KIM KARDASHIAN MOD APK is a Hollywood game where you will begin your career to become a star in the Hollywood industry, you will start by becoming assistance for famous celebrity and working side by side to gain experience, complete objectives that are given to you to earn respect, trust and cash of course which you can use to progress in the game. Create and customize your own avatar with various clothes and accessories that you can purchase from the store. Will you be able to become the next Hollywood star? it depends on how you are going to play the game. You will be given many objectives in the game to finish, each objective will cost you energy and earn you money. You will meet and interact with many people on your journey. Take part in various online events that come every week, dress up your avatar and earn as many votes as you can to get rewards, you can also vote other people and earn rewards, the game also comes with many limited editions, and limited-time outfits that you can get or buy. The game has improved a lot, the developers have added new events, and features on every big update that comes out every month.

 OS: 4.4 and up
 Version: 12.1.0
 Downloads: 10,000,000+
 Updated: 14th July 2021
 Size: 465M
 Type: By Vipmods
 Mod Feature: Read Below 

Mods in the game  (MUST READ BELOW)

  • Unlimited Stars (increase when spent) – Turn on from MOD MENU
  • Unlimited Cash (increase when spent) – Turn on from MOD MENU
  • Unlimited Energy (Buy with stars) – Turn on unlimited stars then BUY
  • Instant Refill Energy (ON BY DEFAULT)
  • Unlock all dyes and use them for free (Turn ON from MOD MENU)
  • Free Shopping *NEW* in the closet (You can buy items for free from closets, it is useful for buying items that cost diamonds, TURN IT on from menu)
  • Ban checks removed
  • Events & Kollections should work, depends on how you use the MOD. if you abuse it too much then it won’t work.

TURN ON MOD FROM MOD MENU – if you do not see the mod menu then make sure you go to settings > apps > game name > permissions and allow all permissions and “draw over apps” permissions

Place the OBB Folder inside Android / Obb on your device

I have added MOD MENU to the game, so you can turn MOD on and Off when you want.

If you get any problems or have questions, read the comments there may be a solution to it over there.

To fix the white glove error you get, simply go to the store in the nail polish section and choose any nail polish to remove the white glove glitch.

I have added a version where the clothes are not owned and unlocked for those who would want to play that version.

The TXT file will contain the download links to both APK files and OBB

Download APK MOD + OBB TXT file Download From PlayStore
A programmer, gamer, and love researching new technology and games, reverse engineering applications. In my spare time, I usually play basketball or watch movies.


  1. Reported them

  2. Hey! There’s a new update on the game, can you please fix it? Thx

  3. Hy, can you renew the dicord’s invite link?? Thank you

  4. What happened to the group on Discord?

    • I can’t find the group on discord

    • Yeah, suddenly the group is gone 😅 I thought vipmod kick me out but turns out it happens to you too

  5. Can you update please? There is a new update. Thankyou so much…

  6. Hey can u update to the new version pls? Thx!

  7. Hey! The mod is great, but there is a new update. Can u take care of that pls?

  8. Oh myy gwadd thank youu soo much for the update its really good i love it, the are just legit thanks i been waiting for this. 🙂 ♡♡

  9. Update the game plssss

  10. Can u pls update the game? There’s a new version out already

  11. Hey! The mod is really great, but could u pls update the game? They just released a new version of it. Thx!

  12. hi! it would be nice, if you’re able to hack the diamonds as well. tysm for this mod, byw.

  13. Please update to v11.6 and thank you for this mod!!

  14. Pleaseeeeeeee update it on 11.5.1 im already experiencing crashing and also some other task won’t work pleaseeeeeeeee

  15. Hey! Thank you so much this mod is amazing I love it! But there’s a new update! 11.6
    Also thank you again✨

  16. Hey you know there is alot of site out there that have released the 11.5.1 version on this game, but dude your site is more legit hope you update it soon pls notify me thanks dude

  17. good day, modder! can i ask if it’s possible to mod the vip and the tickets? I really appreciate you and your works. thank you so much!

  18. Dijo please update to 11.5.1 theres a limited Black Friday event going on ❤❤❤

    • i only do big updates not minor updates, the game works fine still

      • I was experiencing crashes, and had to uninstall the mod. When i reinstalled and tried to log into my FB gameplay, it wouldn’t let me play because it was saved on 11.5.0

  19. 11.5.1 plssss this site is my favoriteeee💓💓

    • Just wondering do you know how to turn on the mod?

  20. Update to 11.5.1 please

  21. Can you update this in new version please…
    Thankyou so much for ur hardwork btw.

  22. 11.5.1

  23. can the diamonds and tickets be modded?
    if not, it’s okay.
    thank you for your service, sir!

  24. The app stopped working, it just stays on the download page eternally and says “Download paused because no network is available”, even though my internet is fine. I tried to re-download the OBB but, now the download link takes me to a whole different website that I don’t trust. Is there a fix for this? I don’t want to lose my progress.

    • that website is ours (i am not sure if you read anything before downloading, i have written above that it will take you there), so just download it from there. ABout connection issue, you can find help on the discord group since many experience players are there who have already faced similar issues.

  25. can you please unlock vip tiers too? thanks so much for all your hard work!

  26. Hey! So… the mod is really good, but I can’t participate in show your style competitions. It literally sends me the notification but doesn’t show in the game

  27. Hey modder I believe the website is using your mod because it has the same features of your mod like the free shopping and they’ve stolen other modders work as well before so I’m sure it might be yours. I don’t know if this bothers you,that’s all thanks. PS I don’t wanna start anything.

  28. I would just like to say THANK YOUBSOO MUCH!!! You are truly amazing for keeping everything up to date and giving the players EXACRLY what we want!!

  29. Thanks for update…

  30. I would like the previous mod in order to download this mod. I see the ios but I’m Android.

    • previous mod no longer available

      • Sooo how are we supposed to update it then? The apk is not here just obb

      • Thanks you so so much for the mod but it would a pleasure if you add all the past items in the mod like fashion goals,kollections,couture kollections,weekend events,partnerships,wardrobe,sys,gift boxes plz plz make mod with past items also.

        • no people then use it to show off online to legit players

          • Can we buy the sys get the look for free items

  31. Can you please update the mod to 11.5.0???

  32. Update please… Now 11.4.1

  33. thank you for this mod. u r the best

  34. I’m at level 22 in the game and I’ve like 200 gems and 900k cash and 500 energy and the events stop showing to me the only thing that appear is kollections so can you help me to figure out what’s going on

    • Hi! In my ModMenu i only have unli kstars and kash. But I dont have the unli dye and instant refill option. Why??? Please enlighten me. Great Mod anyways. Hope u guys update it to latest version ❤️❤️❤️

  35. Does this mod have all past event items?

  36. Hi! This is a very great mod! One question I have is if anyone is also experienceing being kicked at the queen part?

  37. Hello! I just want to say I love this mod so much but I can’t find the last vision 14.1 and I also can’t go on the discord when I click the link

    • At first you need to download the discord app then copy the link and paste it in any Browser or directly paste it on the Discord app and join it!😃

  38. Can you update the mod to the version 11.4.1 ???

  39. Hi, I’m experiencing a problem where the game crashes when the Queen of England speaks at the Royal Wedding you host at your mansion in Bel Air. Any idea what’s causing this? Anyone else have this problem? I can’t open my game because it instantly crasbes now because of it!

    • you can find help in the discord group

      • Thank you so much for your hard work and time creating this mod for us. I do have a question before I updated the game kollections was working but since the latest update its not longer working.

  40. Hi could you really have a mega mod just like sbenny. they charge too much. I used to use your mod first also please could you send me the discord link

    • When too many people have access to that kind of mod they start abusing it and ruin the fun for everyone, also read the comments below as the modder said the same thing

  41. I have only 22 k stars and 90000 kash

  42. Hey vip mods ur mod is great but I can’t seem to play the Kollections when I try to press play nothing happens please help me out with this

    • you are banned, my mod doesnt work if you played on someone else’s mod before. you have to join our kkh discord and ask for help there.

  43. can you if possible please make a updated unlimited mod apk for v2.0.9 of Secrets Game of Choices ( and moments choose your story v1.1.5 (like have the choices that cost gems be unlimited like in what you did with the score) and here’s the Google playstore link (

  44. Please can you add old items not the new ones but old times please

  45. Thank you so much for this amazing mod! You’re the best modder ❤❤❤

  46. Hello, could you please please uptade chapters interactive stories??

  47. Hello! I really appreciate the mod. Is there any way I can privately contact you? I have an offer to make. Thanks!

    • i will update the post today with new mod, and our kkh group link that you can enjoy

  48. thanks for the update, still figuring how to avoid been banned

    • you wont get banned, just dont increase your stars more than 8K and cash more than 200k idk

  49. Dear Vipmod
    Can you add me as a friend in your discord please? I am out from your grup and now I feel guilty. Here’s my discord Human#5224

  50. Thanks for the mod. You are the best modder e v e r!

    • you are welcome 🙂

      • Can you please make this mod Kim Kardashian Hollywood
        Every dress/style/item fully unlocked
        All Fashion Goals Items Unlocked
        All SYS Items Unlocked
        All Past Events Items Unlocked
        All Prize Items Unlocked
        All Halloween Items Unlocked
        All Dating Items Unlocked
        All Party Items Unlocked
        All Exclusive/Limited Edition Items Unlocked
        All Dyes Unlocked
        Unlimited Stars (stars hack)
        Unlimited Energy (instant refill)
        VIP Gold Enabled
        Anti Ban
        No Cheat Detection
        Kollektions anti-ban

        • very risky, people will abuse.

          • Is there any way you could also mod diamonds? Since some of the stuff and some kollections use diamonds instead of k-stars

        • Hey, he is actually make it but he only share it to his group “member”. Here’s the link
          It’s not so fair to give the mega mod just for his member only, right? So let’s make him give us the mod ✊🔥🔥✊

          • hmmmmm, you thought my mod was boring anyway. soooooo

            • Some of these comments make me sick. If only people knew how hard it must be to actually create something like this. This man didn’t have to do shit. You guys complain yet you can’t do what he does tho. If it wasn’t for him there wouldn’t be a nodded game this fucking good. I’m for one am highly appreciative of him creating this for us to use. And if there is another private nodded game its his choice whether or not he posts it. And don’t come on here with yell bullshit complaining. Take yell negative ass somewhere else

          • Well.. He not owed us Or something that you are gonna force him to make this mod Right?????? And it was boring anyway

            • My modmenu only shows unli kstars and kash. I dont have the unli dyes and instant refill of energy. Is it only me? What do I need to do?

          • And also Didn’t you said That This Mod is Boring?? Or Maybe I’m hallucinating Because in your view I was downloading a Boring MOD right?????

            • Yep, I did say his mod is boring and I have no idea who this idiot is commenting in my name promoting their youtube channel. Archita, the double agent style doesn’t suit you girl, so drop the bullshit ❤️

              • you suck b*tch it’s because of people like you the rest of us cannot get the mod, and stop lying if it wasn’t you then how did you know about this comment. Complaining yet you come download his mods everyday, shameless fool

                • Girl, check your eyesight and IQ before saying that was me. You insulted me not by calling me a bi*tch but by thinking that poor english belongs to me. Big sad

                  • English is not my first language, and pointing out my grammar skills shows what a disgusting human you are. How did you know about the comment if it wasn’t you? What a liar

                  • I think girl you are The one Who needs the IQ LEVEL most!! I even can suggest Something if you are willing to. I have Several talents to show To you AGATHA

                    • Good for you if you’ve got several talents, Archi. Go to a talent show and win some money haha
                      Joanna, girl, I don’t give 2 dimes about your first, second or third language, stop trying to create drama because your brains are just too small for the game you’re trying to play🤗

                    • Archita Just ignore this dumb Agatha, you dont want to argue with 16 year olds.

                  • LOL the person who started the drama is asking us to stop it, LMAO what a loser, i hope you get a life, people like you deserve to be in trash, ungrateful and always wanting more, never satisfied with what they have.

                    • I wish Agatha You also come With Me in the talent Show!! I can use you as a bet there.. Like LETS MAKE AGATHA PERFOR FOR USSS!!!

                    • Dude, I have the mod, I’m playing 11.4 with everything unlocked, do you get it? I don’t need vipmods’ mod. I want him to give it to people he trusts and don’t seek to create drama, I know people who are waiting for his mod and since I updated my game I’m not even staying on modding sites anymore, your friend with the little brain aka Archita is just trying to put war between our server and vipmod’s group.
                      I respect this guy for giving all his work for free and since I paid to get mine I have no interest in the one he’s giving for free. I’m not your enemy, more like your supporter, the impostor is in your group guys and I hope you find her soon

                    • “the impostor is in your group guys and I hope you find her soon” thank you for clarifying that. I know you are saying the truth

              • hey there sweetie.. I think I can manage myself of what suits me or what does not! So you clearly don’t have to say it to me.. I’ll decide on my own. And It will be surely awesome If you Just drop Your bullshit Down.. 😊😊everything will Be Perfect Then!!

        • that’s a lot of things to add in a game

  51. Thank you so much for modding this game. It really means a lot for us players who want to play the game fully. I wouldnt ask for more. More power to the modder of this game. 💙💪 Hope u wont get tired modding the game for us.

  52. I already installed the apk but my kstars is 0? Anyone can help?

    • So here’s how it works, you install the apk, place the obb folder in the right place, open the game and turn on the unlimited stars and money from the mod menu

      You’ll have to collect a few stars at first, 6 are enough, and then go into the energy shop and buy the smallest energy bundle because it costs 6 stars and that way you can increase the stars amount until you have enough to purchase items from the wardrobe etc.

      Just remember to keep the stars value low after you’ve bought everything you needed, that way your game won’t get banned

      Hope this helps, Goodluck! 😊

    • can you guys add unlimited diamonds

  53. Hi! I have a problem, maybe you guys can help. When I downloaded this game last month, I was able to play kollections, sys events, weekend events, etc. When I updated the game with the recent mod (11.1) I was still able to play sys events and weekend events, BUT the kollections aren’t working when i press play. My energy is 4k, kstars is 13k, and cash is 2m. I checked the previous comments to see if some players had the same issue but solutions were varied. I tried one solution that apparently worked, lowering everything. now my energy is 3+k, kstars is 5+k and cash is 500k, but kollections still isn’t working. English isn’t my first language so i apologize for any grammatical errors. thanks a lot =>

    • The huge amount of stars will have you banned from playing the Kollections and the other events as well, we’ve talked and talked a lot about keeping those values low but no one seems to listen 😕 the only solution to your problem is to restart your game and stop reaching those high values…🤷🏼‍♀️

      • I’m sorry, it’s not that I’m not listening, but I’ve only just found out that I needed to keep the amount of stars low. before this one, I actually had another mod downloaded but with infinite energy/cash/stars so obviously the events didn’t work. so i tried searching for a solution and someone said i had to specifically keep the stars below 17k. so i deleted the previous mod, found this one, and kept my stars below 17k. my first kollections worked but the 2nd one didnt. I’m guessing results vary on each device/account? anyway, all the events are working fine except kollections. sorry again for the grammatical errors and thanks for the help✌🏻:)

        • Your stars and kash shouldn’t be a problem. The limit is 50000 k stars, 4800 energy and no limit on kash. I personally have 50k kstars and mine works fine. It must be a glitch.

  54. I just want to let you know that the new Sys they are testing from Monday to Thursday works with this mod too!
    One of my games got selected so I wish you the best at being selected as well!🤗
    Have a nice day everyone 😁

    • I have problems to install the apk I get that can not be installed, it will be because I already have the original app?? Please answer someone 🥺🥺

  55. Hello can you please mod
    Destined for Love : otome game
    Link :
    Features : unlimited coin and unlimited gold
    Thank you

  56. Don’t worry about the missing event, it’s a problem on Glu’s end and I guess they’ll fix it later today
    It affected only android phones whether modded or not, so there’s nothing wrong with our game 🤗

  57. Oh I just got to know GLU is having trouble with android so android users aren’t getting all events . Even not even those who plays normal non mod game . Hope they’ll fix it . Dropping this here so that everyone get to know this

    • Oh okay thank you because I was confused when I only got the gift boxes 💚

  58. There are usually 3 weekend events . One is earnable boxes and gift boxes and kollections .

    I don’t know why the earnable event iant working . It’s not showing in my game 🙁 please help me

  59. Thank you so much for updating the game so quickly 💖😊 and thank you so much for the mod❤😊.

  60. Please i don’t know how to update. I’ve never done it before. How do i update

    • just overwrite all the files. Install over previous version and then place the obb again inside android / obb, if its asks you to overwrite say yes

  61. Hi, thank you for the update, thank you for your hardwork, good job and thank you again forr yout time, always perfect,
    Have a nice Day 😊

    • you are welcome 🙂

      • Please update your mod on boyband inc.

        -unlimited money
        -unlimited starcoins

      • Pleasenl update kpop boyband inc

        -unlimited starcoins
        -unlimited money

  62. Thank you so much for updating asap even though you are busy, take care always!

  63. Thank you 🙏🏻

  64. HII thank you so much for updating this mod and for the mod itself, I appreciate it ❤

  65. Alrighty, I installed the game on both my phones, everything works, Kollections work, a perfect mod just like always 😁 so install with confidence ✌🏻
    Thank you for uploading the update so fast 🤗 have a great day, Admin! 🧡

  66. Thank you so much ❤❤❤❤
    Much much love 😭😭😭😭😘😘😍😍

  67. Thank you so much!!! By the way are you playing the game!?? 😊😊😄😄😄

    • You are welcome :D, no i have not been playing the game. i have been busy lately thats why i also dont upload much mods.

      • Okay! Understood!! But Thank You 😊😊😊😇😇😇

  68. Sorry for commenting multiple times, it cuz my internet wasn’t really working. Had to check if I commented or not. Have a great day everyone 😊💖

  69. hi! i heard that there is a new update. please update whenever you can! thank you so much

  70. Please update the game whenever you can ^^

  71. Hi! The update for android is already out.

  72. Hi! Can you please update it to 11.1.0 . Will be very much appreciated🙏❤, thanks in advance. Have a great day modder😊 💖

  73. The update for android is out finally, please update when you can ❤

  74. Hi! Can you please update it to 11.1.0 . Will be very much appreciated🙏❤, thanks in advance. Have a great day modder 😊💖

  75. Hi! Can you please update it to 11.1.0. Will be very much appreciated🙏❤, thanks in advance. Have a great day modder😊💖

  76. Hey the update is available please update the game whenever possible .

  77. It’s UPDATE TIME !! Yay! Update Please 😊😊😊

  78. Android Update is available please update it whenever you can thank you 🌹😊

  79. Glu released The update Just For iOS devices, now android will be today I guess lol 😅😅

  80. update pls

  81. Today, an update will Come!! Please Update This Game When available!!!! 😊😊😊

    • sure no worries 🙂

      • Omg you’re always so good to us and answer everytime we demand something, you’re the best 🤗💟

        • He is Not Only Good, he Is The bestest! He listens every problem, and Never get bothered!! He Have Some Serious Patient!! Woo, if I was there, I would be very impatient! Lol 😇😇😇😇😘😘

  82. So guys i have never really used MOD or hacked my game before because i am afraid i’ll be banned from kollections and sys ( which will make the game pointless obv ) or lose my game
    How do you guys do it without getting banned ? Also i don’t even know what MOD is and does it affect my iPhone?

    • This MOD is only available for Android phones 🤗

    • A lot of ppl seem to be confused. I’m able to play sys and kollections. You can’t go overboard with it. I spend some thing when the number gets to high (like 500) I cut it off and spend it freely till it get down to 20 then turn back on the unlimited stars button. It’s not that hard to have figured that out.

  83. My game suddenly keeps crashing out of nowhere. It’s been fine and now it keeps crashing. Does anyone else have this issue?

    • You should close all apps, restart your phone and give it a try after a few minutes from doing that, and if it still doesn’t work you should wait for the next update which should be early next week. Good luck ✌🏻

      • Quicksilver, do you Have facebook? So I can find you there?? We sure can be good friends 😊😊

        • Yeah but I don’t wanna make it public, we can always talk on here though 🤗

          • Okay, no problem at all 😉😉

          • Hi. I heard there’s a new update coming on Android but I’m worried because I don’t know how to update the game. I read the update instructions up there but I didn’t understand a thing. Please can someone explain to me in a more easier way?😭

  84. Is there any possibility to mod the SYS tickets? I am absolutely hating these ticket buyers that spend hundreds of dollars and not stick to the freaking theme.

    • Oh my goodness, are you Serious??
      This Is the best mod ever and you guys just keep Demanding Impossible things! Seriously???

  85. did everything as instructed, kollections still not working, does it mean im banned or is it because i have millions of k-stars from previous mod?
    if im banned, how can i get rid of the ban? will resetting the whole progress/game help?

    • It’s because of the previous mod. Once you go above a certain amount the game will auto ban. You will have to start a whole new game.

  86. I downloaded the mod, did everything like instructed and the kollections dont work still.
    A while ago Ive been using a different mod and ended up with huge amount of stars,Im trying to get rid of them, but barely making progress. -.-
    So anyways, Kollections still not working for me, does it mean Im banned? I have all other events always except SyS and Kollections.
    And another question: if I restart the game (means, reset all my progress and start fresh) will I be able to play Kollections or no?

    • Yes, and I’m answering to @Ellaine as well, a huge amount of stars/energy/cash will have your account banned.
      I also faced this situation a while ago where I had like 100.000 kstars and neither Kollections nor Sys was working, I tried spending them and reached a minimum of around 100 stars but still nothing was working so I restarted my game and kept my values on the low and it’s been like a month now and everything works perfectly

      I’m sorry to say but at least from my experience the only solution seems to be restarting your game. Good luck ✌🏻

      • thank you! I actually followed your example and restarted game and its working now!
        sucks to lose all the great items I collected over the years, but Ill get them back with time eventually 😀

        • I’m so sorry you had to lose all of your progress 😭 but that seems to be the only way 🙁
          Also you can buy some of the past items in the game right now since it’s kimmiversary and they sell old stuff 🥺

          On the bright side, this mod is so well made and the admin uploads the updates so fast for us to get the full playing experience and that’s really something I’m forever grateful for

          Have a nice day 🤗

          • thats exactly why I decided to do it, (it was now or never lol) I figured out I can get a decent amount of items back, because of the event 😃
            and it was nice to finally be able to play SyS event (was my first one). Thanks for being helpful 🙂

            Also huge thanks to the modder/admins 💚

  87. The Kolections aren’t working

    • They work perfectly.
      You must be level 12+, if you are but they still don’t work, it means you’re banned

  88. OMG.Best hacker ever. I love you 😍😍!. Just kidding 😌. Keep the good work up.😀. Wheew. Finally, I can save some cash.😌

  89. Thank you so much, I’m grateful for life

  90. I can’t connect to Facebook or Google Play… can anyone help? I’m getting connectivity issue messages.

    • You can’t connect the game to google play, and you have to uninstall the facebook app from your phone first, connect to game from browser and then you can get the fb app back.

  91. Any possibility of a more fans mod? So instead of 1mil you get 2 million. It can be turned on or off. Would be awesome to have to climb the ranks faster.

    • Are you serious? You already have the possibility of buying everything that’s necessary to do gigs and level up faster than a normal player and you demand a more fans mod 🤯
      I swear people like you will never be satified with impeccable work

      Just a little piece of advice for people that want mods like more fans, more gig stars, level up faster:

      1) either install yourself a modded game that will take you to the max level, ban you instantly and play a pointless game


      2) just stop playing this game since you’re too lazy to play in order to gather fans and level up 🙄


      • See?? That’s why I Told All that things People Are really Demanding Too much.. They don’t care about His Works, now you will be able to understand why I became Angry then

        • Yeah girl, I get you now 😭 you were absolutely right and I’m sorry for not seeing it back then, people should appreciate his effort and work for making the perfect mods 🙏🏻😔

          Hope you’re all well and enjoy the Kimmiversary 🤗

          • I’m Enjoying It!! Are you Enjoying it Too?? 😁😁😁

          • Yesss! I can’t wait for tomorrow, I’m so excited 😭😁✌🏻

          • hii
            can i add u guys on the game?

  92. Guys can you solve the problem with the diamonds and the usual star Kollection too? Nothing happens when we click play☹️☹️☹️

    • Diamonds aren’t moddable. You’ll be banned.

    • That’s because your account has been banned, that’s why you cannot press play on kollections, and this particular thing happened because you had too many kstars/energy/cash in your game.
      It’s been discussed over and over to keep those in-game values on the low, he implemented a menu that lets you control the increase/decrease flow of those values, please stop being ignorant and read all the previous comments because it has been addressed before.

      And regarding the diamonds, I guess the game developers built a stronger code around them and that makes it more difficult to mod, so let’s stop pressuring the admin into looking at this problem.
      He tried, it didn’t work out, but let’s see what matters here in the fact that he gave us for free a mod that makes this game perfect and 100% enjoyable

      Shout out to our great admin and his awesome skills and brain 😍🤗

      Peace out ✌🏻

  93. I’m seeing a lot of requests and not enough praises so I want to thank the modder!

  94. Hi, thank u for the mod,
    works perfect, ty for your work, have a nice day 🙂

  95. Hi, thank you for the mod,
    works perfect, have a nice day

  96. Is there a different version of this mod with diamonds too?

  97. The sys events don’t show on my game?

    • If you had another mod and at some point had thousands of kstars and energy and millions of cash, then your account is probably banned so you won’t get sys or any other events. If that’s not the case then you need to be level 12 to get the sys and also the rising star task to be completed.
      And no, at the moment there’s no mod with diamonds

  98. hi guys do u want to be on facebook so we wont flood vipmods website with our personal game questions. just dont use your real game info so anti-hackers cant report our game 🙂 See the group Kim Kardashian: Hollywood Game on facebook

  99. Is SYS event working for you, guys?

  100. Works perfectly! Please keep this mod the way it is right now! It’s really easy to play like a normal person. Just a question: why no more unlimited diamonds option for the kollections?

    • diamonds are hard to earn, so its very hard for me to try out the hack if i don’t have enough diamonds to spend. I tried hacking them with game guardian and got banned, so i would not add it right now

      • That is true! I noticed they’re only earnable through SYS events. No worries! Just another question: anyway to quick finish quests?

        Perhaps by modding the amount of stars you receive when working? It’s very tiresome to start anew and to tap tap tap tap.

        • hello thank you for always trying the diamonds 🙂 I just want to say u if u can get 1 diamond then spend it on a DYE BOX – its a weekend pop up that lets u open dyes for 1 diamond

  101. Is the SYS event working for you, guys?

  102. hi i downloaded it and put obb file to the right place but i think it is not working? do i need to level up ?

  103. i use this kkh mod for like 2 weeks now, and i always read the comments here (like a lot) and i saw some “players” demanding to have unlimited everything blah, blah, blah (cuz just so u know, many players woudn’t want to be flagged their account as a “hacked” one like mine, so yeah) pEASE DONT REMOVE THE MENU BUTTON CUZ IT HELPED ME A LOT AND I PRAISE U SO MUCH just don’t listen to these idk what theyre called robots i guess(??) who just want unlimited power or idk lol so KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK

    this is just my opinion and i suck at grammars (english isnt my 1st language so yeah)

  104. Can I connect my Facebook account to it to retrieve my game?

  105. Is there a way to have this and the original game from the playstore installed on my phone? I still wanna play my normal game but I love this one too!

    • maybe if you change package name, but it only works sometimes.

      • Thankyou I will try it!

        • Did you find a way?I want to install this mod along side my play store version but I get parsing error when I try to edit it’s name with Apk Editor Pro…Thanks.

          • No didn’t manage! Legit thinking about getting a crap tablet 😂

  106. Did you submitted any looks on SYS event?

  107. Bro can you login from fb in this

  108. thanks for the update you’re awesome 💛

  109. I installed it on both my phones and it works like a dream, all the boxes, the kollections, it’s just perfect! Install with confidence 😋

    • thanks for feedback 🙂

    • cn u help me i have a mod from sbenny and wana update with this i have around 7k stars there.. how do i tranfer without raising any flags m confused

      • i got this.. thanks admin ur the best.. this is great mod i love it… hope to get updates in future.. thanks alot!

    • Did anybody get the pride day outfits. I didn’t get it..

  110. Lol someone test it out first

  111. that was fast. thank you so much for the update! 🤍

  112. I can’t wait for the update 😍😍😍😍😍
    Everyone is giving spoiler soooo good!!!

    • updated 🙂

      • Thank you so much 😍

        • you are welcome 🙂

          • Hey am having a lil trouble with Facebook can you help.. Just updated it it’s working fine fb is logging in but it’s not updating I can’t see my fb frnds or there contacts aren’t Updating it seems like its not really working. Please have a check. And help:)

  113. Just letting you know, there’s a new update😊

  114. Can we get an update? 😊 there’s the new 11.0.0 version out. Thank you in advance 🤗

    • updated 🙂

      • Ahahaha thank you sooo much! I didn’t expect it to be uploaded this fast 😭 you’re awesome, thanks for everything you do for us 😍🤗😍

        • you are welcome 😀 enjoy

        • so I downloaded the new update and I didn’t get the kimk anniversary throwback boxes.

          • You got to be level 12+ for the anniversary boxes to show up

          • I’m at level 20

          • I’m level 24 and they work for me, is your rising star event complete? I can’t see any other reason for them not to show up 🤷🏼‍♀️
            I hope you’ll figure it out!

  115. The new update is READY!! please please please Update it!!!!! I’m so excited!!!!

  116. hi! i think there is a new update today, letting you know just in case you don’t know. thank you so much for this mod! hoping for the diamonds to be fix too if you alr figured out how💗

  117. What happens when the update comes out? Should I download all of this again? Is my progress saved?

  118. I tested this mod and I got a few diamonds from the sys event but when trying to spend them it doesn’t allow you to, nothing happens when you press the button to buy things with diamonds. Would be great if there is a way to fix this but everything else in the mod works fine.

  119. Hey everyone! This game is really awesome but I’m wondering why the sys event is not showing up in my game (even if I have just started a new save in this game). I was really looking forward to participate in it 🙁 anyways, thank you for the help and for this wonderful mod!

    • Sys hasn’t started yet

      • Really? But Malinda messaged me already…

        • Yes she calls you before the sys so you know the theme. The event starts in 2 hours i believe. Good luck 😊

    • You have to be lvl 12 as well for Sys to work, and also to finish the rising star event.
      So be sure you meet these conditions 👍🏻
      Also Sys is starting in a few hours, good luck to everyone who’s playing 🤗

      • I’m level 21 already 😅 well guess I’ll just wait for it thank you guys!!

  120. Hey everyone! This game is really awesome but I’m wondering why the sys event is not showing up in my game (even if I have just started a new save in this game). I was really looking forward to participate in it 🙁 anyways, thank you for the help and for this wonderful mod!

  121. Hy everyone, I just want to check that the mod for diamond still not working right?? Thank you modder and have a nice day everyone XOXO

  122. It works like a beauty and I appreciate it but can you make it smaller in game so we can move it out the way

    • You do realize that it literally has the option ‘hide’ which makes it poof out from your screen
      Stop stumbling upon such insignificant stuff LOL

  123. This mod works perfectly can u also mod episode choose your story there is actually a mod of it where it is free premium choices but there are no passes so can u do that also pls, would definitely appreciate it if you do 😊❤👍

  124. First ,nobody called you stupid .. so don’t show stupid aggression here .. he doesn’t work hard to please you all

    Second the FB won’t work if you have bad internet connection . So just wait and try later .. sometimes the serve doesn’t respond on time .

  125. Alrighty so I started a fresh brand new game because my other one was banned, I am at level 14 and I just completed the rising star task so events are unlocked for me, the weekend event, VIP boxes and sys event are not showing up for me but kollections and the rising star event are, is it because I started in the middle of it going on so I have to wait till next time to participate or did I do something wrong because I used the same fb account that I used on my banned account to start this new one? Thank you to whomever can help me out 💙

    • Hey, please wait until the next SYS event and about VIP boxes – it hasn’t started yet
      Only party event is started.. 😌
      I also started new game but everything is working fine..
      And I also used the same facebook..

    • If they don’t show up then it’s because you used the same fb acc, everything works so the problem is not the mod. I know it’s tedious but i think you should start again and link the game with another fb acc. 😊

    • It might sound dumb but, are you sure you didn’t install the 10.11 version?
      Because I don’t think the facebook account affects the ban in any way since it is a new game, and it’s weird for your kollections to work but not for Sys.
      So if you have the previous game version you’d still be able to play kollections but Sys and other weekend event boxes wouldn’t show up.
      Now that’s the best explanation I could come up with for the given situation 😅 but I really hope you’ll figure it out in the end 🤗

      • Yeah I completely agree with you @Quicksilver 😄

        • Thank you guys I figured it out that I had to collect every item in the rising star event for them to pop up

  126. It’s working?

  127. Is the diamonds working now

  128. You Are very welcome! 😊😉😉

  129. Oki, thank you for answering 😊
    And mister admin, thank you again for everything you do for us, this mod is awesome 🤍🙏🏻

  130. Is the diamonds mod working yet? I already posted this question but it doesn’t show up 😅

  131. Is the diamonds mod working for anyone now? 🤗

    • No, please give him Some time to fix it 😊

      • Oki, thank you for answering 😊
        And mister admin, thank you again for everything you do for us, this mod is awesome 🤍🙏🏻

  132. the facebook button sync don’t work

    • It’s working 😊please kindly check again

    • uninstall facebook app first

      • Yeah, I’m not stupid. I did uninstall facebook first, then tried to log in but it doesn’t work. If it did, I would not have to write this comment 🙂

  133. It’s working fine! But better if you start a new game. Because the banned one won’t let you play sys and kollection but you can play weekend events

  134. Not to be rude or anything the mod works perfectly and everything is perfect but the diamonds don’t work, I know that alot of people are saying the same thing but when turn on the mod of it and try to spend it it doesn’t do anything and when turn on the mod I spend my diamonds
    Hopefully I wish that you’ll fix this sooner 😊❤

  135. Not to be rude or anything the mod works perfectly and it is the greatest mod I have ever seen in my life but the diamonds don’t work, I know that alot people are saying the same thing but when I turn on the mod and try to use the diamonds it doesn’t do anything but when I turn off the mod I spend my diamonds and use them.
    Hopefully I hope you fix this sooner 😊❤

  136. Yeah its working now except the diamonds but I’m happy that u fixed it..

  137. Hey y’all I’m not sure if it just me again but I decided to log in with my real account on the hack but everything was working except for kollections, I think it might be because when this hack had broken the first time I switched to sbenny hack and then I saw this one was fixed I lowered my values and came back to this one but when I was logging in with Facebook it didn’t save my lowered values because the last time it saved my progress was from the night before so i had 9,500 k stars so when I logged into this hack again everything was still there but the kollections box dont show up anymore I lowered my k stars from9,500 to 400 and my energy from 1400 to 600 and refreshed three game but they still didn’t show up. Is there a way that I could fix this because I’m on level 26 and in the top 100 and really dont want to restart?💜

    • Try to lower them even more, like to 100 k stars and 34 energy and see if they show up. Are the events showing up?
      It’s definitely because of the other mod, and even if you lower them now your account may already be flagged. I could be wrong though.

    • Kstars shouldn’t exceed 8k and energy shouldn’t exceed 4k. If you get past these limit, your account will be banned and you will no longer have weekend events, kollections and sys. I agree with the comment above. Your account may already be flagged. You have to start from the scratch using this mod for you to access the working events.

      • K stars is 50k and energy is 4800. Anymore than that then you won’t get kollections or sys. I have a paid hack game with 49000 k stars and works perfectly

        • I can confirm! My energy was over 4800 and I couldnt play SYS or Kollections 🙁
          Stars ( 1000) and money (500k) were low but were not the problem. Thankfully, once I reduced my energy to less than 4800, I was able to play Kollections and SYS without restarting my game 🙂

  138. Hello! I’m new to using this mod. I installed the previous version with non-functional Facebook button, but I waited for fixes and haven’t really used it yet. Since I’m new, I wanted to ask how do I install the latest mod version correctly? Do I need to uninstall the previous one first?

  139. Hello! I’m new to

  140. Request: super style ivan Gunawan

  141. Request :
    Moment : Choose Your Story

  142. Hey

  143. You Are playing This game. Are you enjoying it?
    OK I sounds like a paparazzi. But I just want to know 😅😊😊😊😁

    • haha i want to play till level 12 so i can get the diamonds in order to hack them. i am sure they can be hacked, i just have to find the correct method to hack it.

      • Just a tip, you can buy accessories, clothes so you can level up quick! You don’t have to do the missions to level up. Just buy a lot of things in the wardrobe and claim the rewards after. It gives a lot of exp!

      • It’s So Glad To know! 😊😁😄

  144. I’m new to this! When I installed the file, I clicked install updated version of my app, it says app not installed 😭

  145. Could someone please tell me what are the max values you can have for everything for this mod to work?🧡

    • I never go above 500 stars and 400k cash just to be safe and everything works perfectly 😊

    • As you can see, our admin modded the game so that it has a menu with functionalities you can turn on/off.
      At first, for your doll to collect kstars keep the unlimited stars mode on but be careful not to accumulate more than 1000 or maximum 2000 at once, I always do this on/off game when I reach 1000 stars I turn the mod off to decrease my value to around 300 and then on again and you get the idea. Because that way the game can’t tell if you’re cheating or not and ergo can’t ban you, and the thing is when you get banned you cannot play the weekly events anymore and neither buy the kollections.
      And regarding the cash, I’d say keep it set to on and once you reach like a million bucks you can turn it off because I guess it can pretty much buy you everything that kash can.
      Hope this helps, enjoy the game 🤗

  146. after i download the apk, do i download the game on from the apple store again? i’m so confused

  147. I test the game , it works perfectly <3 But the diamonds , when i turn the mod on , i can't spend diamonds like i can't click OK to confirm that i wanna spend diamonds , when i turn the mod off , i can spend the diamonds normally . I'm not complaining , just wanna let you know ^^ I really enjoy playing this mod , thanks for all the hard work <3

    • Same ☹️😔😥 but hopefully he/she will fix this sooner 😊❤

  148. Hi everybody! I tested it on a dummy account and I’m more than halfway through level 12 on that account and I’m not quite sure if it just me but everything else is working for me except for the sys events and the weekend events and the weekend event boxes. They’re just not showing up, for example Kalinda called and told me about the sys event but it didn’t pop up, Maria gave me the die gift box and Simon made me do a gig for extra event points but still to no avail none of those features showed up. Thank you modder for everything I know you put a lot of time and effort into this, could this possibly be my fault? Because I had turned the unlimited diamonds on but I never used it.

    • Heya! The game is perfectly working on me. I used my main account and nothing happened. I tries the Diamonds too but it didn’t worked so I turned it off (Which is totally fine by me) SYS, Kollections and Events is working with me too. It might be a bug for yours so try it again without turning on the diamond hack!

    • I installed over the previous version and everything works just fine. Before the events there’s the rising star task you need to complete that’s like an introduction to events. Did you complete that task?

      • Thank you both a your comments helped me a lot, I had like 1,543 on the dummy account but I believe it’s because I hadn’t done the task like Teemo said. 🤩

    • I don’t think it’s because of the diamonds because i tried using them and nothing happened, kind of like the old issue with the kollections where you just couldn’t buy them.
      Also how many k stars and cash do you have? Maybe you have too many ?

  149. Also just wanna say thanks, installed this over the old 10.12 and everything is working again. Haven’t tried diamonds yet because someone said it wasn’t working.

    • yes diamonds doesnt work, i will have to reach level 12 myself to test it out and fix it

  150. Have you guys tested the mod? Does it work? 🥰

    • I installed it over the 10.11 version and it works, the events, Sys, kollections, everything!
      The only thing is that when you turn on the unlimited diamonds it doesn’t let you proceed but I don’t think it counts as ban like the person below said because I turned it off after and the game went on without problems!
      Hope this helps and it will work for you as well 😁

      • thanks for the feed back, i will try the game myself right now as i have been playing it to reach level 8 so i could test the diamonds myself so i can mod them correctly

        • Thank you so much for your effort! It is really appreciated! ❤
          Diamonds are used only in the sys event which should unlock at level 12 if i’m not mistaken. It would be nice to be able to use them, but it’s not a big deal. As long as the mod works, that’s all that matters! 😊

          • thanks, i am at level 8, just i will have to play. 🙂

        • You will get the diamonds in level 12. Because The sys event unlock at level 12..😊😊😊

          • thanks, i am at level 8, just i will have to play. 🙂

      • Thank you for the reply🥰 really excited to install it now 😄

  151. Guys, don’t use Unlimited Diamonds, I used it and they banned me. Only because I used unlimited diamonds, stars and cash work fine.

  152. Wow @Archita, calm your pants down girl, no one has been demanding Vip or diamonds, I simply asked if there was a way to mod it, we are not in a nazi camp to be afraid of asking questions and receive a bullet in our head for doing so.
    All these people are just expressing their disappointment regarding the game ban they received after installing the new Mod, nobody says we aren’t grateful for his work, as a matter of fact I restarted my game to 0 after my progress account has been banned on the 10.12, still using his version of 10.11 because it is the best there is.
    It’s no one’s fault that this happened but the more feedback the people give, the more insight he’ll have when fixing the issue, only if he wants to keep working on it of course!
    All the best

    • I wasn’t talking about you girl, here so many people are being annoying so I have to say this! Okay? Have a great day 😊😊😊

    • And one more thing girl, if you read some previous comments on this post, so you will be able to understand that some people are really ungrateful! And I REPEAT that I wasn’T talking about you 😌

      • Alright alright, I apologize for the misunderstanding then, I’m gonna go play this weekend’s event because the mod worked and everything is back 🥳

    • Why’d you get banned?

  153. I’m so sorry for posting double comments!
    I was thinking that the comment hadn’t posted 😥

    • lol its okay, if you just post once the comment will go through 🙂

  154. Omg. Thank you so much for your hard work. I will go and test the game now if it’s working fine again. I’ll let you know if it’s working!

    • please be careful, if your account is not banned, then test on a dummy account to make sure it works first. Facebook login works so you can just try out on a dummy account and then restore your progress later if you see that everything works

      • Hi again! I’ve tried out the game and everything works perfectly, The Events, the Stars, Cash and Energy! Except for the Diamonds. I guess they really can’t be modded. Nevertheless, Thank you so much for your hard work!

        • diamonds can be modded, i just cant test it because i dont play this game, so i will have to reach level 12

  155. Hey, all The people who keep commenting on this post about same things! Listen-
    Do you all think that modding game is A piece of cake?! Some of you just being very greedy! You are requesting some things that aren’t possible! SYS diamonds are not possible! And he is trying right? He IS trying to get us the best and most exclusive mods for COMPLETLY FREE! shouldn’t you be a little kind and grateful? Give him time?
    Don’t some of you guys feel a little sorry? I’m requesting you please give him Some time to the next update! 🙏🙏🙏

  156. So please Please stop Commenting about these game! He will do something but you have to keep patience !

  157. Hey, all people people who keep Asking questions
    This is for them, do you all think that KIM KARDASHIAN HOLLYWOOD GAME is very easy to mod? 😶
    He Is trying His BEST TO GET US BEST MODS!
    He Is trying Hard right??!? Shouldnt you all be a little kind about it? And stop demanding VIP and SYS diamonds?? He is Giving Us these exclusive Mods For COMPLETLY FREE! SHOULDN’T you all be little sorry For Asking Everyday about same questions again and again? You Should Be Very grateful For These Mods!

  158. Is the game fixed now…Just checking

    • I think we will be missing an event or two not sure tho.

      • OMG.Best hacker ever. I love you 😍😍!. Just kidding 😌. Keep the good work up.😀. Wheew. Finally, I can save some cash.😌

    • No, he will fix it While the next Update!

  159. I have used this mod . And my account bis permanently banned I have to start over . There’s no coming back unless he fixes it . Even he fixes I don’t think I’ll get my account . It’s a permanent ban ..

  160. Don’t install this mod . Please! My account got permanently banned . Am sorry that comment here like this . I just wanna aware you all .. wait for him to solve it just try other mods .. but once you install this one there’s no coming back .it will be banned and you’ll not get anything not event no sys no kollection !

  161. Still haven’t installed the new mod cause i’m scared of getting banned. Do you guys not get any events or just sys? Cause i looked on the game forum and damn the event and kollection for tomorrow are so cute, i’m tempted to update and try 😭

    • If you’re brave enough to install it, let us know how it goes 😭🙏🏻 (although I’d recommend waiting for the fixed version)

  162. Could I nicely ask if there’s a way of modding the diamonds currency as well?
    Patiently waiting for a solution to this version, thank you for everything 🙏🏻

    • No the diamonds can’t be modded and they don’t need to be modded!

      • You are right indeed, because in Sys for example any items on other dolls that are available to buy for diamonds can easily be found in throwback boxes 😁 I just asked because I was playing kollections the other day (I’m still on 10.11) and there was this Korkov one available to play only using diamonds and I thought I’d ask.
        I’m very sorry if that question has been posted already but my phone is very laggy and I can’t comb through the thread of comments but thank you for responding anyway 🙃
        Hope y’all have a nice day! 🤗

  163. Salut est ce que cela fonctionne sur un téléphone iOS

  164. Not trynna sound rude. But when can we expect an update? Like would it take months or something?

    • a few more comments like this and the answer will be “never” 🙄

    • You Really Sounds So Rude! 😂
      And you are also an idiot! It’s already updated!

  165. Don’t worry about this! Please take your Time! 😊

    • You may not be trying to sound rude but it sure came off that way, just be patient and wait like the rest of us because they aren’t obligated to do this for us.

    • Sorry, wrong person this was meant for the person that commented above you.

  166. I downloaded the game from the Andropalace website, reached level 8, bought all the available collections, then left the game and went back to check if they banned me. The mod works, they didn’t ban me BUT I created a new game because I’m scared to log in to my Facebook account. I’m afraid that I will be banned. And I did not check if Facebook works in this mod. I would be very grateful if someone checked this out. thank

  167. i downloaded the new update for this mod but i couldn’t log in using FB 🙁

  168. Do we have to download a new version of this mod ? The online event is gone (SYS ) and i have under 8000 kstars /cash , energy’s under 50 , my Kollection is working fine , FB login is working fine . Just the online event is not working anymore . I hope my information help ^^

  169. Also tried a different mod of 10.12.0 (Sodawater’s) and that one has at least a working Facebook button, don’t know if that helps pinpoint the issue. It does have outrageous values so it’ll probably get banned immediately.

  170. Oh and forgot to mention, this happens even on a new game run. I tested it on an emulator up to level 8 where events unlock and only got the offline stuff.

  171. I tested the new update and it does seem to lock this entire version out of all the online events somehow. When I updated it and checked my current save, I still got some of the new messages and got all of the dyes from the previous event for example since they were delayed, but after that all the icons were dropped, social stuff broke, and pressing Facebook doesn’t even do anything any more.

  172. Am scared he going to leave us just like Hokage242 did .. 🙁

    • once i get free time i will see what is causing the issue. maybe glu changed something, its hard to know.

  173. Thank you for everything you’ve done this is one of the few mods that work for me and I’m seeing people comment that it is no longer working should I try and see for myself by updating the game or should I wait and if you find anything wrong with it?

    • I’m in the same situation. I’m scared of getting my game banned if i get the update

  174. Facebook login doesn’t work

  175. I guess They find out about This mod! Because everything was working fine, but after this new update every thing vanished,
    The kollections, events, all the things are vanished!
    But DON’T BLAME YOURSELF FOR THIS! you have done amazing Job! 😊😊😊😊😄😇

  176. Will you still try and fix the update?? Just want to know.

  177. Hey Vipmod please help .. please tell us what to do the evnts atent showing up ! also the fb log is also not working .

  178. Thanks bro but after updating the game i can’t log into facebook anymore and the throwback event and the pet icon in the wardrobe disappeared.
    So i downloaded the obb and apk again in my other phone and started a new game but still i can’t log into facebook and the events didn’t pop up.
    I guess glu figured it out lol.
    But thanks anyway you tried your best.🤞🏻

  179. Thanks, everything works! cheers

  180. i dont know what happened my events aren’t showing up..its gone after the update 🙁 help please

  181. When I downloaded the update and installed everything and opened it, I went in my closet and my game is banned idk how though. I’ve used your mod before and never went overboard with the kstars and cash

  182. Could you update the game to the 10.12 version? Best mod ever for this game 😁

  183. Hi, please update if you can 🥰 and don’t worry about vip, we don’t know how vip can affect the mod and the mod is already perfect as it is😇 thank youu 🙏🏻

  184. Just thought I’d let you know there is an update today 😊😊 you are literally the best modder ever!

  185. Hey! There’s a new update of the app.. can you please update?

  186. Will you Update this Game?? Please 😊😊

  187. Update please 🙂

  188. The new update is out!10.12.0. Update when you can please and thank you!

  189. Why cant i register here ? am trying since so long

  190. I just downloaded omg!!! thank you so much i love you am literally crying 😭😭😭 ♥️ 🙏🏿
    i logged in my old game which had 18000 stars am reducing it hopefully next kollections will worl for me 😭😭😭😭 Thaaaankkkk youuuuu … you are god

  191. Hey can you hack SYS events too? I mean does it work in this mod??

  192. This is a really great mod. I appreciate your hard work on it😊

  193. Holy shit I was so confused why SYS wasn’t showing up, and I was getting only half of the events and Facebook sync wasn’t working (linking works but only a level 2 save keeps showing up). Turns out it’s my adblocker, I run Pi-Hole. When I turned it off I got the Facebook popups and confirmed them. Suddenly everything was working. Turning it on after (also clear cache but not data!) seems fine so far, so no ads either. Oh, and this also fixed the newsletter thing for me. Anyway maybe this helps someone. Oh also, seems Facebook only syncs once a day so double check before uninstalling.

    This is by far my preferred mod of this game. If you’re really bored in these Corona times, it would be cool to get diamonds or maybe VIP if it’s possible at all but no pressure, it’s already great as it is.

    • thank you for the comment, it may help someone with the same issue :), i will try adding VIP in the next update if i can but i am not sure how safe VIP will be

  194. Will it Work In IOS device?
    I’m just asking for a Friend! 😊

    • no it will not work, i have not started modding IOS games, but i am sure its possible. Once i buy an old iPhone just for modding then i can start :p

      • It’s Okay! Hey, thank you so much For this information 😊😊😊
        I’m so Glad That I Found your website! I never ever seen Someone so Friendly Like you! 😇😇


  196. Everytime i upload it , they say “Can’t open file” Someone help me ?

  197. I’m not sure if you can help, but I tried this and it wouldn’t work. I clicked the download, extracted to my phone but when I click it says “App not installed” but it definitely is. I have android. I’ve tried everything I can think of but nothing works. 😭

    • you have to uninstall any previous version you had installed.

  198. So, the MOD MENU isnt working at all!
    I tried to get more energy and keept saying that I should BUY stars. I dont undestand what I did wrong.

    • thats because you dont want to read anything written on the post

    • Hey, why you guys aren’t Reading the description Completely??
      Is it Difficult to read? Or is it In another language?? In this Game Only two things are modded
      1. K-STARS
      2. CASHES
      and You have to turn it on from the mod menu!
      And by the K stars you have to buy the Energy!
      You should be GRATEFUL! because he tried so much hard for the game events and the SYS event! And also kollections!

      • Im so scared right now that this ungrateful people will turn this page like hokages! Dear modder u are doing great and we appreciate you and your work please dont listen to others who dont understand ur mod because they are too lazy to read

  199. idk if it’s the mod or the game itself, whenever an Ad pops up it take a lot of time to reload my get stuck in loading for atleast 3to 4 minutes.I olayed on 2 devices and both had the same problem.
    Will you be able to remove ads in the next update? 😅
    Just asking. It’s totally fine if not though you’ve blessed us so much already.❤️

  200. Is it working on iOS?

  201. hey, i’m so thankful for this mod, you did such a good work!! the kollections and sys work perfectly fine now and thank you for that. not being demanding or what, but can you also add vip? we’d be so happy and i’d forever be grateful to you if you do, thanks!!

    • Hey, are You not Happy for what you got?? He tried so Hard for the SYS! PLEASE STOP demanding VIP!

  202. Hi, I’m having trouble navigating the game. I installed the APK and the obb file is in the obb folder, but I can’t find the “MOD MENU” in the game. Is it in the game settings, or is it a separate file I have to download.l? Thank you!

    • Make sure you have draw over other apps turned on

  203. Does anyone know how to download the mod? I can’t figure it out. It says “click on the picture You See below” and I don’t see a picture

    • It’s the ad that comes up above

    • For some reasons me too, didnt saw it. So heres a way. Click the black button download apk mod + obb. The next page will open. Copy the url of that page. The url where the put image url here pageThen paste it where is says paste the image. It will work thats what i did

      • Turn off your ad-blocker and try again.
        That should fix it.

  204. Hi, the game and mod works really fine but it gas been crashing after level 23 , is it because i bought all the throwback items? I have No clue.i cleared my cache and storage , force stopped but still crashes. Can you please check it? It might just be me though.😬

    • Fixes itself as i levelled up.
      Thanks a lor for these amazing mods.
      Lemme know if i can help.❤️😊

  205. (Hi, I commented on one of your mods before!)

    This is mainly a question to gain knowledge and not so much as a suggested feature. On Instagram and facebook there are players who are able to hack certain paid items [diamonds, Fashion Goals (these are basically outfits you buy you have to pay for) and other exclusives]. I am wondering how this is possible? I know little about modding and I don’t mean any insult to those on Instagram, but they have shared screenshots showing they can actually do this and all of that is client side big ticket stuff. Some say it is only possible through iOS which makes me suspicious it has to do with a security flaw and not them sending packet requests to a server. If it helps, they are also able to hack pre-released game items. I’d love to be able to do this for my own game but mostly I want to figure out how they are doing it from genuine curiosity.

    • it’s possible, you just have to give it more time to find the exact part/method/code where you have to modify. It takes time.

  206. wow thank you so much!!

  207. Hi! I have a problem,maybe you guys can help. I played on the playstore game before this mod and I transferred the game on the mod.Now I transferred the game back on the playstore version to buy the triple treat bundle but my SYS show 0 points event though I have already 4 submited and finished looks.How can I fix this?To show how many points actually have?And I’m not in a trendsetter group anymore…Thanks..

    • im a member of the kkhcommunity page, spying haha, looks like its a bug everyone including legit and paying players got 0 votes for hours. Its normal that its not normal

      • Before I transferred the game , the votes were showing .I had 135 … When I look at my looks I can see the points but on that bar with rewards it still says 0.

        • Sometimes it doesn’t save to the exact point in the game you left off if switching devices or in your case the app, you have to be careful switching back and forth as its an easy way to get your account blocked.

  208. Can anyone just describe how to play it carefully without getting banned from the game

    • You can play It without getting banned! All you have to do is Keep the Limit of cashes And K-STARS!
      If you reached 8000 Kstars then you will Not get the kollections! So You have to Keep the limit by The MOD menu! 😊

    • Also if u ever decided to join the kkh community page be careful on posting. One mistake they spot u are using a mod game they will banned you from the page. I cant confirm yet if they also get to ban u in the game. Try not to use the same username or just dont join

  209. Is everyone’s SYS working? I’ve reached lvl 12 (where it should show up) and also got Kalinda’s message about the theme. But it doesnt show up. How bout yours?

    • SYS Is working fine! It will show up!
      Our SYS is Working just fine!
      It depends on your country time so Please wait 😊

      • My main account works fine. My other account it doesnt show up. Anyway now that i have experienced SYS i realize it sucks and i dont want it (checking every 6hrs to submit look). The items are cool but u need compete and only one gets to number1 wow. But im still grateful for the mod.

  210. Hello players, i have a question, in the throwback event do you see the one where u can open every boxes as much as u like? Im not seeing. Im not sure its because i got almost all the items (still got my 2016 progress) or because of the mod?
    Dont worry vipmods, its not an issue 🙂

    • If you have all the items then instead of the last box in the tb event there will be stars, about 20 i think and you won’t have the option to buy boxes 😊

      • i dont have all the item but its not showing. is it showing to yours?

  211. Quick question, I have a game that’s modded from another site, I see people are saying that sys is working on your mod. So if I use yours will I have to start over?

    • Not sure, i don’t play this game. The reviews i get are from users who play the game and according to them, a fresh start is always better but if you are going to do a fresh start anyway there is no harm in trying from your saved progress that you got from another mod

      • Sorry not sure how to make my own comment 🙈🙈 best mod ever! Can’t believe sys works now! Can I ask when you update do you have to delete and reinstall or update with app still on your phone? Also are vip meant to work? No worries if not just wondered thanks. Keep up the good work ♥️♥️

    • I suggest, you Should Start From First Because, if you have So Many Stars And Cash, It will not Work!

      • Sorry not sure how to make my own comment 🙈🙈 best mod ever! Can’t believe sys works now! Can I ask when you update do you have to delete and reinstall or update with app still on your phone? Also are vip meant to work? No worries if not just wondered thanks. Keep up the good work ♥️♥️

        • i have not added vip to the game, and when new version come out just download and install the new version over the previous one and continue the game, no need to uninstall 🙂

  212. Hi, I have a question. Are Facebook work with this mod? Can I save my progress with it, or not? I really wouldn’t want to lose my progress

    • when i tried yes, i could login just fine. Make sure to uninstall facebook app first.

  213. Sorry for posting here vipmods.. Dolls can we get a group fb page for mod user like us hihi as we are not allowed in the kkh community page.. And i like to communicate with u guys

    • are you a modder? at the moment I do not have any group or page, I am thinking about starting a forum so everyone can interact with each other

      • Im not modder. I play your mod hihi. Thats cool because the real players dont like us

    • Hey, I agree, You can Make a Page in Facebook so We Could join you 😊😄😄😄

      • i was thinking about a forum :p

        • Really!! That’s Great! I will Join it! 😄😄😄 when Are you Going to Open It? I mean The Forum 😄😄
          I will Wait… 😉😉😉

          • not sure yet, i have not planned. I will just open within this site 😀

        • Don’t Forget To tell Me! And all of us! 😊😊😉😉😎

        • Yes thats cool. Cant wait! Thanks for being so friendly with us modsvip

        • Tell Us When You are Really Got Ready! $o excited 😄😉😊😎

  214. Don’t subscribe to the newsletter that the game now has because they can detect your hack and can flag/ban your account.

    • Did your acc got banned? I subscribed and everything is fine.
      My old acc was banned a few days ago but i did not subscribe to the newsletter on that one. Maybe it’s a coincidence. Just avoid getting a lot of stars, cash and energy

      • No, my account didn’t got banned but i read online that hacked players that subscribed to the newsletter got flagged… Dunno if that’s true but I would’t risk..

    • Sorry for posting here vipmods.. Dolls can we get a group fb page for mod user like us hihi as we are not allowed in the kkh community page.. And i like to communicate with u guys

  215. Omy god! I wanted To give you Another Good News! THE SYS IS WORKING!! NOW THIS MOD IS COMPLETELY FINE!!! AND please Don’t change it Now! Thank you So much! I know I say A lot Of thank you BUT YOU DESERVE IT!!! 😊😊😄😄😎

    • wow that’s great, please enjoy the MOD 😀

      • I can confirm everything is working perfectly! Thank you for your effort and patience! Have a blessed day! 🙏🏻

  216. Hi, Thanks for doing the Mod Menu with KKH and I would like you to know that THE GAME WORKS PERFECTLY Now! Kollections are working too!! But I have one favor, could you also mod the VIP and the Diamonds? Thanks!!

    • what diamonds are these? and where do you find them? 🙂

      • The Diamonds are found during SYS events… And Well, we have to Earn it while SYS event..
        And modding of Diamonds are unnecessary.. You don’t have to Mod them, the game is working Fine, 😊

  217. Makes a mod that comes with 40000 kstars that decrease and when restarting the game return pro memo value, the problem of the menu mod is that when playing a while the events disappear, and tbm does not save progress. I tested played up to level 14 connected with facebook without exaggerating the expense of kstars.

    • Hey, it’s not like that, you are maybe using the previous version, delete the old One and Download The new one from here, features are maybe same but Some changes Has been Done here ,and the event IS working! Please Check The new one .

    • And Also Please Read The Description completely.. And Download the game again with this version!

      • thank you for providing the answers 🙂

        • You Are welcome,😀
          I’m Just Making this Easy For ya, because I know that you Work hard! To bring us best Mods 😊😊😊

  218. And, I also Wanted to Say a Big THANK YOU to Our best Modder!! 😊 you Did Amazing Job! No one, can mod the game like This!! 😄😇😇

  219. hey, I guess you have to Down Some K-STARS and Cash! And kollections won’t Show up if your K-STARS are reached 8000 ,and if still don’t work then you have to Start Over again from first! 😊😊😊 And About the email – you have to confirm it from your email box! So you would get the Dress and Bag. I got it. 😇

  220. Hello, I’m wondering if it’s possible to modify diamonds for Couture Kollections? As I understand it, you can only buy them. I hope I wrote everything correctly, my English is bad.

    • No Those diamonds Are not Possible, You have To buy it by real money, 😊

  221. hello dolls did you got the update asking for email for free clothing? did you got the mail and the free clothes? mine dooesnt seem to work on that part. also im not seeing the kollection box 🙁 but the events works fine now

    • From where did you download the previous version? Or have you ever played with a MOD with tons of stars and cash? How much cash and stars do you have right now?

      • i keep doing tests with the mod with my dummy accounts but they all failed. one got banned same with Archita — the other 2 vip is locked and kollection not showing. i have used a different mod from other site before in my save game since i cant install over for this version i uninstalled them and linked the fb account to access the mod but no luck 🙁

        • You Have To start Over The game From Beginning! By downloading this Zip file! And iam sure You will Get kollections and Events! 😉

        • You Have To start Over The game From Beginning! By downloading this Zip file! And iam sure You will Get kollections and Events! 😉

        • The only way to get kollections and events is to start a new game because the other acc might be banned. I had my saved game and tried lots of mods, and even when i got this mod and i could decrease stars and cash, the kollections never showed up, and when you get this mod try not to get your stars and cash too high, i never get over 500 stars just to be safe. This mod works so far

          • what level does the event show up? i level 8 still no event for me i restarted the game wih minimal energy star and kash, kollection is working tho

    • hey, I guess you have to Down Some K-STARS and Cash! And kollections won’t Show up if your K-STARS are reached 8000 ,and if still don’t work then you have to Start Over again from first! 😊😊😊 And About the email – you have to confirm it from your email box! So you would get the Dress and Bag. I got it. 😇

  222. Hey, I want To say that.. You will be very Glad to Hear that The games Events Are Really really really working Perfectly Fine!!!
    And I think this time the SYS event will be work Too.. And now please Don’t change The pattern of the mod!! The events Are Really Working!!! 😄
    Iam at level 9 and events and kollections are Working perfectly!! 😊😊

    • oh that’s really great! I am glad to know the events are working now. If they are working, that means I know what caused the events to not to work in the first place.

      • Yess! And I am Very glad to know that you know That why the events weren’t working!
        And I checked like so many times, and there is No problem at all! 😊😀😄😇😇

        • thats great, now you can expect the mod to remain the same always unless the developers make any changes, i hope not. 🙂

  223. Ok so when i opened the game i got a notice saying that there is some unusual activity on my game and that i should delete the apk files and cache or something like that or contact them in case they were wrong and there’s no such unusual activity. Otherwise i can keep playing but won’t be having social features and events. So that means they banned my game. Anyone else here experiencing this?

    • No.. I think your Games Star and cash limitations are reached High!
      So please Let them Down and if still Not working then Reinstall the game! Because the game’s events Are working really perfect!

      • I had little over 300 stars and almost 1 mil cash…not that high i think, and that was on my parallel space game, my saved game i had the same notice. I reinstalled and started from zero, i think my saved game may be banned. I’ll see how this works

        • Yess, it Should work from First! Mine is Working just Fine! I’m sure your will working too! 😊😊

          • Yes, the event does work on the new game. I just hope i won’t receive a notice like that again, i’m sick of starting the game from zero so many times 😄 but i feel like this mod is really good, this might be it 😊 have fun playing the game ❤

        • OMG Teemo, I got the same noticed this morning, are they now tracking and banning players with mods?
          This is horrible.
          I signed up the newsletter for the free outfit and bag with my email, did you too? I’m thinking this might be the culprit that they are tracking us with?

          • Hi, i got that notice before i signed up for the newsletter on my old accounts. My guess is we were already banned and that is why we couldn’t get the events, we just couldn’t see that notice and now we have this new update and the new mod and the notice appeared, but our acc were already banned. Does that make sense? I could be completely wrong about this. Kind of sucks because of all the past event items we gathered 🙁 but oh well what can you do…i started a new game and until now everything works great, the kollections are there, the throwback event is there, and i think we will have the sys and friday event. So far so good 😊

    • aww had the same problem with my dummy account

      • Sorry to hear that..did you start a new game too?

        • yes i had to restart my game with my dummy accounts.. i deleted the link in facebook then relink my new game, the dummy account arent showing events yet tho the kollection works fine. what level do the events appear? my main account is still working 🙂 im confuse why my dummy dont have events but my main got it. is it because the linked fb account was previously banned?

          • I think that may be the reason why. Events should appear at level 8

  224. Hy vipmods, the latest version is out. Please update the game. As always take your time to give us the best experience. Thank you for your work and always stay patient with us. Keep it up and stay safe 🙋

    • i dont really comment on things like thid but i just wanna say thank you so much for this!!! i really appreciate the work you put in modifying this game and it works perfectly fine!! i bought a hacked progress on ig last month and it got banned. i’m so lucky i found this mod. keep up the good work!!

      • you are most welcome 🙂 i am glad you are enjoying my mod

  225. Hello the mod is not saving via facebook I think glu ta blocking progress hack, it would be cool you make a mod that when opening already come with 40,000 kstars

  226. Hello, please update 😊 maybe you can do something about the events in this update, hoping and praying 😄 thank you ❤

  227. I have a one plus. I’m sure the mod works if I look at the other comments here. But in my case, I think I overlooked something or something went wrong. I can’t see the mod menu. Where do I find it in the game?
    (Sorry for always writing another comment but I can’t seem to reply to your previous comment 😬).

    • i have really no clue why it won’t show, by default it should work on all android running 4.1 version and higher. Are you sure you have allows draw over app permission or allow other apps to appear on top, something along those lines?

  228. @modsvip: Thanks for the quick reply! 😁
    I think the mod on itself. I installed the APK mod and downloaded the app through the link above. I allowed all the permissions. The OBB folder was already in the Android folder. Now, when I open the game, nothing has changed, so I think the mod didn’t work. I can’t see the VIP button and I still have the same amount of money and stars… 😕

    • hey the mod works perfectly fine, as per looking through the comments from other people. I am sure there is something you are missing. What device do you have? you have to turn on the mod features from the mod menu you see on your screen and then spend your cash and tickets.

  229. Hi! Can you help me? I have followed all the steps you mentioned in the description and the comments, but it doesn’t seem to work. What am I doing wrong?

    • what doesnt work? can you be specific about the issue 🙂

      • Hi! I downloaded the app and it works just fine, but the stars and cash in my game stay unchanged? I turned the unlimited stars and cash one, but it just won’t show up. I have done everything I should have, so I don’t know why it’s not working? Help please! Thankyou 🙂

        • turn on mod, then spend stars. it will increase instead of decrease 🙂 same with cash

          • Thank you for the quick reply! The game works perfectly but I have a new problem! The game keeps restarting itself automatically to the beginning, and I really don’t know why. It has restarted 4 times know. What should I do?

  230. Thanks. I been looking for a mod like this!!! But… Konnections its doesn’t work for me… They work or not? Just un case I missing something.

    Btw, amazing work. Stay safe.

    • i think there was some limitation on how many stars you should have and they will show up, kollections works well by looking at the other comments.

      • Hi! I downloaded the app and it works just fine, but the stars and cash in my game stay unchanged? I turned the unlimited stars and cash one, but it just won’t show up. I have done everything I should have, so I don’t know why it’s not working? Helpp!!

  231. Hey! I just wanted to say that this mod changed my life! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! Do you know how long I’ve been searching for a kkh mod that had collections working. It took forever😭😭I’m so glad I found you. Although I’m scared that won’t be able to save my progress because I can’t connect to Facebook. I’ve tried uninstalling and installing to work. But it just doesn’t any recommendations?

    • hey, thank you very much… You will have to uninstall the official Facebook app if you have it installed and try to log in to Facebook from the game then it should work 🙂

  232. If You just Do the mod in
    – 1000 stars, ( decrease but stay same when you open the game again)
    – money ( stays same 2 million)
    – energy mod don’t need ( buy from stars)
    So if you can do this mod, everything will be work just fine, Events, kollections, SYS events and all.. And you also don’t have to check the game again and again..

  233. Hey,
    So, I installed this as over my previous version with my save with lots of hours in it and it keeps crashing. I’ve tried reinstalling and the preview version you guys had uploaded was working perfectly 😭

    • You are Right, the kollections are working perfectly fine but Just The events and SYS aren’t showing up, but that’s not a big deal, you can take as much as time You need to resolve this problem but just keep updating this game, when available , And we all respect your effort, 😊

  234. The Kollections disappear for me and I can’t see them. Theee was one thing I couldn’t get because I need diamonds. Is it possible to fix these things? I don’t want to seem needy, because I like this mod and I’m happy with it 🙂 I was just wondering if anyone else ean into these issues too, and if they’re being resolved.

    • hey, kollections seem to work fine for others in the comments. Maybe too many stars? or something you might have to decrease. IDK i don’t play this game but i heard too many stars make them dissappear

      • You are Right, the kollections are working perfectly fine but Just The events and SYS aren’t showing up, but that’s not a big deal, you can take as much as time You need to resolve this problem but just keep updating this game, when available , And we all respect your effort, 😊

  235. Hello VIPMod thanks for this great game. Would just like to request if you can also do a mod of Kendall & Kylie. Much appreciated cheers mate.

  236. Also If You really Gonna try This game on Your own, you should play as a girl Because in this game who play as a girl gets more events!! 😊
    And Please don’t Annoy With us, I and we all appreciate Your efforts that you are putting on this game! Thank you so Much!

  237. sorry for the various comments, I was unable to post

  238. Is there any chance that in this version we can save game to our fb so we can comtinue our gsme in new version or if we delete game completely? Because in some moded versions that I tried it’s simply impossible. They connect you to fb but when you do, it’s with errors and next time when you try to bring back data, they won’t give you back that data. It’s not saved at all and there is no particular way of saving.

    • before uninstalling the game disconnect the game from Facebook and connect again to save the progress.

  239. This Game is Getting so confusing, when kollection works, the SYS and events don’t, and When the Events works then The kollections don’t!!!! Just play the game as it is, 😑 It’s really Confusing! Just Don’t Change the pattern of the mod because You have tried all mods, 😊😊

    • can you tell me at what level do the events show ? and where do i find it on the screen, i will have to play the game in order to find the problem

      • The events are unlocked at level 8 and the sys at level 12 i believe. They show up in the right, under the rank and number of fans

        • that is alot of time i will have to play , i barely get any time

          • any possibility that game can be saved via fb so when you download game again after you delete it, you can get back your previous data without problem?

            • i cant answer that because i have not tried it myself. So idk if it will save it or not. If the game saves it can save your progress on facebook then it should

          • One quick way to level up is to shop clothes and hair etc as much as possible because of the achievements that give a lot of exp points. But you have to be careful not to get banned if you do that when using a mod. I don’t know if you have to play the normal game first in order to figure out the events thing. If so, you just need more energy to complete some gigs, its not that time consuming to get to level 8. Hope this helps 😊

          • I tried to save and to get back my data but it doesn’t work. I lost all my data. Not sure why is that. I even got 20 stars for connecting to facebook. But when i clear data from game completely, or install again, it simply doesn’t work. No data was saved to facebook profile, and it is not possible to save to google account at all.

            It is easy to check. Just play few minutes and try to login to fb and then clear data from settings, and open game again and you will se eit doesn’t work.

            • “Ana” below provided this solution maybe you can try = “before uninstalling the game disconnect the game from Facebook and connect again to save the progress.”

          • I tried Ana’s suggestion.
            I even tried to back up and copy/paste data folder of this game from Android folder, but when I install again and paste that data folder again, game starts again from the beginning. And also if you log out from fb and sign in again, before you leave…still makes no difference.
            That’s huge problem because this game is something that you should play in long term, if you can’t keep your play, it is useless.

          • I tried Ana’s suggestion but it doesn’t work. It is useless without possiblity to back up your play because this is game for long term.
            I even tried to back up data from android folder, but after i install again game and paste that data folder, game again starts from the beginning. In same way like it happens when i log out from fb and log in again before leaving game. It simply doesn’t save at any point.

          • Very sorry for our crazyness over this game dear modder. Please dont gey annoyed with us 🙁

            It may take time to see the events by playing and leveling it. Maybe you can try to mod it by making it at max level or i can let you borrow my account in max level with your current mod applied on it.

            Thank you for your time we very much appreciate you and your work

  240. I can’t download this due to not having a android and having iOS. Is there a chance you could make this downloadable on the iOS?

  241. collection works but Sys events do not appear

  242. thank you so much for the mod. you are a hero!

    it works perfectly fine with a new game. but my save game with billion of stars cant work because i cant decrease my stars 🙁 anyway i love your work. but if you want to help me decrease my stars i am very much willing to pay for it.

    • hey, if I load my previous game with billions of stars will kollections still work in this mod? Or should I start a new game? Thank you!

  243. No sys again and also no new friday event 🙁 is it just me?

    • I’m also experiencing it. The Kollections is working fine thankfully.

      • Yes, the kollections work great on my new game, but i’m bummed about these events, the game is really boring without them unfortunately 🙁

  244. Somehow i can’t connect to FB to load my save game, when i click fb it brings me to the login page but after that nothing happens… It just brought me back to create character 😓 Do you have a solution for this? Thank you~

    • do you have the official facebook app installed? if yes, then uninstall it first then try again.

      • No i didn’t have any fb app >.< and my internet connection worked fine too…

      • hey nevermind, i just got it working! Thank you for your help 🙏 But where and how do i turn on the mod menu?

        • if you do not see mod menu then make sure you go to settings > apps > gamename > permissions and allow all permissions and “draw over apps” permissions

          click the VIP icon on the screen then

          • Oh it works! I feel dumb now lol 😅
            Thank you so much for your help~

  245. Hey, For Your Information!! I am at Level 8 and My Games Kollection Is Working Perfectly Fine!!
    Thanks again! 🙏🙏😀

  246. VIP MOD, please don’t change the pattern of the mod, this kind of MOD we have dreamed about!
    We can Increase Stars When we want and we can also decrease stars when we want to!! So This Is great!!!

    • hey you are most welcome, yes this is how i will keep the mod always now 🙂

  247. Mod is not working. Even when I click unlimited stars my stars don’t increase

  248. Hello, i tried this new mod with my saved game, the mod works great, however the kollections don’t show up and neither the throwback weekly event, that should have been there. I thought maybe my acc was banned so i started from zero on parallel space, i’m on level 16, kollections showed up, they work great, the new mod really helps with that, but still no throwback event and i’m confused. I read through the game forum and the event is running as usual. It’s just me? Anyone here with this issue? Please look into that 😊
    I’ll see if there will be a sys and a new event on friday, i hope so because this mod menu is really good.
    Thank you for your work 😇

    • i am really not sure how to fix the events issue 🙁 I will still check

  249. Wow your mod is life changing!! Ive been looking for something like this. Keep up the good work and thank you sooo much!

    • no worries, let me know if any issues. 🙂

      • The kollections are working just fine. However the events would’nt show up. The other players seems to get the event exept us.

      • Hello master vipmods! Today the events are currently running so its best to test your amazing work on it to check if they will show up on the mod. Best of luck and stay safe

        • i haven’t found a fix for that yet. Idk why it doesn’t show up in the first place. AT What level are you able to play events or what level do they show up?

  250. Never mind, I have the bjjjjj zip version in my download history folder.

    Thank you modsvip for modding Kim Kardashian Hollywood.

    • i dont know why the chapter got reset that should not happen, I will take a look at it

  251. Thank you so much for this version.Everything works great, I hope you keep this method too.

  252. modsvip, I just try this new version out and I was playing for about 1 hour and logged out , then when I logged back in the game resets and brings me back to start a new character screen.

    do you still have the previous version, the version that one was working fine,
    I hasty remove that version when this one came out.

  253. Says not a genuine copy cant connect.

    • you can ignore ” not a genuine copy” nothing to do with mod. check your connection or play on parallel space

  254. Anybody here that got the SYS event? It hasn’t shown up for me yet, but i think it should have by now… i have a feeling it won’t show up..
    Also, no sign of the kollections 🙁

  255. Thank you for your hard work, as always! 🙆
    Can i ask if it’s possible to mod Replika: My A.I Friend? Like unlocking the premium/ subscription features 🙏 😆 Thank you so so much~

  256. Hey, please update 😇 thank you

  257. Hy vipmods, please kindly update to the latest version. Thank you 😊

    • You Are putting A lot Of effort On it To Do Better! I thank you so much!!
      You really care about all of us
      THANK YOU 🙏🙏😊😊

  258. I can’t get it to work

  259. The kollections are Banned, what Should I do???
    Please try to mod it as you done before!!
    But Thank you for putting so much effort on this

    • Thanks. I been looking for a mod like this!!! But… Konnections its doesn’t work for me… They work or not? Just un case I missing something.

      Btw, amazing work. Stay safe.

  260. Sys works for now, it showed up, i submitted some looks, however the kollections do not work, the black box doesn’t appear and when you enter them through the event banner you are not able to buy anything. Don’t know if it’s because i’m using my old game connected to fb or it’s the mod. I have about 5050 kstars, but i’m worried that if they increase the sys won’t show up, i’ll see if that’s the case.
    Can you do something about the kollections please? Either way thank you so much for the effort you put into these mods

  261. I tested the game yesterday and when it reaches a value of 40k kstars the kollections disappear, and when they appear it is not possible to buy. The SYS event will start today at 17:00 and someone will be able to tell if the mod has antiban for the event.

  262. collection does not work

  263. hy, thanks for the mod. So the mod features different than the last version 10.9?? or is it the same, i like it when the cash, star, energy never decrease

    • No one commented whether the mod works with kollection or not, so i dont know. Now i have set to increase when spent

      • I guess im too late to give feedback now, so sorry. For me, the kollection works fine but dating and working have a little problem, the activity that needs money didn’t work. It doesn’t bother me too much because you can still finish it perfectly. I think the ones that don’t have the same problem with me, find they have a problem with kollection instead. If it is not too much for you, can you also provide the current mod like the last version?? don’t feel pressured if you can’t do that, I will still feel grateful. Once again thank you for replying and keep it up!!

      • VipMods could you tell us what you can do in the game in terms of mod? so we could give you the best feedback and in the next update you would follow the best feedback. It would be abusing your goodwill to ask you to update the mod still in this update …

    • Could give a way, the game ñ is saving progress I loguei with facebook and when I went mecher on the other device the game was at level 3 🙁

  264. What does Ban checks removed mean?

  265. The game will be banned if its keep increasing like this..

  266. The resources aren’t downloading to my I don’t know how to move files Im using es file Explorer

    • you have to move them to Android / Obb folder, Android folder is located inside the same location where you find DCIM, WhatsApp folder ETC the storage.

  267. now it works, sorry

  268. the game (mod apk) does not enter, is stuck on the download screen

  269. Vips mods the game has no mod. is spending rather than increasing.

  270. @Modsvip thank you So much for making This Game As ban check removed,
    But I request you please update it, and The SYS is working fine..

    • hey i am working on an update and will update by tonight if i cannot find anything new to mod

      • Thank You so much! And will wait for it, and Don’t stress yourself that much,, the Dating Thing is working very Great!!

  271. @modsvip Thanks for the mod! Dating works fine now but I noticed you can’t buy anything in Kollections even though I have enough stars. Don’t know if it’s fixable, other than that mod works great 🙂

  272. Hey, VIP MOD thanks For modding Kim Kardashian Hollywood!!
    You Are very Great Hacker I have ever seen! This Mod Is working fine!!

    • thank you :), does the dating thing work where users complained it told them not enough cash ?

    • Please Update! You don’t have to fix anything just Update the game Please,

  273. Hope u will update soon!!!

  274. playing kollections don’t work anymore i hope you could fix this problem. thanks for the hard work!

    • Hey appreciate your work can we get VIP and can you do a mod where its like doesn’t decrease from 40k stars and cash. Thanks

  275. The action with money doesn’t work. Pls fix!!!! Thanks

  276. Thanks for your work but when I used energy for an action that will be made with money, It doesn’t work and has an error. Could u fix it pls? Thanks

  277. Do the kollections work?

    • Today a new update for Kim Kardashian Hollywood 10.9 came out
      Please, your mod from the last update is wonderful, but there is a bug in meetings and actions that require energy and money, the bug accuses you of not having enough money or energy. Your mod is great, but in the game currently there is a limit to not be banned from weekly events like the Show Your Style that takes place from Thursday to Sunday and the Kollections that are special clothes that appear twice a month.
      Try to make a mod that does not exceed these values or that is fixed in them, or that could start with them and when exiting the game and returning the values returned:
      Power: 4800
      Kstars: 50k
      Money: 900m…

      • I will try to do that, but since i cannot test the mod properly its hard for me to figure out if everything works or not because as you said i would have to wait until thursday to test kollections, and events and will need to play that much which is time consuming. I will try to see what i can do to fix it, its very strange that it tells you do not have enough money even though you do.

        • okay, all of us who use the mod are grateful. To save your time, make the mod as you see fit, and publish. we test and give you feedback.


    • just ask for an update and i will update, if the mod works great i will unlock vip in the next one

  279. I am new user and i would to ask you. If i want talk with use shoutbox – it is possible? 🙂

  280. Hi, if you can, could you please update this mod to the latest version? Also, could you please try to mod this game with:
    1. Infinite Cashes (5m)
    2. Infinite Stars (1000)*
    3. Remove Cheat Detection
    4. Unlocked All VIP Tiers
    *Stars still decrease when you spend, It reset to 1000 when you re-open the game or add some.

    This mod is almost impossible to find but I know it can be modded this way. Thank you in advance

  281. hi could you please update mod to newest 10.6.0 version?

  282. Ok. I use translate and will be good ok?

  283. Hi @vipmods could you please update mod to newest version 10.5.1? Also could you maybe try to mod this game with these requested hacks:
    1. Infinite Cashes (5m)
    2. Infinite Stars (1000)*
    3. Remove Cheat Detection
    4. Unlocked All VIP Tiers
    *Stars still decrease when you spend, It reset to 1000 when you re-open the game or add some.

    Something similar is at sbenny, but it’s so pricey.. So this mod is possible to do. So could you please try to hack like I requested? Please, please, pretty please? ??

  284. Please update soon 🙁

  285. Ciao a tutti vengo dall’italia / itawero

  286. Can u update to v 10.0.5?
    _Unlimited cash and diamomds
    _The kollection works
    _Unlocked vip
    Thank you so much!!! @modsvip

  287. Update Please!!!!!!!!!?

  288. Update pls

  289. Updat please

    • Hi can you make it to where there is
      1. Infinite Cashes (5m)
      2. Infinite Stars (1000)*
      3. Remove Cheat Detection
      4. Unlocked All VIP Tiers
      *Stars still decrease when you spend, It reset to 1000 when you re-open the game or add some.

    • Please Update it As you done first, because, The kollections Are banned, and Isn’t working .
      But thank you anyway

  290. Can you mod the game into
    1. Infinite Cashes (5m)
    2. Infinite Stars (1000)*
    3. Remove Cheat Detection
    4. Unlocked All VIP Tiers
    *Stars still decrease when you spend, It reset to 1000 when you re-open the game or add some.

    Please. Thank you!

  291. Please update a 10.4.1

  292. please update to 1. Infinite Cashes (5m)
    2. Infinite Stars (1000)*
    3. Remove Cheat Detection
    4. Unlocked All VIP Tiers
    *Stars still decrease when you spend, It reset to 1000 when you re-open the game or add some.​if youcan but if you can’t can you just update it @modsvip thanks

  293. Hey! There’s a new update of the app.. can you please update?

  294. Hey.Sorry to bother you again with this mod but can you update it to 10.3.2 and add other featuers? Or a cap in stars cause If you reach 8000 stars you will get banned.Can you try to see what you can do please? Thank you and it’s not a problem If you can’t.

  295. can you do this for the next update
    1. Infinite Cashes (5m)
    2. Infinite Stars (1000)*
    3. Remove Cheat Detection
    4. Unlocked All VIP Tiers
    *Stars still decrease when you spend, It reset to 1000 when you re-open the game or add some.​

  296. Hello, how can you make a mod of this game from Kim, but the K-STARS and the dollars do not decrease nor increase? Why is 40,000 K-stars up the game no longer sends events ?

    • I didnt quite understand what you meant

    • Hey, VIP MOD thanks For modding Kim Kardashian Hollywood!!
      You Are very Great Hacker I have ever seen! This Mod Is working fine!!

  297. Can you mod Dream Home Match?

    Game Name: Dream Home Match
    Current Version: 4.3.0
    -Currency dosen’t decrease
    -Infinite lives

    Google play:

  298. Hey you moded a game at your old site named sex sity or so. Can you mod it again or named me the game.

    • can you provide link fromm where i can download the apk file, i dont remember it

      • Dear modder
        Can you please mod this app called slowly. Unlimited coins would be great. Someone has already opened a request but it’s not available yet. Kindly do try to mod this. Much appreciated.

  299. Thanks for modding it but sadly this mod has increasing stare top and when you reach 8000 stare they woll ban you. Well thanks anyway.

    • Too* stars* will*

      • The kollections don’t work for some reason, I have enough stars but when I click to boy a box it just doesn’t work. Can u fix it or give me some tips on how to make it work pls? The kollections part is super important to me.

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