KUBOOM MOD APK 2.01 (More Health | VIP Enabled )

Game Name KUBOOM
Game Version 2.01
Root Needed? No
Android Version 4.1 and up
Mod Type Free

Please read inside “Mod Features” to understand what I mean by More health

Download APK MOD

Mod Features

KUBOOM APK MOD is an FPS shooting online game where you can team up with other players to take down your enemies who are also real players. The game has different game modes in which you can play including one where you can make your own server and invite your friends to play in it, which requires you to be VIP but VIP will be enabled for you in the game for free. Buy and upgrade your weapons to increase its stats, use your grenades and medkits wisely in the game, since they are expensive and limited. You can earn money in the game by winning battles, or logging in daily.


  1. Reply

    Bro can you update it to 3.00 please?

  2. Reply

    The game is closing on opening

  3. Reply

    ViP rewards both after battle and daily not working: /

    can you solve it?

  4. Reply

    Vip visual?

    • Reply

      i dont think all vip features work, they changed the game but creating a server should work

    • Reply

      Thanks so much for Mod, actually for everyone. Your work is amazing, I hope you never give up.

      • Reply

        you are most welcome 🙂

  5. Reply

    Bro maybe they fixed something???? Bevor I went in minus 2000/2500…. Now i die very very fast… Weird

    • Reply

      I dont know bro, i still went minus -1000 when i was testing. i say it really depends lol

  6. Reply


  7. Reply

    Update 2.0 please

    • Reply

      i will update in a while

  8. Reply

    Pode atualizar por favor? C:

  9. Reply

    Really really awesome!!!! Thanks bro!!!!

  10. Reply

    Possible to update to 1.96? Thanks bro

    • Reply

      updated bro 🙂

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