Android Game Modding Course For Games/Apps

Android Game and Application Modding Course

This is an updated article now that I have updated the tutorials with many new ones, you can not only just learn unity game modding but also many other games built with different game engines especially modding with IDA pro, and also many other tutorials where you do not need a computer to mod games, your Android device will be enough. Please check the full list of tutorials that I have covered in this course below.

If you wished to learn how to mod any Android game or Application that I will teach you how to do it, and on top of that you can always ask me questions on my discord that I will have provided inside the course, so you can contact me directly there with any questions that you have. If you have any pre-sale questions then please leave them in the comments section below.

The requirements you need to begin modding games and apps.

  1. A computer desktop or laptop
  2. Android phone
  3. Internet connection
  4. You can use bluestacks, nox, if you want but it is optional


That is all you need, many people think you need to have strong knowledge about programming and stuff, but it is really optional and not needed. If you can just read code then it is more than enough since you do not have to code anything while modding.


These are the topics that we have covered inside our course.

  1. How to dump IL2CPP File
  2. BYPASS cheat detection in il2cpp file
  3. BYPASS cheat detection DLL files
  4. How to BYPASS obscured values in DLL files
  5. How to get free upgrades or shopping in il2cpp
  6. How to get unlimited currency/resources in the game – DLL MODDING
  7. How to get unlimited resource in il2cpp
  8. How to increase instead of decrease resources/currency in DLL Modding
  9. How to make a dumb enemy in DLL Modding
  10. How To Make God MODE in DLL Hacking
  11. How to make god mode in the il2cpp game
  12. How to make the player receive 0 damage IL2CPP
  13. How to mod an online game
  14. Modding an ONLINE FPS Game – Unlimited Ammo – No Reload – IL2CPP Modding
  15. How to MOD Android Applications (with example tutorial and without a computer)
  16. How to Bypass G-Presto Detection
  17. How to Bypass Signature Check for both Android Games and Apps (works with 70% of the games and apps out there)
  18. How to Hack Candy Crush and Other puzzle games without a computer
  19. How To Create Your Own Float Value up to 400 million
  20. How to hack Smali based games. (Games based on Java) No need for a computer (text and video tutorial)
  21. How to BYPASS Root Detection from smali
  22. How to hack strings directly (works with games like Episodes, criminal case, Jurassic World, and many others)
  23. How to MOD a game in IDA PRO
  24. How to Mod Farmville Game (for unlimited keys and diamonds)
  25. How to Mod Kim Kardashian Android Game (unlock and own all clothes etc, plus the usual mod I create on the site with many features)
  26. Increase instead of Decrease value in IDA PRO
  27. On top of all this, I have added the crack version of IDA Pro, Keygen to register for 010 editor which is one of the best hex editors, and other tools for modding games, all in one place.
  28. How to BYPASS license verification from smali, for apps and games. (You can find this tutorial on Patreon feed)
  29. How to modify “Episodes – Choose Your Story” Game to get free premium choices, (You can find this tutorial on Patreon feed)
  30. How to modify Bowling Crew to get always strike, (You can find this tutorial on Patreon feed)
  31. How to Modify FAP CEO Game to get unlimited gems, + also learn how to modify Obfuscated game. (You can find this tutorial on Patreon feed)


The total zip file is around 1.60GB

Please also take a look at this on how to modify specific games.

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The course will cost you $70 on Patreon, after you purchase it, you will get a google drive link where you can download the full course. To remain a Patreon it is completely optional, you can delete your pledge after you have downloaded the zip file with the course videos, and guides, and I will always support you through discord for whatever questions you have. Though I will still upload other tutorials in text or video about the games that I mod and directly post them on Patreon for which you will have to remain an active Patreon member to view it, it is really up to you if you want it or not. As I said remaining a Patreon is optional unless you want to know what I exactly mod inside the games that I have modded so far but the first month you will have all the benefits even if you delete your pledge, so you can ask me about any game I have modded so far on what I modded in it.

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