Left to Survive MOD APK 3.4.1 (GOD MODE | Unlimited Ammo & No Reload)

Game Name Left to Survive
Game Version 3.4.1
Developer My.com B.V.
Root Needed? No
Android Version 4.1 and up
Mod Type Free

Download APK MOD + OBB

Mod Features

Left to Survive APK MOD is a zombie apocalypse game where you play missions to wipe out zombies. After the spread of a deadly virus, the whole world came to chaos, every human was getting infected with the virus turning them into bloodthirsty zombies. You with other survivors were saved from this going far to build your camp and protecting it but the war is not over because you need to wipe out the zombies and rescue others. The battle in the game is not only with zombies but also humans which are real players in the game. Play tons of missions and kill zombies and powerful bosses, buy and upgrade new weapons to make them powerful, the game has tons of weapons to play with. Defeat hordes of zombies to earn ewards which you can use to build your camp.


  1. Thanks bro also please hack wwe supercard

    • wwe supercard not possible 🙁

      • Ok bro no problem 😀😀

  2. Thanks bro

  3. God mod works also on pvp? If yes make it paid and not free bro, 🙂

    • This game has soooo many things when you decompile it, until its confusing lol. I want to try modding more things but i dont get time to do it lol

  4. Like you wrote, pvp it’s not working, but anyway it’s an awesome mod!!! Only thing : can you fix the haircross??? It’s very difficult to aim. Thx

    • Yes pvp will not work, i think if i add firerate it removes haircrossbut it should not be problem since if you aim at the target the haricross will show

  5. What I mean : when I aim there is no haircross

    • It will appear when you aim at the target, if i add firerte it removes the haircross for some weird reason

  6. Ok

  7. I played this game before. If you’ve played this, you can copy the game data and then install the mod and paste in Android-data, by that you wont lose your actual progress, in other words you don’t have to start from beginning to play the mod.

    • if you install the apk from my site again, you can just overwrite over the previous one, no need to copy data or uninstall the game 🙂

      • That’s great. But i said this when you play actual game from play store, and then if you want to start from there with a mod.
        It’s so silly that, it is a online game but it saves your game progress in phone storage, not on server.

        • haha ohh yeah that is possible, i have never tried it though. can this game be played offline? if so, then that might be the reason

          • This game doesnt open offline. But if you are playing with zombies (not pvp), then you can play it turning off your data or wifi. But at the end, you Won’t get any reward, it will tell you to reconnect. Then you get rewards

          • Then its pointless saving data on the user’s device

  8. Hey. There’s a problem with pvp. Opponents fire rate becomes max too(because opponents are bots, i Don’t think anyone plays this game). So if I stand up to shoot opponent, he kills me in a second. So winning in pvp becomes almost impossible. I Don’t know if you can fix this. But without pvp, this mod is really awesome.

    • Are you sure its because of fire rate, if so i can remove it then.

      • Fire rate modding is good for zombies. If you do a mod menu to switch on and off for fire rate. That would be awesome.

        • i suck at mod menus lol, i have tried. But i will make 2 apks now one with fire rate and no fire rate

          • Lol. You’re the best.

  9. Funcionando. Bom trabalho. Obrigado.

  10. God mod works for pvp? It’s shared?

    • no bro god mode should not work in pvp

  11. obrigado

  12. It crashes at a certain point…. Really annoying

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