stars (increase when spent) – Turn on from MOD MENU
  • Unlimited Cash (increase when spent) – Turn on from MOD MENU
  • Unlimited Energy (Buy with stars) – Turn on unlimited stars then BUY
  • Ban checks removed
  • Events & Kollections should work, depends on how you use the MOD. if you abuse it too much then it won’t work.

Place the OBB Folder inside Android / Obb on your device

I have added MOD MENU to the game, so you can turn MOD on and Off when you want.

If you get any problems or have questions, read the comments there may be a solution to it over there.

Download APK MOD + OBB Download From PlayStore


  1. Reply

    Not trynna sound rude. But when can we expect an update? Like would it take months or something?

    • Reply

      a few more comments like this and the answer will be “never” 🙄

    • Reply

      You Really Sounds So Rude! 😂
      And you are also an idiot! It’s already updated!

  2. Reply

    Don’t worry about this! Please take your Time! 😊

    • Reply

      You may not be trying to sound rude but it sure came off that way, just be patient and wait like the rest of us because they aren’t obligated to do this for us.

    • Reply

      Sorry, wrong person this was meant for the person that commented above you.

  3. Reply

    I downloaded the game from the Andropalace website, reached level 8, bought all the available collections, then left the game and went back to check if they banned me. The mod works, they didn’t ban me BUT I created a new game because I’m scared to log in to my Facebook account. I’m afraid that I will be banned. And I did not check if Facebook works in this mod. I would be very grateful if someone checked this out. thank

    • Reply

      Guys, I checked it out! It works!

  4. Reply

    i downloaded the new update for this mod but i couldn’t log in using FB 🙁

  5. Reply

    Do we have to download a new version of this mod ? The online event is gone (SYS ) and i have under 8000 kstars /cash , energy’s under 50 , my Kollection is working fine , FB login is working fine . Just the online event is not working anymore . I hope my information help ^^

  6. Reply

    Also tried a different mod of 10.12.0 (Sodawater’s) and that one has at least a working Facebook button, don’t know if that helps pinpoint the issue. It does have outrageous values so it’ll probably get banned immediately.

  7. Reply

    Oh and forgot to mention, this happens even on a new game run. I tested it on an emulator up to level 8 where events unlock and only got the offline stuff.

  8. Reply

    I tested the new update and it does seem to lock this entire version out of all the online events somehow. When I updated it and checked my current save, I still got some of the new messages and got all of the dyes from the previous event for example since they were delayed, but after that all the icons were dropped, social stuff broke, and pressing Facebook doesn’t even do anything any more.

  9. Reply

    Am scared he going to leave us just like Hokage242 did .. 🙁

    • Reply

      once i get free time i will see what is causing the issue. maybe glu changed something, its hard to know.

      • Reply

        Thank you! We can wait for it 😄

      • Reply

        Thank you 😭🌼 We’ll wait.

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