Android Game Modding Course

Android Game Modding Course

Learn Modding Android Games APK

Did you want to learn how to MOD your favorite Android Game? We offer you a complete course on how to MOD Android games which are built on UNITY engine.

We only have a course now for games that are built on Unity because over 70% of the games on the PlayStore market are built on Unity. The course covers many different topics, over 17 the list of topics that we have covered are listed below.

Not only that we will also provide full support in case you get stuck anywhere or have any questions that need to be answered. We have added a Guide to modding which covers some important things that you need to know in modding, as well as some useful HEX codes, how to make your own hex code and tons of useful keywords that you can use to search to create your own MODS.

Requirements you need

An Interest in modding android games
A Pc or Laptop with an internet connection
Android device (for testing mods) you can even test on emulators like NOX or bluestacks but the device is best

Here are the topics we have covered (Introduction)

Tools you need for modding android games
How to make your OWN hex code (no voice over, you can read the modding guide to understand better)
How to create signed and unsigned APK + easy way to decompile and recompile using ANDROID
How to add your own pop-up & toast message on startup

This is the introduction part where you will get to know the foundation and things you need to start modding.  After you are done with these videos you will begin the real modding.

Other Topics covered which include real modding

How to dump IL2CPP File
BYPASS cheat detection in il2cpp file
BYPASS cheat detection DLL files
How to BYPASS obscured values in DLL files
How to get free upgrades or shopping in il2cpp
How to get unlimited currency/resources in the game – DLL MODDING
How to get unlimited resource in il2cpp
How to increase instead of decrease resources/currency in DLL Modding
How to make a dumb enemy in DLL Modding
How To Make God MODE in DLL Hacking
How to make god mode in the il2cpp game
How to make the player receive 0 damage IL2CPP
How to mod an online game
Modding an ONLINE FPS Game – Unlimited Ammo – No Reload – IL2CPP Modding
We have also added the important tools you need to get started modding ready to be downloaded


These are the modding topics we have covered, these are NOT the only one as we will cover more topics in future videos, once you buy our course all future videos will be free for you to access and watch.

Note: The modding tutorials that we talked about above do not have voice over only the introduction have a voice-over, but while modding I have provided written instructions so that you can understand very well everything. I am sure you will be able to mod your games in a week. Future videos will all have voice-overs

We will also add more notes to the modding guide we have provided, we will notify via CHANGELOG inside the google drive file for any new updates we release and if we add any more notes.

Our Course Cost $15 with support on a monthly basis, YOU CAN download the full course if you want and watch it whenever you want, the 15$ is just a support fee IF you want support, you can cancel the subscription at any time since it’s on patreon when you feel like you do not need support anymore and have mastered modding.

If you need to check our work, visit our homepage to know the games we have modded so far and know that you will be able to do the same after you complete our course. If you have any pre-sale question or want support after purchase please email – [email protected],  we will only respond to support emails which are sent from the SAME email ID you used on the page when you paid. 


 When you buy you agree to these terms listed below

    We do not provide any refunds
    I can only teach you what i know, this does not include bypassing ANTI-CHEATS
    You can only ask support for topics we have covered in the course
    You have completely read everything that has been written on this page
    You are over 18+
    We accept payments through patreon so make sure you have READ their TOS and policy as well.
    You agree that NOT all games are moddable, whatever topics we have covered does not work for ALL the games out there, it’s your creativity and knowledge that will help you MOD after you completely understood the foundation.
    We may change these terms at any time without any prior notice, remove or add new terms depending on the situation.
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